OGAE 2016: Updates from Greece, Slovakia, Albania, Armenia and Spain

ogaeOGAE 2016 – Since our last OGAE post revealing the Danish OGAE results we have seen the results from Greece, Slovakia, Albania, Armenia and Spain come in. Apart from a small surprise in the Slovakian votes it is pretty much the same

You can see the results in the table below but Russia and France are still topping the majority of the votes. Slovakia have gone a bit different voting for neighbour Hungary but perhaps that’s not much of a surprise at all.

Points Spain Armenia Slovakia
12pts France France Hungary
10pts Russia Russia France
8pts Italy Australia Czech Republic
7pts Australia Italy Estonia
6pts Ukraine Cyprus Latvia
5pts Latvia Serbia Australia
4pts Bulgaria Ukraine Spain
3pts Hungary Sweden Russia
2pts Croatia Norway Sweden
1pts Iceland Israel Ukraine
Points Albania Greece
12pts Russia Russia
10pts Australia France
8pts Spain Cyprus
7pts Ukraine Australia
6pts Croatia Italy
5pts France Serbia
4pts Italy Azerbaijan
3pts Hungary Austria
2pts Azerbaijan Bulgaria
1pts Bulgaria Armenia

Despite a low result for Russia from Slovakia, Sergey is still in the overall lead by a small margin over France. The Top Ten as it stands now are…

Country Votes
Russia 121
France 117
Australia 89
Italy 46
Latvia 34
Spain 33
Bulgaria 32
Hungary 31
Austria 30
Ukraine 28

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16 comments on “OGAE 2016: Updates from Greece, Slovakia, Albania, Armenia and Spain

  1. They do always vote for the same songs. To each his own.

    • Be fair Italy is not the sort of song you’d expect to do well with OGAE.

      For ages the accepted wisdom that Sweden would always dominate and be over rated in OGAE voting, now they aren’t even in the Top 10 (for good reason!)

  2. Come on Amir :-D !

  3. Something interesting I realised the other day when I researched Greta Salome for her spotlight… In 2012 Iceland got 47pts and only reached #20 however Serbia got top 10 with only 53 points last year… Only 6 more points.

    I think it just shows how boring the contest is getting when songs are making top 10 with hardly any points. Only handful of songs are stand out enough to make Top 5

    • Very true but the full rankings system also made the votes “eliminate” the weirdest and ONE oddity fom the final 1-12 votes, so the same countries always ended up gettig the votes

  4. I guess the “Spotlight on Argo” article will be there later today (?)

  5. I am actually surprised to see Italy high in that list. :)

  6. Mehh for the votes of OGAE Greece!
    So,we are heading towards a two-horse-race?Could Russia win televoting and France the juries and then have the combined scores decide on the winner?However,while we know that Russia will deliver on stage,with France there’s a questionmark.How will they present on stage?They’re not known for great stage directions.Could there be an emerging new favorite when the rehearsals kick off?

    • I dont think France needs big elaborate things on stage – less is better for that song. The focua should be on Amir imo.

      • I’m not saying they need big thing but keeping it simple in an effective way,making people remember the performance is equally difficult if you ask me.I don’t really trust France tbh.

  7. Typical OGAE voting lol, but at least Slovakia was kinda original with their voting

  8. a rather predictable and boring voting from OGAE Greece

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