TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 12!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Heat 12!  We have a winner in this heat which saw Bulgaria, Montenegro and Poland go head to head. There was a  clear winner so will the second act get chance to go through to round 2? 

Results of Heat 11:

Bulgaria 65%
Montenegro 11%
Poland 23%

So it’s Bulgaria’s Poli Genova singing ‘If love was a crime’ through to the duels, but will Michał Szpak from Poland sneak into the second chance round?



46 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 12!

  1. No surprise here either.

  2. If I collected my data correctly, the threshold for the second chance heats remains at 35, so neither FYR Macedonia (28) nor Poland (23) would be making it to that round.

    I expected both FYR Macedonia and Poland to put up a bigger fight, but otherwise, these results were expected.

  3. And again..expectes and well deserved. Poli had no real competition in this heat though as she was competing against two of the worst songs this year.

  4. We’re getting through these rapidly now.

    Really glad for Poli one of my faves, thought Poland would have put up more of a fight :)

  5. What about the notorious “Polish mafia” manipulating the TEKO results as in 2014?
    Of course I am being ironic. This argument was only used by people in denial when it comes to the massive appeal of POL 14 back then.

  6. Great!Go Poli!Thank God Poland is out!

  7. Voted Bulgaria here as well, great. :)

  8. The first preview show was aired in Iceland.The Netherlands won followed by Armenia and Russia.Greece and San Marino were bottom-2.

    • Wow preview shows still exist in some countries? would be interesting to know which ones! Here in Spain, am sure on TVE there hasn’t been any kind of official preview show since 2005 at least, in the 80s were late at night on TVE2, in the nineties and early noughties miday between the morning gossip show and the 15.00 o clock news, that nobody watched!

      • Sadly in Greece we only get to watch the official videos hours before the semis.The last reral preview show was in 2007 if i remember correctly.
        All the Nordics(minus Denmark?)and Germany definitely have preview shows.

        • I love SVT’s preview shows. For me they are one of the high lights of season. And of course after them things really start to get serious!

          • lucky you, maybe it’s an example of which countries take ESC more seriously/want to win etc these days, it’s a pity because I miss those preview videos that were sent to the national networks, we so looked forward to them!! and then to see what happened in ESC

          • you said it…

          • It was rather shitty last year imo. I hope they will improve.

            I also wonder whether Christer Björkman will actually rate all the songs this year too? It wouldn’t look good, given that he is also involved deciding the running order.

            • I actually didn’t see it last year. I was in LA for all of the spring. ESC seemed si distant from there. Shame they had a bad year.
              Don’t think hosting the show really makes any difference.

            • I want Thomas Lundin back, first and foremost. He is one who really cares about ESC, is fun listening to, plus has an absolutely unpredictable music taste, loving everything from Belarus 2004 to Belgium 2009. The preview shows from 2008, 2011 and 2012 remain my favourites.

              The big problem last year was that the panelists, and especially Eric Saade and Tess Merkel, had a very annoying attitude and gave marks without even giving any reason for it.

            • I’m happy to sign the petition. He is true ESC wacko and so much fun. Those where the classic.
              They should take people who love ESC and are witty. Guess Saade really doesn’t live up to that.
              They tried the same format here. It was a mess. Guests were totally out of touch with ESC and hadn’t done their home work.

            • I watched that weird Swedo-Finnish preview show where a robot joined the team and made predictions. It was fascinating.

            • It thought Ukraine would win Eurovision 2014 and France would finish last. So… not THAT bad I guess. Though it overrated UK a lot too.

            • Not bad at all. It was not just FST robots that overrated Molly and were repairing themselves for the second coming of UK. She was bad.

            • rest my case re ESC

            • What about this year’s panel?Helena seems to be the most experienced.The age average is too low,imo.I usually like some more seasoned artists in those panels to accompany the younger ones.

            • Yeah, I also think it needed a bigger age diversity. But I’ll keep an open mind; I think f.e. that Oscar Zia had a pretty good Top 5 back in 2014 when he was in the ESC jury. ;)

        • yes it’s a shame, from my generation looking forward to the preview shows on TV was really exciting, depending whether I was in Spain or UK. in UK as I remember late Terry Wogan did the preview shows on a Sunday evening then other Radio DJs,

  9. A small overview of Eurovision in concert:

  10. Offtopic, the preview video of Croatia finally out (and not the one with just clouds): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SxWS6yRJDk

    • like it and her, though have the impression via English, she went for Irish ? now sounds kind of has gaelic tones? not sure..

  11. Expected. Congrats.

  12. Hm, I wasn’t here to vote when this heat was on, but I would have voted for Montenegro without any doubt.

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