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Ticket Touts Cash in on Eurovision

ticketsEurovision 2016 – As always, when supply outstrips demand, those that seek to make a quick profit, cash in and become ticket touts. Every year we see Eurovision Grand Final tickets for sale at highly marked up prices. But it is now spreading to other Eurovision events… 

The London Eurovision Party, to be held next Sunday at Cafe de Paris, sold out some weeks ago, and tickets for that have started to appear on secondary sales sites such as Stubhub, at almost double their initial face value. The organisers of the event have asked anyone seeing such sales to contact them.

london eurovision tickets

london eurovision tickets 2

At the time of going to press, tickets for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 were available as follows on the UK secondary sites;

Stubhub: Tickets ranging from £175.00 – £733.95

Viagogo: Tickets ranging from £152.53 – £2016.77

work for ticket

The validity of ticket cannot be assured from such sites and Eurovision.tv warns that it is strongly recommended that tickets are only purchased through official partners e.g. AXS.com.

The terms and conditions prohibit the resale for profit and the host broadcaster can take legal action against these providers. No action ever appears to be taken against those selling at inflated prices though, no measures are put in place to try and stop it in the first place, and no official resale option is ever put in place to reduce touts’ abilities to make money out of real fans e.g. via the official seller or via non-profit sites like Scarlet Mist.

Do we just accept the free market, or is it time the EBU asked future host broadcasters to implement measures to try and prevent so many tickets being sold at inflated prices? Let us know what you think.



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