TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 15!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Heat 15!  We have a winner in this heat which saw The Netherlands, Cyprus and Malta go head to head for a second and last chance to go through to the duels. Check out who won now… 

Results of Heat 15:

The Netherlands 41%
Cyprus 34%
Malta 21%

So it’s The Netherland’s Douwe Bob singing ‘Slow down‘ through to the duels on a  2nd chance!


47 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 15!

  1. It’s fair to say that I am quite surprised here ! Happy as I voted for Douwe but still surprised :) ! Congrats !

  2. Expected results.Happy for Douwe.

  3. ok, a bit unexpected, but many Euro fans young and new, always remember the influence of Dutch songs in the 1980s on the European scene, I mean like a Dutch entry in Dutch NF became a big hit for a terrible type Bucks Fizz kind of couldn’t sing singers in the early 80s in UK

    • Hate that song. Despite that Bill van Dijk completely screwed his performance in Harrogate, I still think we made the right choice that year.

      • I don’t like it either but it was representative of Dutch influence in the 1980s in Europe, so many songs from Holland came to Spain for example, and yes Bill Van Dijk screwed up big time in Harrogate!!

  4. those early 80s fans voted here!!

  5. Wasn’t the NL eliminated in the first round?

  6. I voted for Cyprus but I am very happy with the Netherlands too. :)

  7. @ hulluna, good to know. I can’t stand Norway this year.

  8. Didn’t expected Netherlands to win it. I thought it would be between Malta and Cyprus. I don’t like the song, but I like HIM. :P Well, that’s something.

  9. I guess here I wanted to end up saying re Dutch/Spanish relation, saying that all Dutch /Belgianpeople here in Barcelona sing the following song with other foreigners and and as a bar song with Barcelona natives! Upside down easy does it make me

  10. Amir singing in Greek and he’s good:

  11. Expected and well deserved !
    A sure qualifier imo!

  12. A well deserved result, but Cyprus is a fine song too :-)

  13. The 2016 line-up is now available to preview,download or stream:

  14. Sergey Lazarev’s interview with Eurovision.tv:


      If you follow ET’s coverage you’d be forgiven for not knowing


      Appearing were:

      Amir (France)
      Michal Szpak (Poland)
      Joe and Jake (United Kingdom)
      Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia)
      ManuElla (Slovenia)
      Rykka (Switzerland)
      Lidia Isac (Moldova)
      Ivan (Belarus)
      Ovidiu Anton (Romania)
      Zoe (Austria) and host;
      Hovi Star (Israel).

      Justs (Latvia) and Agnete (Norway) had to cancel. Also added from the original listing were Samra (AZE), Sandhja (FIN), Sanja (SRB), Eneda (ALB), Lidia (MOL), Donny (LITH) and Freddie (HUN).


  15. I’m so very sorry for missing him off the list. We all make mistakes.

    And clearly also I forgot to print a large photo of him there holding an Israel Calling promo sign… oh wait, no I did, didn’t I. There it was right at the top of the article.

    And I also didn’t publish an interview with him in the Israel Eurovision forest with Esckaz… oh wait, no I did that too in the article.

    Michos also published his live performance video in the comments.

    I gave Sergey more than his fair share of coverage in that article as anyone who read it could easily see, it was obvious to anyone he was present there, so why are you coming on here and attacking us and implying we are not giving him coverage about it?

  16. Quite a lot of buzz in the British media today, even in the Daily Telegraph, about Christer Bjorkman attacking the BBC and the UK.

    Many of you will agree with his sentiments no doubt, but seriously you can’t have the man in charge of the contest and even the running order, openly expressing his disdain towards certain countries in the contest!

  17. uuugghh I cant stand Netherlands this year

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