TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 16!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Heat 16! We have a winner in this heat which saw the UK, Iceland and Australia go head to head for a second and last chance to go through to the duels. Check out who won now… 

Results of Heat 16:

United Kingdom 20%
Iceland 35%
Australia 46%

So it’s Australia’s Dami Im singing ‘Sound of silence‘ through to the duels on a 2nd chance!

That’s it for the heats! We now know our 16 duelists:

Duel 1: Russia v Croatia
Duel 2: Ukraine v Estonia
Duel 3: Austria v Serbia
Duel 4: Latvia v Bulgaria
Duel 5: Germany v Greece
Duel 6: Spain v Italy
Duel 7: France v The Netherlands
Duel 8: Azerbaijan v Australia

Come back later today to vote in the first duel!

39 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 16!

  1. Looking at the duels there’s some tough choices for me and shows how many songs I like this year. Duel 5 is just the standout for me of 2 countries that should not be there, and that they have been drawn together meaning 1 goes through again is rubbish. Think these are going to be my votes, but then a few of my faves go out.
    Duel 1: Russia
    Duel 2: Estonia
    Duel 3: Serbia
    Duel 4: Bulgaria
    Duel 5: Germany
    Duel 6: Spain
    Duel 7: France
    Duel 8: Azerbaijan

  2. Russia vs Croatia!!!
    My number 1 vs my number 2!!! Hulluna how could you!!!

    Also for some reason I have just become a massive fan of the Estonian song, won’t hear a bad word said against it. Juri is to bad singers, what Buffy is to vampires!

    p.s in case it wasn’t obvious, i know the match ups were pre determined!

  3. The toughest duel for me would be Duel 1, coz I don’t particularly care for either song. Russia is gonna take that one easily, though.

    Predictions (no’t a ranking, just arranged by duel number):
    1. Russia
    2. Ukraine
    3. Austria
    4. Bulgaria
    5. Greece
    6. Spain
    7. France
    8. Australia

  4. The plastic product won. Congrats!

  5. Phew ! Glad the best song won !

    Now on the duels :

    Duel 1 : Well there is effectively one participant that I consider eligible to participate and thankfully its a good one. Croatia.
    Duel 2 : Are you kidding me !???!! My No.1 against my No.2 !?!? Ughhh..I cant do this one sorry.
    Duel 3 : Again 2 great songs but Austria. Sanja needs to really tone done the stage maneurisms for me to take her seriously.
    Duel 4 : Bulgaria’s entry is good but Latvia by miles.
    Duel 5 : Germany by miles.
    Duel 6 : Interesting big 5 duel. Spain by milea though.
    Duel 7 : Tough duel again with 2 great songs but France gets my vote.
    Duel 8 : Australia for sure.

  6. Voted for Iceland. :) Waiting for the duels.

    P.S. – RTP has been offered a better deal to air ESC 16. They’ve accepted it and promissed to be present in (somehwhere in Russia) in 2017. :)

  7. On the duels – all of them are no-brainers except two – 2 and 7.

  8. Interesting to see 10 songs from my top 16 in the duels.

  9. Back from Saturday coffee at the promenade. 28 degrees. I even got some sun tan :)

    On topic: I don’t even remember voting in this.

    Anyway, my votes for the duels:
    D1: CRO
    D2: UKR
    D3: SER
    D4: LAT
    D5: GER
    D6: ESP
    D7: NED
    D8: AUS

  10. Great, I also voted for Australia. Waiting for the duelss. :)

  11. goddamn it, look at duel 2 vs. duel 5 or 6… life is unfair

    • I know! Can I become Christer Bjorkman and change the rules again next year so that I can change the running order if I don’t like how things like this may pan out?! ;)

  12. Duel 8 is awful: plastic (uptempo) vs. plastic (ballad). :(

  13. Australia… Ewwwww!

  14. YES! Goood at least my number one plastic survived the first round! :D

  15. Nice, Australia was my favourite here. :)
    About the duels, they’re all quite easy picks for me.

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