TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 8!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2016 – The votes have been counted in Heat 8!  We have a winner in this heat which saw  Azerbaijan, UK and Albania go head to head. There was a reasonably clear winner but will a second act through to round 2? Check out the result now.  

Results of Heat 8:

Azerbaijan 55%
United Kingdom 35%
Albania 10%

So it’s Azerbaijan’s Samra singing ‘Miracle’ through to the duels, but will Joe and Jake from the UK make it through to the second chance round with the high score of 35%?

27 comments on “TEKO 2016: Results of Heat 8!

  1. Yeah, right…

  2. The Albanian song, no matter what, is miles better than the other two.

    • Yes, it is, I agree.

    • The Albanian song is the blandest a song can be.At least the Albanian version had a dramatic oomph that made it a credible ballad.

      • The English version, as everyone expected, is far worse. But the musical composition remains there, and that’s what makes it better than the other two.

  3. UK 35 %? Well, the UK is significantly ahead of everyone else in the flag counter …
    The best song won. Alas, it is only a very generic and average one. :(

  4. Surprised the UK had a lot of votes. Otherwise, expected result.

  5. Does the winner of Heat 9 go against the winner of Heat 1? If so we could find out Sergey’s next opponent tomorrow, and it’l either be my #2 croatia, or #3 iceland, TEKO is so harsh :P

  6. Expected, the shiny plastic stuff won. Congrats.

  7. Off topic but he is just the sweetest and most humble, isnt he ? :-)

  8. Expected result!UK did much better than it deserves.

  9. Bojana performing Molitva during the Esc in concert with the esc crowd singing along.Molitvaaa! :D

  10. Off topic
    This year it’s the first time since 2010 when I don’t follow the NF season and don’t know any ESC song yet (well I heard Romania once, but I forgot it already :P ). And today I decided to go through all the posts in here since the season began and start listening to all the songs one by one! :D

    How excited should I be about this year’s lineup ? Did I miss a lot of interesting things ? :P

  11. OGAE Luxembourg:
    1 pt goes to Italy
    2 pts go to Sweden
    3 pts go to Bulgaria
    4 pts go to Hungary
    5 pts go to Australia
    6 pts go to Latvia
    7 pts go to Austria
    8 pts go to Iceland
    10 pts go to France
    and 12 pts to Russia

    Current toop-3

  12. Good, I voted it as well. :)

  13. Makes sense. It was the best song out of an embarassing bunch imo

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