London Eurovision Party: Press Event Part 2

london 2016London Eurovision Party – The press event carried on this afternoon with several more of this year’s acts arriving to undertake interviews after they’d sound checked. Our next interview was with the irrepressible Ovidiu Anton from Romania who we immediately quizzed on today’s rumours about the possibly that the country cannot afford to attend this year!

Ovi Romania interview

We got two of the price of one with Latvia this year as Aminata (Latvia 2015) was also doing interviews as the songwriter for this year’s Latvian entry by Justs

Aminata London

Justs himself was also working the room.


There was quite a buzz about the place when France’s Amir arrived and when he started singing the tones in his voice were stunning.


The late arrival of Nicky Byrne of Ireland was also a big attraction and we’d like to say we acted professionally when he arrived. We failed. Telling him I blubbed like a baby at the last Westlife gig at Croke Park may not have been my finest hour. The lovely Greg French confirmed they’d found their final backing singer.

Nicky Byrne Lynn

Our final interview for the day was with Nina of Croatia, we’ll have that online for you later this week hopefully.


Thanks to everyone at the London Eurovision Party for organising the press event once more, we hope everyone enjoys the live show tonight!

29 comments on “London Eurovision Party: Press Event Part 2

  1. You changed looks, Hulluna. I almost didn’trecognize you. You look very ‘primaveril’ (Portuguese word for Springlike) I hope Ovidiu makes it to Sweden.

  2. I loved Ovi, he’s fun, he made me laugh a lot. The Cyprus guys are fun too. Highway were lovely. Everyone was really friendly and talented and I love getting to meet the artists for the first time and seeing more of their personalities and talents. Nina’s cartoon voice is great… you’ll see in the interview, and her hair was amazing today! I wasn’t much use to anyone once Nicky arrived haha.

  3. Justs just looks..dreamy in the pic above oh gosh ! :o

  4. Justs is perfection. Plus knowing Aminata’s electro IS popular (6th last year, and very high in juries for instance 1st with the French jury!), could he be a dark horse?

  5. Nicky really should visit expensive top of line hairstylist when in London.
    His hair looks just ridiculous. He is way too wrinkled to sport this hair do.

  6. Here is a nice vocalbulary quiz.The difference is that 1 correct answer equals 10 grains of rice donation to the world food program.So,you both play and get to do a good deed. http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/8141

  7. A bad live from Minus One:

  8. Laura’s team for Stockholm :

  9. OGAE Cyprus :

    12 points go to… France
    10 points go to… Russia
    8 points go to… Australia
    7 points go to… Italy
    6 points go to… Bulgaria
    5 points go to… Ukraine
    4 points go to… Hungary
    3 points go to… Sweden
    2 points go to… Spain
    1 point goes to… Serbia

    OGAE Russia :

    12 points go to… Hungary
    10 points go to… Sweden
    8 points go to… Cyprus
    7 points go to… Czech Republic
    6 points go to… Latvia
    5 points go to… France
    4 points go to… Estonia
    3 points go to… Bulgaria
    2 points go to… Italy
    1 point goes to… Iceland

    (Someone was not gracious with their big opponents..)

  10. OGAE Italy:

    1 pt goes to Hungary
    2 pts go to Austria
    3 pts go to Latvia
    4 pts go to Czech Republic
    5 pts go to Bulgaria
    6 pts go to Spain
    7 pts go to Cyprus
    8 pts go to Australia
    10 pts go to Russia
    12 pts go to France

    OGAE Turkey
    1 pt goes to Poland
    2 pts go to Azerbaijan
    3 pts go to Bulgaria
    4 pts go to San Marino!!!
    5 pts go to Estonia
    6 pts go to France
    7 pts go to Russia
    8 pts go to Ukraine
    10 pts go to Croatia
    12 pts go to Australia

  11. OGAE Poland

    1 pt goes to Bulgaria
    2 pts go to Italy
    3 pts go to Hungary
    4 pts go to Russia
    5 pts go to Latvia
    6 pts go to Czech Republic
    7 pts go to Spain
    8 pts go to Australia
    10 pts go to France
    12 pts go to Ukraine

  12. France 174
    Russia 156
    Australia 132
    Italy 65
    Spain 58
    Bulgaria 55
    Ukraine 53
    Hungary 51
    Latvia 48
    Austria 38

    • France seems to be building a lead by now :) Ukraine and the Czech Republic at a smaller degree gain momentum. Croatia is not doing half as good as I would expect it to do.

      • Keep in mind that OGAE France hasn’t voted yet so the lead is still in question.It’s basically a group of 3 and then songs placed 4-9.

        • Well they could be gracious and award 12p to the big opponent or with the extra info of their big opponent giving them a low score they can reciprocate..We’ll see. Even with 12p from France, Russia would still be 6p behind at this point.

          • True but i think many of them have already voted anyway.

            • I don’t know how the OGAE voting system works tbh. But I have a gut feeling Russia will give a good amount of points to France in the contest itself probably (I mean the jury – we won’t know what televoting did anyway..)

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