Eurovision 2016 : Opening Ceremony Details Revealed

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The Swedish broadcaster, SVT, has revealed the details of this year’s opening ceremony which will take place on 8th May. The traditional red carpet event will be followed by a reception in the City Hall.  The red carpet, which will be almost 100m long, will be next to the Euroclub, outside the Royal Palace, and accredited fans and press will line the route.  Eurovision hosts Mans Zelmerlow and Petra Mede will greet the 43 countries.

The reception will take place in the same room where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held. An after party will take place in the Euroclub.

The red carpet event will be streamed live on eurovision.tv, svt.se and SVT Play and there will be large screens in the centre of Stockholm to watch it on too.

Lynn Electro Velvet 400

Spain Red Carpet


19 comments on “Eurovision 2016 : Opening Ceremony Details Revealed

  1. Less than 3 weeks to go … :) … and so much work ahead of me. :(

  2. The rehearsals schedule:


  3. Life outside our esc bubble once the rehearsals begin:

  4. It’s a rather uneventful and boring event, but we get to play fangirl of all our fave esc stars, and boy this year we have plenty of hotties to look forward to!

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