Do Jedward have a Eurovision Mission in China?

jedward_lipstickFormer Participants – John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward (Ireland 2011 & 2012) today tweeted that they were travelling to China… and word on the street is that it could be Eurovision related.  

The Chinese broadcaster, Hunan Broadcasting System, has been present at the Eurovision Song Contest for the last 2 years and has broadcast the show in China, which of course is potentially a huge market. Hunan TV is China’s second-most-watched channel the state broadcaster CCTV-1.

Many Eurovision fans expected China to follow Australia and be invited to perform this year or next, but instead the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced that Australian broadcaster, SBS, has signed an exclusive option with the EBU to establish an Asian version of the famous Contest. It is expected to launch in 2017 and could include 20 countries, including China.

Jedward China

Can we expect to see footage of Jedward reporting in China as part of this year’s interval in the Semi-finals or Final in Stockholm? Will they be promoting the new Asiavision event to the Chinese, and telling Eurovision fans about this new SBS show for 2017? Many Jedward fans will hope so, and the twosome’s love of Eurovision looks like they’ll continue to be involved with the show whenever they can.

As well as appearing for Ireland in 2011 and 2012, the Irish duo also appeared at Melodifestivalen’s Andra Chanson show in 2013, and made a quick appearance in semi-final 1 in Copenhagen 2014 as winners of the highest hair and biggest shoulder pads awards.

In 2012 Chinese Eurovision fans rated Jedward in their top 10 when voting amongst themselves. Follow them on Twitter @escfans_china

chinese fanclub



15 comments on “Do Jedward have a Eurovision Mission in China?

  1. I don’t care anymore. I have a feeling that somehow in the next few years I don’t even bother to watch eurovision live on the night itself.

    • Why does Jedward promoting Asiavision in China make you want to stop watching Eurovision?

    • I agree. The contest is more and more losing what made it special for almost 60 years. It’s becoming terribly bland. The experts on the NDR songcheck thought so too, complaining that many songs sounded over the top wanna be contemporary similar and totally void of identity, a deficit many artists tried to dissimulate by screaming and forced vocal technique bordering on the acrobatic.
      Or perhaps we are just growing old. LOL

      • “Or perhaps we are just growing old”

        I thought of that too :)

        • I’d rather have ETSC and FdlC live on TV. :)

          • I was thinking about the” maybe growing old part too” maybe time to start watching gardening/pension plan advice type programmes instead! :-( sighs….

            • I took my teenage neices and nephews to a famous musical here a few weekends ago and only understand 30% of what they were talking about, so maybe it’s time to give up! when the number 5 appears as first digit in your age…:-( !!

      • I have found myself repeating myself several times when doing the song reviews because so many of then sound the same without containing anything unique. It has probably been the least interesting year for me since 2001, and that says a lot.

        However, I would say blandness is absolutely nothing new in Eurovision. There have been several other periods in the ESC history with the same problems, for instance the years 1957-1961 or 1984-1989. If history is to repeat, we will have some years with very little interesting happening, and then there will be a need of thinking out of the box, like it happened in the 1990’s.

        And to be brutally frank: Eurovision has never really been the scene of musical innovation. There are some really great songs in between (many of which have been more or less ignored in the voting), but for most part the songs have been rather lightweight.

        • Well, ESC has always been an entertainment show first and foremost, even though it is called a song contest … and thus we shouldn’t expect many masterpieces to show up there. But I need at least variety and diversity to enjoy the show. Anyway, I agree with you on 57-61, 84-89 (I would add 1999-2002) and hope that you are right that we are just going through a bad phase in ESC’s history. :)

    • In all honesty, I’m having similar thoughts too sometimes.

  2. If this is a “bad phase” in the history of the contest and the 2000s or the 90s are considered a “good phase” I definately wish the contest stays in this awful, contemporary phase for a VERY long time.

    • I think 2009-2014 was a very good phase, as was 1995-1998, whereas 2000-2008 were weak years (1999 somewhere in between).

      • I totally agree with you with the phasing. From 2009 on it has been really good. This year might be a bit bland, but I think it’s cooking up and simmering nicely. I would’t bury good era with this year. Copycat Swedes are on the loose, but when they get bad results, they will come up with something different in the future.
        With SVT on helm it will be hell of a show in May. I just loved Malmö.

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