Eurovision Times in Stockholm 2016

eurovision trophyEurovision 2016 – For the past 5 years Eurovision Times has been lucky enough to have been present in the Eurovision press centre, bringing readers photos and videos from rehearsals, parties, the red carpet and events across the host city.  

Sadly this year our accreditation request has been rejected and we will therefore not be able to bring you the same coverage as per the last few years. The BBC gave no reason for rejecting us this year but we are not alone; several other journalists and sites we know have also been rejected totally as we were, or had their number of accreditations decreased. Numbers of applications were up, there are a high number of countries entering and costs have to be considered.

We do not know whether we will be able to get accreditation next year as the process looks set to change. A new company has won the tender from next year and no-one knows how accreditations will be allocated going forward.

Eurovision Times will still be in Stockholm from 10th – 15th May and attending the 6 live shows, and we will bring you as much coverage as we can whilst there. (Without press centre facilities that isn’t always so easy unfortunately.) The late decision by the BBC also put us in the position of not being able to apply for alternative passes, but we hope to have F2 fan passes via OGAE so that we can access the Euroclub.

We are obviously very disappointed not just for ourselves, but for you the readers too who get to enjoy some of the events of the two weeks that you would not normally be part of.

36 comments on “Eurovision Times in Stockholm 2016

  1. Sorry about that!Well,we’ll enjoy the contest no matter what.

  2. How does the accreditation work? I noticed BBC is mentioned in this article. Isn’t it up to SVT who they give an accreditation?

    • I think it’s up to individual host broadcasters, as obviously SVT won’t be aware of every news organisation in all 43 member countries.

      So BBC decides which media come from the UK, RAI decides which media come from Italy etc.

      They get a set number of places and likely award it based on name recognition. So a big UK newspaper, will likely get more spaces or be first on the list for spaces than ET which is only a fan site.

      • But how I understood it most press accreditations go to fan sites like ET. I doubt that big media (like f.e. the Guardian, Daily Mail, Telegraph) have press stationed at the press centre. It may be hard for us to understand, but for most media Eurovision isn’t that important.

        • I guess with 43 countries participating, and maybe some more international ones like China the places allocated to the BBC may be less.

          Also interest from the press is growing in the UK. Bjorkman’s comments attacking the UK and Wogan made the news of most newspapers here which Eurovision rarely does.

        • The big nationals usually roll up either to the red carpet and try and muscle us out of the way with their big cameras for their 3 seconds of footage on their national news, or not get there until the semi-finals where they snaffle all the tables we’ve been working on for a good 10 days previously ;)

          There are 2 routes for accreditation 1) your national broadcaster or 2) international application. As previously we’ve only ever had applications from UK people (me, Jade, Jane) it’s gone through BBC, previously with no issues. If Morgan applied if it was in France next year for example then we’d be multinational and would apply via the international route. The international route expects you to prove your viewing figures, views, reach, social media likes/follows etc. We’ve been advised to apply that route next year as we are a multinational reporting team and cater for much more than UK viewers as our site hits show. So please keep viewing the site lol.

          But as the contest grows and gets more popular there’s more applications. Other sites I know have already been warned they may have their numbers cut again next year. :(

  3. This is so weird…Not giving accredition to one of the most followed Eurovision site is a huge mistake!What were they thinking?

  4. OGAE Iceland:
    1 pt goes to Latvia
    2 pts go to Norway
    3 pts go to Spain
    4 pts go to Bulgaria
    5 pts go to Italy
    6 pts go to Croatia
    7 pts go to Sweden
    8 pts go to Australia
    10 pts go to France
    12 pts go to Russia

  5. I just checked the 2014 IGAE voting.Hmm
    1.Sweden 354
    2.Hungary 262
    5.United Kingdom-162

    • I did not remember that Greece and Montenegro were that high with OGAE voting then..But anyway what’s your point though ? I am genuinely interested.

      • It wasn’t an peiphany moment or something :P .Just like every year i try to figure out if it’s going to be a year where the pre-contest favorites will win or a year that the favorites will emerge during the rehearsals like in 2014 f.i.I remember that we all considered Austria a FFF before the contest but OGAE clubs did put Conchita among the front-runners.Will Sweden emerge as a third strong favorite as the polls suggest?They’re not liked by the OGAE and i don’t know how wide televoting appeal “if i were sorry” will have.

        • Which polls suggest that? Only the bookers like Sweden…

          • Wel,i think that the bookies are more important than the random esc fan polls.

            • Not, always. They are bound to lose bug time if the keep the hype about Sweden and especially Malta! Or what about Estonia. Pretty much like Latvia and Netherlands the last two years…they waited until the rehearsals…when everyone here predicted them to do well. Top10 ten at least.

            • I don’t think Sweden is a contender, top10 at best I would say.

            • i think it’s a song that will chart success right after the contest.

            • It is shallow, that’s why :p

            • “I think it’s a song that will have chart success right after the contest”

              It already has. It’s called “Catch and release” by Matt Simons. You start listening to either of them and they are practically indistinguishable.

        • *epiphany

        • IMO “If I were sorry” will do really well with televoting.

          • I believe it will be more successful in Northern Europe.

            • I believe that it will gather votes from west, central, southern (meaning Spain-Italy,Malta mostly), northern Europe (including the baltics) by the bucket loads. It may score adequately in the balkans as well – Russia may give them some points as well. It will be enough for a top 5 in televoting imo.

            • My early prediction is that Ukraine Armenia,Sweden and Serbia will be top-10.

    • And the Common Linnets were not in the top 10…

  6. I’m sorry to hear about the acreditation thing :(

  7. that’s a real shame I agree, as a journalist I know a lot about the question of accreditation. with social media spreading it gets a lot more difficult these days, also (at least here in Spain) it depends a lot on who you know and gives a helping hand, like here in Catalonia there is a kind of an unwritten network about exchanging passes etc and a lot of lying/pushing to get the story (dog eat dog!), as I work a lot more in investigative stuff I can’t reveal most of the stuff I deal with
    on a sad note, I just heard that my favourite ever British comedian Victoria Wood just died after a battle with cancer :-( what an inspiration to everyone and they say a lot of her songs inspired ESC songs (eg UK last year), and she was no 1 Eurovision fan…
    Anyone here who doesn’t know her check out “Acorn Antiques” soap opera on youtube etc, she is/was a national UK treasure, the nation mourns…:-(

  8. Not giving accreditation to one of the major international fan blogs will certainly help the contest big time …
    Attention: cynicism alarm!

  9. That is disappointing,indeed. :(

  10. OGAE Romania and OGAE Montenegro voted, both giving 12p to Russia and 10p to France. Current standings :

    1) France – 228
    2) Russia – 206
    3) Australia – 155
    4) Italy – 85
    5) Bulgaria – 73
    6) Spain – 68
    7) Hungary – 65
    8) Ukraine – 61
    9) Latvia – 56
    10) Austria – 43

  11. sorry but still getting over Victoria Wood loss, she is/was an inspiration to so many in UK, another inspiration dies early…:-( that would be the no 1 focus in UK right now, not anything to do with ESC, I’m heartbroken :-(

  12. actually death of Victoria Wood makes me think more of the real essence of the English language, how much she played with that, how much her songs reflected English society, and how much English language is reflected in the horror of today’s ESC songs, ie the performance means more than the shitty lyrics, how every line she wrote was a reflection on UK, and the English language, and not just singing crap about reaching for the stars, or they were the only one etc etc, if you understand the following re English language then you understand more about 1/ a fantastic actress/writer 2/the reality of the English language 3/English language is not represented via crap ESC songs. but with the following that all native speakers understand and appreciate:

  13. ie English language should not be represented by crappy ESC , nonsense songs as a benchmark for the future but as previous English sketches/songs!

  14. Looking on the positive side Halluna-you might get a chance to look around Stockholm-one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.I remember in Malmo you did not get a chance to see anything.(You didn´t miss much)

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