London Eurovision Party: 2016 Review

london 2016London Eurovision Party – Sunday saw the 9th annual London Eurovision Party, the longest running promo event in the Eurovision calendar. The day started with a press event during the afternoon (reports here and here) followed by an intimate show in the Cafe de Paris. The event was again hosted by Paddy O’Connell and Nikki French. Nikki opened with ‘Ding-a-dong‘ wearing the first of about 9 different dresses, her costume changes now becoming legendary at the event.

Nicky Byrne had flown over from Dublin for a very quick visit and was a welcome last minute addition and presented just the one song ‘Sunlight‘. Each act was presented with a copy of their ‘minipop‘ after they performed as is now tradition.

Nicky Nikki London

(c) Tomodo Photography

Kaliopi from FYR Macedonia was up next with the first of her several appearances for the evening singing this year’s entry ‘Dona‘.

Poli Genova from Bulgaria sang ‘Na inat‘ and ‘If love was a crime‘ and then introduced Junior Eurovision winner Destiny from Malta who sang two songs. Ira Losco from Malta joined Destiny on stage to sing ‘7th Wonder‘ acapella.

Ira Destiny Malta London
(c) Tomodo Photography

Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece 2012) was up next and sang several Eurovision covers including ‘Euphoria‘ ‘La la love‘, ‘Every way that I can‘, ‘Secret combination‘, and ‘My number one‘ as well as ‘Aphrodisiac‘ and brought the shake shake back.

Barei from Spain sang 2 songs including of course this year’s entry ‘Say yay‘ complete with foot moves, and then there was a short break. Minus One from Cyprus kicked off the next session, squeezing onto the tiny stage, and delivering two songs, this year’s entry ‘Alter ego‘ and surprisingly Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph‘.

Former double participant Selma of Iceland took the stage next performing ‘All out of luck‘ from 1999 and ‘If I had your love‘ from 2005. Highway from Montenegro squashed onto the stage to sing this year’s entry, ‘The real thing‘.

Zoë from Austria took to the stage and sang ‘Loin d’ici‘ and blew the roof off the venue. The crowd went mad and gave her a massive ovation, which made her quite emotional. She performed another song to further massive applause and cheering.

zoe london

(c) Tomodo Photography

Ovidiu Anton from Romania sang ‘Moment of silence‘ and the AC/DC cover ‘Highway to hell‘ and then Nicki French asked Zoë to come back out for a reprise of ‘Loin d’ici’ acapella style.

Nina Kraljić from Croatia, Michał Szpak from Poland and Frans from Sweden were up next and only sang their one song each.

Francesca Michielin from Italy then sang ‘No degree of separation‘ and gave a beautiful performance of a second song on a small piano.

The next former participant to appear was Aminata of Latvia, singing last year’s Latvia entry ‘Love injected‘ and a new song, ‘Fighter‘. She was followed by Justs from Latvia, whose song ‘heartbeat‘, has been written this year by Aminata, and a second song called ‘Fly away‘.

Amir from France soon had pulses racing as the crowd really went wild for his performance, with him singing ‘Golden Boy‘ (Israel 2015) and topped off with a spontaneous duet with Poli Genova of Bulgaria who he saw at the side of the stage.

Greta Salóme from Iceland played her 2012 song ‘Never Forget‘ with a stand in Jonsi on stage, followed by this years’ ‘Hear them calling‘. Next everyone sang along acapella with Eneda Tarifa from Albania in ‘Fairytale‘ and then fan favourite Kaliopi returned to the stage to belt out 2012’s ‘Crno i belo‘ and a second rendition of ‘Dona‘.

It was time to wrap things up and UK representatives and headliners Joe and Jake performed their entry, ‘You’re not alone‘, making sure they got a selfie on stage for their ‘selfies for Stockholm‘ project.

joe jake london

(c) Joe and Jake

Nikki French finished off a fantastic four hour show. A big thank you to Russell, Kabir,all at EscXtra, OGAE UK and the sponsors for making it happen. It’ll sell out again next year so get your tickets early!

You can watch an official recap of the event here. Malta asked not to be included, but check out everyone else…

All the videos of the full performances can be found on Wiwibloggs or Esckaz.

A big thank you to Tomodo Photography for the photos from the Party. Check out the rest of the photos from the event on their Facebook here. Follow them on Twitter @tomodo.

6 comments on “London Eurovision Party: 2016 Review

  1. “Zoë from Austria took to the stage and sang ‘Loin d’ici‘ and blew the roof of the venue. The crowd went mad and gave her a massive ovation.”

    Oh yes :))))))

  2. Zoë seems to be a lovely person. Her song is quite unpretentious and she seems to be singing it live much better than she did in the Austrian NF. If she tones the sugar down a couple of notches, she may find a wider appeal, imo. Francesca and Kaliopi ooze class and talent. Ovidiu is a great live singer.

  3. Way to go Zoe! Austrians do old school well – with or without twist.

  4. Loved the recap clip <3

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