Bosnia & Herzegovina: Fight Puts Participation at Risk?!

bosniaBosnia & Herzegovina – Bizarre news coming out of Bosnia’s media today with the story that the writer and producer of this year’s song  Ljubav Je, Almir Ajanović, last night attacked the rapper Jala by throwing bottles in a restaurant when everyone was out celebrating Deen’s Birthday.

The reports say that Ajanović hit extra singer Šaćir Ahmeti causing a head injury. Ahmeti allegedly gave a statement to the media saying that he will press charges against Ajanović.

The head of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Eurovision delegation, Lejla A. Babović, said she was shocked and that a repercussion could be the withdrawal from this year’s contest!

Deen himself has since tweeted however saying

deen tweet bosnia

Quite a Birthday to remember for Deen! We hope it’ll all be OK for Stockholm.


27 comments on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: Fight Puts Participation at Risk?!

  1. Reminds me of the “Kazu” video clip from ETSC 2 …

  2. WTF ?! :o

  3. For those who don’t know the clip:

  4. No comments.

  5. Bad publicity is better than no publicity they say…hmmm..

    • Hola Paul! I’m off to watch the match with some friends. Visca Barça! :D

      • :(
        Probably the worst Barça i´ve ever watched. I now hope Atletico win the trophy in Milan.

        • :-( You’re right! terrible….if they play like that even la Liga is in jeopardy!! today was like a black cloud over the city…!! I hope now Manchester City win….

          • I dislike MC and their neo-rich attitude. Blame those sheikhs. The same goes for PSG too (sorry Morgan :) )

            • yes, but it is the best of 4 evils, obviously RM being the most vile evil….sheikhs are shake, shake, shaking it everywhere these days I guess (or Chinese..!)….can’t win everything I guess! :-)

  6. Malta will host JESC again this year.

  7. Never a dull moment in Bosnia Herzegovina

  8. Off topic (for those who understand German). First songcheck on NDR now:


    • Surprising results from the NDR experts. They had The Netherlands and San Marino in shared first place (average of 9 pts). Hungary 3rd (8), Russia 4th (7) and Croatia 5th (6,5). Greece was in last place (1,5). And they didn’t use the “so bad that it is good” argument for San Marino but genuinely liked Serhat’s song.

    • I will be going through them :-)

      As for my own songchecks, I thought about finishing them in the next couple of weeks, but I will have to get myself together. Most of the songs aren’t really going my way, sadly.

  9. They also said that they hoped that all those over the top screaming women would cancel each other out. :)

  10. So,the incident did happen but they’ll go on with their esc preparations as scheduled: http://esctoday.com/131222/bosnia-herzegovina-preparations-eurovision-continue-spite-latest-incidents/

  11. The official video for B&H:

  12. LOL

    As long as he doesn’t throw bottles at them on stage. Such things only look good in Blues Brothers.

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