TEKO 2016: Vote in the 14th Heat Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the last 1st round heat of this year’s TEKO competition. Today you can start voting for the last four hopefuls, Italy, Israel, Belgium and San Marino, who will fight for a place in the second round! 


Please listen to the final four competing entries:

Italy Italy – Francesca Michielin -‘No degree of separation

Israel Israel – Hovi Star – ‘Made of stars

Belgium Belgium – Laura Tesaro – ‘What’s the pressure

san marino San Marino – Serhat – ‘I didn’t know


The Voting:

As you have now listened to all four songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the four songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned! Come back in a few days for the second chance round!

*The voting periods for the heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

27 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 14th Heat Now!

  1. Italy. <3
    I like Israel too. San Marino is … well … different and Belgium is really bad.

  2. San Marino!!!

    Usually I’d expect Italy to win this hands down, because of ET, but maybe the pity party is still ongoing for Belgium and they could pull off a surprise win.

  3. Italy, my current #3
    I want to see San Marino in the final. A future ESC classic, mark my words.
    San Marino is rising up on my top list and never failes to raise the spirits when it comes in my play list.

  4. Italy is my #5, while the rest are at #31 (Israel), #37 (Belgium) and #38 (San Marino). Therefore there is no question my vote goes to …Francesca!

    With the right cinematography approach that brings out the intimacy and fragility in this San Remo gem, Francesca can really pull off a Common Linnets.

  5. My favorite is Italy but i really like Israel too so i’ll support the latter since Italy will win anyway.
    And here’s the official remix of “Made of stars” :

  6. Italy – a song that is alive and makes one feel alive+intense vocals (here we have intimacy and vulnerability); Israel – decent song+very good live vocals; Belgium – decent song+wrong singer; San Marino – below average song+weird performer. Voted Italy.

  7. Off- topic – Australia 16 live:

    Dami seems to be able to nail live (the sound is not perfect)

  8. Italy by far here.

  9. Italy 8.5/10
    Belgium 7.5/10
    Israel 5.5/10
    San Marino 4/10
    My vote went to Belgium cause I’m pretty sure Italy will win this heat easily!

  10. Reading the comments I think that Italy already is the winner of this heat. My favourite is Israel though, I hope it comes 2nd at least. Go Hovi! (:

    1. Israel 2nd
    2. Italy 14th
    3. Belgium 33rd
    4. San Marino 43rd

  11. the Israeli song is the only one I like of the four, while not being crazy about any of these

  12. Mediocre heat..
    Israel really improved their chances with their revamp and Hovi is a good, if not a bit too dramatic, performer.
    Belgium’s entry is a mess all over – the song itself and Laura both as a singer and when it comes to her stage presence.
    Italy’s entry is dated and dull. Fransesca improves though – her performance last night had some more soul in it because in every previous performance I have seen she seemed like she was terribly bored to even be there – plus her vocals were just ok.
    San Marino is my last place this year..A gimmicky drivel that unfortunately takes itself too seriously.. Mind damaging song and an irrelevant (for that kind of song) performer.

    My vote goes to Israel, although Italy will win this heat.

  13. Italy: #22
    Israel: #31
    Belgium: #17
    San Marino: #41

    Belgium gets my vote.

  14. Belgium

    Italy is a grower but I like Belgium instantly

    Hate the Israel snooze fest and what they did to San Marino is a crime. All personality gone for generic tripe

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