London Eurovision Party: Press Event Underway

london 2016London Eurovision Party – The London Eurovision Party press event is well underway in the heart of Leicester Square. So far we’ve chatted to Cyprus’s Minus One and Highway from Montenegro. Also in the house so far is Poli Genova, Kaliopi, Zoë and Barei. We were greeted by the lovely Destiny, Junior Eurovision winner 2015.


Riga Beaver was here in spirit via Jamie’s t-shirt…

riga beaver tshirt

Our first interview was with the lovely Minus One… find out in our interview that will be posted in the next few days what challenge we’ve given guitarist Harrys Pari!

Next up were the Montenegrin guys, Highway, who told us why they’d chosen the locations they had for their postcard.


Poli Genova has been answering questions…



Scott Mills from the BBC is here, telling us he’s learnt ‘Where is the bathroom?’ in Macedonian. Always useful.

We’ll bring you more updates as and when we can.



10 comments on “London Eurovision Party: Press Event Underway

  1. Thank you, hulluna :)

  2. off topic: I understand that Malta is being considered by bookmakers a favourite(?)
    If this scenario comes true, I will lose all hope for this thing called eurovision.

    • I wouldn’t give it that much thought if I were you. UK betting agencies regularly overestimate countries like Malta, Ireland, Australia etc. They had the UK eleventh last year for crying out loud! Malta will be a marginal qualifier at best and that’s only because the EBU always loves them and gave them the perfect running position. If they appeared earlier, it would probably be a non-qualifier.

  3. Sounds like fun. :)

  4. Did you get to ask Frans my question? ;)

    • Poor guy got a downpour of hate on his wiwibloggs interview for being “arrogant” and “boring” and all that stuff..ugh..People have to realize at some point that he is a 17 year old teen boy and nordic teen boy at it. I dont remember that much hatred against Softengine who were literally the hardest to interview but hey he is the swedish representative we have to unleash it all on him..

    • He didn’t bother to come into the room we were in, they only wanted to do the ‘bigger’ media. Didn’t see him all day. We didn’t see Joe and Jake either as BBC kept them in their room too.

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