Eurovision in Concert: Performance Round-Up

eurovision in concert 2016Eurovision in Concert – You know Eurovision is close when the pre-parties start and this weekend saw the 24 acts perform at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam. Here I have rounded up videos from YouTube featuring performances from the show.

Okay so we’ve already had the pre-parties in Moscow and Riga last week so this isn’t the first pre-party concert we’ve had this year but Eurovision in Concert is one of the largest and 24 acts took part this year.

Iveta Mukuchyan who will be representing Armenia was due to attend but had to drop out from the show due to the current events happening on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

I have picked videos from the acts proving to be ET favourites and but all the video’s I have were taken from ESCKAZ who had a fantastic view of the acts on stage. You can see their YouTube Playlist Here.

ET Favourites:

Below are videos I have picked which I’ve seen are becoming favourites of the ET readers but also those that are favourites with other fans and the bookies. I have a section for the Big 5 so for France and Spain (because I know you like these) see that section:

Austria Zoe “Loin d’ici”

Estonia Jüri Pootsman “Play”

Ukraine Jamala “1944”

Latvia Justs “Heartbeat”

Bulgaria Poli Genova “If Love Was a Crime”

Malta Ira Losco “Walk on Water”

The Big Five:

Four of the Big Five performed at the show last night. Only Jamie-Lee Kriewitz of Germany was missing from attendance… You can see their performances below:

France Amir “J’ai Cherché”

Italy Francesca Michielin “No Degree of Separation”

Spain Barei “Say Yay!”

United Kingdom Joe & Jake “You’re Not Alone”

So who were the stars of the night? Any surprises or disappointments seeing live performances by those we had not seen perform live before?

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

54 comments on “Eurovision in Concert: Performance Round-Up

  1. How about Serbia? This is the kind of live performance that will sway everything in its path, no matter what you think of the song.

    • Yeah actually that was very good too :)

      • She just need to tone down here styling a bit. It’s still a bit RuPaul’s Drag Race. It keeps getting better. Last time she had found Elvis’ pyjamas from his late Las Vegas period. Or maybe it was his karate suit. It was a major leap from official video.
        I don’t mind actually. Like Michos said, her performance sways everything in it’s path like the song or not.

      • I said from the very beginning that the winner will be between Russia, France, Serbia and Ukraine. Amir and Sanja proved to be the most charismatic performers by far and Zoe is becoming quite the dark horse. Along with Italy’s Francesca and Estonia’s Juri they were clearly last night’s top-5.

        Jamala was great but nothing we haven’t seen before – this kind of song really doesn’t work in such an informal setting. Spain is a great vocalist, but she still doesn’t convince me they can stage this song in any meaningful way. It came across as empty and disjointed as always. Poli Genova will be this year’s Elhaida, enough said about that. Rykka improved a lot. Nina is a great singer, but unsteady at times – she needs to be more consistent. Malta and the Netherlands – competent, but nothing much happens during those three minutes, a general feeling of meh. Cyprus failed to exude the energy this song is all about. Iceland was quite underwhelming – all you could hear was the pre-recorded backing vocals.

    • Simply the best, but the Northern vote will start running in the opposite direction.

  2. Only watched three so far.

    France – Started off well enough but Amir struggled with the big finish. Couldn’t really hit some of the higher notes (or if he’d hit them, he couldn’t sustain them), and he as a bit flat towards the end. A bit disappointing but it’s something that can be worked on.

    Italy – Lovely song and wonderfully sung, my only issue is that she seemed to forget to do the big note towards the end? The soaring one that you can hear in the recording. That was a bit disappointing but otherwise a solid performance.

    Serbia – Sanja’s such a character, very charismatic. She sings the song excellently, no real vocal issues there. She still moves a bit much for my taste, and the song could be a bit more powerful if she stayed still for parts of it, but then again it could be different once she hits the big stage, plus there’d be more camera angles to choose from there, so a dynamic performance could look good on TV.

    • Oh, I forgot, I also saw Ukraine, lol. Solid performance, a bit overdone at points, don’t think she really needs to do all the runs that she’s sometimes prone to do. Again, the song would be a bit more powerful with a bit more stillness and restraint in sections leading up to the big finish, but then again, small venue concert is a different beast compared to the big stage of Eurovision.

  3. She surely is defiying gravity round here!

  4. I am very happy to learn that everything went well and that everybody was in good shape last night. I read that even Rykka hit a note now and then. :)

  5. Lol so let’s get this straight, on ET it is acceptable for posters to make fun of someones illness and mock them for it, accuse them of faking it, even in a direct reply to the head honcho. But to say one of the representatives screams like a cat being strangled is a “big no no” and gets removed.

    I understand ET less and less each day.

  6. Thanks for the links, guys. Amsterdam seems to have brought out the best from this year’s participants; there must be something in the water! Let’s hope Stockholm does the same. From all those I heard during the morning, while cooking lunch (it’ll be heavy and rich in calories, because it is cold out there), Serbia was the clearly the best. Latvia, Italy, Estonia, France and the Netherland followed Serbia. Spain, Bulgaria and Malta felt a bit flat, but competent nonetheless; Cyprus looses steam live; the boys from the UK were surprisingly bad. These were the ones that I watched.

  7. Absolutely France ,Spain and Netherlands the best acts far far away, the rest ok , much divas with generics songs , litle boring public not really in the party , but ok was a nice event

  8. I loved the performances of Serbia, Israel, Netherlands, Ukraine, Croatia and Estonia from last night. Btw, surprised how the audience love the Polish song. :p

  9. I honestly dont have much to say – the quality of singers in general this year is so high that I dont expect many worries about people’s singing abilities. Some notes on yesterday :

    – The UK boys were the big negative surprise. Their performance was worse than in the nf. The UK may as well be on track for another last place…
    – Ivan sounds screechy and unpleasant. This whole act is…unpleasant.
    – Montenegro : Give me a break, these guys dont actually sing. I can do that and I have a bad singing voice.
    – I will put it out there : I dont like Sanja from Serbia. Yeah she is amazing vocally but her attitude in interviews and on stage and her fashion style are not my cup of tea.

    On a positive note :
    – Fransecsa performed like there is actually a breath of life left in here ! Congrats ! Most improved !
    – On Switzerland : Even if after yesterday’s performance the “she cant sing” bashing continues we talk about clear bias against her. Amazing, comforrable on stage, great vocals. Her best performance among some already good performances.
    – Amir solidified his status as favourite. Solid vocally, comfortable on stage and relatable as a person even during his performance.

    Everyone delivered the best they could with what they had imo – which is a great sign for Stockholm !

  10. I’m surprised most people haven’t mentioned Hovi Star.He’s an amazing singer and that was a strong and heartfelt live performance.

    “Loin D’ici” will become a big esc anthem in the years to come.Zoe is such a sweetheart.

    On Serbia: Sanja is a very good singer but she needs to control her moves while on stage.However,if this is one of the means of her artistic expression i respect it.
    The song is a very standard US-style ballad that the juries will most probably love.

    With Juri i can’t handle all this sexiness on stage.He’s a great live performer and he would make a perfect Mr. Grey :P

    • Juri is hell of a sexy geezer on stage. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And what a singer. He will set the stage on fire in Stockholm if keeps that up in big arena. I’m sure he will :-)
      Loved the relaxed styling too.

  11. I hope Poland won’t make it to the final!Enough with this pompous and over-the-top nonthingness.The hype it gets from Polish fans is irritating too.

  12. I don’t have anything to say since the author uploaded only some and most probably his favourite songs :)

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