TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 13!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Heat 13!  We have a winner in this heat which saw Sweden Greece and Switzerland go head to head. There was a  clear winner so will the second act get chance to go through to round 2? 

Results of Heat 13:

Sweden 18%
Greece 68%
Switzerland 14%

So it’s Greece’s Argo singing ‘Utopian land’ through to the duels.

50 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 13!

  1. I’m saying nothing…

    Other than, even if I took off all the votes that were extra to normal in this round, Greece still would have won which is interesting

  2. I’m not sure what’s more surprising, that Greece won, or the margin by which Greece won.

    Sweden and Switzerland OUT.

  3. LOL!And to think most of the Greek members of the site voted for Sweden.

  4. Even if it is a PROTEST vote against Sweden, I believe the average fan would have supported Switzerland…

  5. lol. And I thought we would not have some quirk this year with some flag voting..Anyway..Congrats to Argo and a big congrats to Rykka – under such circumstances 14 % is much more than I expected :) !

  6. I voted Greece. Then again it is my type of Eurovision song

  7. oops!!!

    Btw, the runner in the Greek video is a pub owner in Thessaloniki :P

  8. LOL, well even if I think Sweden is only ok this year, Greece has its worse song in like forever! So bad result…

  9. Hahhahaahaabloodyhaahaa. That’s entertainment!

  10. Yeah, I believe they’ll qualify yet again to the final (unfairly so, like every year), and so TEKO also shows the overrating of Greece, a huge trend online in esc sites (not ET, where people are in general fair)… and don’t feed me the idea that the Greek song is that different from their usual stuff, that generic schlagery chorus is MF-worthy too. So, I’m not surprised, the anti-Sweden added to the usual pro-Greece put together gives us this typical result. I’ll be interested in seeing how Greece does against an actual fan favorite of this year!

    • ”Yeah, I believe they’ll qualify yet again to the final (unfairly so, like every year)”.

      Could you open this one to me a bit?

      • I dont think Greece often deserved to qualify to the final (2005 and 2006 are my two exceptions since the return in 2001 after the two year break) and they’ve always qualified, so in my personal book it’s the most overrated esc country of the XXth century!

        • In your opinion it is, I don’t disagree. Whether it qualified deservedly or not it is a different chapter. A chapter our individual opinion or view doesn’t define. I am nit sure if it will qualify this year. If it does it will be because some juries and televoters think is among the best 10 of that sf. Remind me. How many supporters does Greece have in that semi? Cyprus and Armenia?

          • I think Greece will turn up a good live and will have its supporters! Who cares for “friendly” countries, look at who voted for Austria in 2014 anyway. If it qualifies, then it’s top 10 beyond its supporters, if not, then I would have been wrong.

            • Big 5 usual send bad songs bad we have to forced to listen them in the final and because of this 5 good songs stay in semis ! So will be better to focus and to this issue …

            • …and? that’s way offtopic and something I think everyone agrees on, tell that to the EBU, not to me, I have 0 power over the contest, and I’m just expressing my personal taste. Besides, the simple fact we have every year a strong semi and a bad semi means we unfairly get some finalists while others are left out.

        • “Deserved” based on which criteria? For the past 15 years, Greece always strived to bring the Eurovision audience what the Eurovision audience consistently wanted from Greece (something that reminded them of their last carefree summer holiday in Ios or Zakinthos). In the process it created a mini Eurovision industry with songwriters and choreographers being equally successful in the contest even when they were not flying the greek flag. Greece came up with a succesful recipe of pure populism and decided to stick with it. Even if this stubborness to consistently succeed in the only field we found out we could be internationally competitive understandably frustrated a lot of people, it does not mean that the greek record of Eurovision success was in any way “undeserved”. Greece never bought music from other markets like Azerbaijan always does and it never had its biggest successes with 100% american sound like Russia (Dima Bilan, Serebro). And frankly, I’d take the vulgar but innocent ethno-pop fun of “Aphrodisiac” (to name only its least succesful example) over the ultra calculated, mainstream radio pop of, say, Malta any day. And I suspect so would most people.

          I can not think of a single year that Greece wasn’t easily among the ten best and usually among the five best in its semi (interestingly, 2005 and 2006 were both years it did not have to go through the semis but qualified based on the previous year’s performance). This year it isn’t and this is why it will not qualify.

          • sigh, in my response to Dino, I made it clear, or tried to make it clear, that it was based solely on my personal taste; many of your criterias are receivable, make sense and I’d objectively follow. But I still wouldnt on my personal rankings have Greece in my top 25 or so these years so they wouldnt deserve to qualify theorically. End of story really.

  11. Lol, where the hell did that come from?

  12. I did not see this one coming. I am not exactly a fan of these songs, but Greece, at least, is mildly interesting if one forgets about the annoying chorus. Congrats.

  13. Erm haha.

  14. Greece 68 %? LOL YES! Sweden was underrated and Switzerland was overrated. ;)

  15. I am one of the voters for Greece. :p Expected Sweden to win it tbh, great. :)

  16. Despite people mentioning their support to Greece, I believe this duel was hijacked. This result is irrelevant to the May result.

  17. Whoa, those percentages! I was wondering when a surprise would come. :P I voted for Sweden, but don’t like any of these 3 too much, one of the weakest heats imo.

  18. Pretty sure I would have voted for Greece too. It feels like a breath of fresh air.

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