Israel Calling: 1st Pre-Eurovision Event Takes Place

Israel calling smIsrael Calling –  As part of the Eurovision pre-events, Israel  added an event to this year’s calendar. Israel Calling, a three day event, has seen 12 acts visit Israel, sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. The main concert has taken place tonight in the Theatre venue in Tel Aviv. 

Appearing were:

  • Amir (France)
  • Michal Szpak (Poland)
  • Joe and Jake (United Kingdom)
  • Jüri Pootsmann (Estonia)
  • ManuElla (Slovenia)
  • Rykka (Switzerland)
  • Lidia Isac (Moldova)
  • Ivan (Belarus)
  • Ovidiu Anton (Romania)
  • Zoe (Austria) and host;
  • Hovi Star (Israel).

sergey israel calling

Edit: Justs (Latvia) and Agnete (Norway) had to cancel. Also added from the original listing were Samra (AZE), Sandhja (FIN), Sanja (SRB), Eneda (ALB), Lidia (MOL), Donny (LITH) and Freddie (HUN).

There was a red carpet event last night and we’re very grateful that Eurovision blog sites Esckaz and Wiwibloggs were there to capture so much.

Moran Mazor (Israel 2013) sang ‘Rak Bishvelo‘ live at the Pre-Party Welcome Ceremony and red carpet gala.

Today the acts all went off in the pouring rain to plant a tree in the Eurovision forest where some interviews were done.

eurovision forest zoe

The concert was live streamed on YouTube although there were broadcast and sound issues, and there are also concert videos online already by Esckaz:

As well as the 12 acts, the Drag Queens band “Peot Kdoshot” also performed to a Eurovision medley and former winner Izhar Cohen  (Israel 1978) permed ‘A-Ba-Ni-Bi‘.

The BBC have also published a video of the UK’s Joe and Jake performing here.

Source: Esckaz, Wiwibloggs, Israel calling Facebook, BBC

12 comments on “Israel Calling: 1st Pre-Eurovision Event Takes Place

  1. Justs wasn’t there, but Donny Montell was. And while Jüri was in Tel Aviv, he ended up not performing in the main show as he was sick. Also, you missed out Samra (AZE), Sandhja (FIN), Sanja (SRB), Eneda (ALB), Lidia (MOL), and Freddie (HUN) in your list.

    The live stream was absolute crap. Highest available quality was 240p, and it dropped out quite often… we only got the last 30 seconds of ManuElla, I think the feed failed completely for Donny and Ivan, and maybe Sergey (gave up towards the end, no idea when he actually sang) and all in all it was just… terrible.

    One of the guest acts was 2012 Junior Eurovision representative Kids.il. They sang Golden Boy, and it was the most awkward performance EVER. Looked like something out of a bad high school talent show.

    From the little I saw/heard: Samra was NOT great live (and Miracle sounded more repetitive than ever), Amir was a bit better than in Rotterdam but not by much (still struggling in those higher notes towards the end) but he’s very charismatic, the little bit I caught of ManuElla was… not good, Eneda flubbed one of her lines (she came in a bit early), Freddie was a bit scream-y but kept the song interesting, Ovidiu and Zoe were decent, Sandhja was all over the place, a bit screechy and flat a lot, and Lidia wasn’t good either. Sanja was quite solid.

    • Thanks for the info, Ren. :)

      P.S. – ‘Miracle’ is all about the mira, mira bits. No one will pay attention to how Samra sings live. LOL

  2. Thanks for the update, the reviews I’ve seen were not very positive, saying the sound was bad.

  3. After watching some of the performances i fear Saint Petersburg is nearing. :/
    I loved Freddie.His song and his distinctive voice as well as his adorable personality.
    Peoples’ reactions to “J’ai cherche prove it’s a favorite.Also,Amir keep this type of pants for Stockholm!
    Poli provides the earworm of the year!It’s so catchy and fun.
    I really like Israel.
    Samra is gorgeous and her vocal performances are consistent.
    I really like Juri and Zoe too!

    • Amir was kind of playing on home ground though as well :) – Of course that doesn’t mean he is not VERY well received. He is also leading the escstats ranking for this year :)

    • Is this what we’re going to St Petersburg for? It doesn’t seem very convincing. And I know it’s a small stage but the dance routine they’re doing everywhere he performs live is as silly and 10 years ago as the song:

      • Well,Russia,France and Australia are the 3 hot favorites atm.Sweden too according to bookies.I still have some hopes for Ukraine too.Let’s see if there will be any emerging favorite when the rehearsals begin.
        Let’s see if the juries will stop Russia.

  4. In other performances, the crowd seems to adore wonderful Zoe as much as always – too bad the audio is os bad…

  5. And Freddie proves that prognosticators underestimate him at their peril:

  6. Poli Genova seems to get worse in every single performance. In this one she looks and sounds as if she is down with the flu. I am beginning to wonder if the words “shock non-qualification” are in order. She’s lucky she in the second semi:

  7. This is Guitar in case Russia wins :D

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