Dana International to Perform in UK for Israel’s 68th Birthday

israel zf eurovision extravaganzaZF Eurovision Extravaganza – This year the Zionist Federation is celebrating Israel’s 68th birthday with a ‘Eurovision Extravangaza’ Yom Ha’atzmaut party on May 12th, and it will be headlined by Dana International (Israel 1998 & 2011).  Ticket prices start at £25.00 and go up to £65.00 for a VIP reception and are now on sale here. The central London venue will be announced to ticket holders never the event.

Dana International said,

“I’m so excited to be coming back to London to enjoy Yom Ha’atzmaut with all of you! England holds so many amazing memories for me, since it’s where I won the Eurovision contest in 1998. I can’t wait to bring some of that Eurovision magic for this unique celebration of Israel’s birthday!”

israel zf extarvaganza dana



20 comments on “Dana International to Perform in UK for Israel’s 68th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday Israel, <3 the only democracy in the middle east, the only country with liberal values in the middle east, the only hope for peace in the middle east! <3 <3 <3

  2. The only place in the middle east where women, Christians, atheists and LGBT can live in peace! <3

    • In Cyprus too. So stop that rubbish propaganda now and read some book to find out what is Israel about.

      • I understand it’s geographically close to Turkey and Syria, but most people consider Cyprus European. Besides, Northern Cyprus not exactly a bastion of LGBT rights!

        • It is geographically in Middle East, not just close. And Northern Cyprus, is Cyprus. Also going night out isn’t an index of LGBT tolerance…As for Israel do your homework to find out how do they treat Palestinians (Israeli citizens) and black refugees. Just google it.

          • Palestinians in Israel have a far greater quality of life than Palestinians outside of Israel, the bonkers BDS movement actually harms more Palestinians than Israelis.

            • That’s not my point my point. I am talking about Palestinians within Israel. These Palestinians do not enjoy the same human rights and access to economic development compared to Jews and Christians. Go read that book and you will understand. Israel is democratic, I don’t disagree but this does not apply to Palestinians.

            • They have to undergo more security checks and stuff, like getting stopped at check points, but I consider that legitimate.

            • That’s for Palestinians outside Israel not for the ones within Israel.

        • A good start is the book of Ilhan Pape ”The Forgotten Palestinians”. An Israeli-Jew by the way professor in Exeter :)

  3. I hope they do proper tribute to great Avi Toledano.

  4. so could include Isreal 1981 here too?, well known here in Spain as a song, many Isreali songs are :-)

  5. 1981 Isreali song = a well known song in Spain :-)

  6. “This year the Zionist Federation is celebrating Israel’s 68th birthday with a ‘Eurovision Extravangaza’”

    Terrible to see Eurovision being used to celebrate any form of nationalism…

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