Russia: Sergey Lazarev Faints On Stage

Sergey LazarevRussia – Breaking news tonight that Russia’s representative Sergey Lazarev has fainted at a concert in St Petersburg.  You can watch the moment that crew go to help  and the show stops here.  Esckaz.com reports that the concert has been postponed until June but he is OK, and has not been hospitalised.

18 comments on “Russia: Sergey Lazarev Faints On Stage

  1. As i wrote in the other thread,i hope he gets well soon!Maybe he needs some rest given his hectic schedule.

    • hectic schedule…..indeed as puppet singer/song of Russia to win by all costs , he would be, at least here In Spain may not not get 12 points due to the fact he and his song is crap!

  2. I hope everything is alright with him.

  3. like anyone believes that Russian shit, apart from maybe Russians? fainting on stage then he was resurected as a singer for Russia, thus 2016 ESC was meant to be!

  4. Lots of love to St. Petersburg!

  5. I hope that he will be fine soon.

  6. Ohh, that’s sad. I hope nothing is serious with him.

  7. Hope hes alright! I wonder if it is the pressure of him being favorite and all.

  8. Just a mad schedule I hope and not any illness, much of it was what was in the diary before he decided to do Eurovision I think. He’s cancelling a concert in Estonia, but will make appearances at Israel Calling and the Mad Walk events he was scheduled for according to Esckaz.

    People don’t always appreciate how hard these guys work. travel, interviews, rehearsing, performing, interviews, travel, repeat, can be 20 hour days some days and it’s draining physically and mentally. No time to eat or sleep properly then stuck up onstage in bright lights. Surprised more don’t fall over. Hopefully he’ll take some time out for himself to recharge the batteries, and those around him will look after him and not push him or let him push himself too much.

    • yeah whatever, in his case am pretty sure he never had to suffer the above, Russian shite now here n Spain nobody believes, not even for Spain!!

  9. The moment he collapses.It took them quite a while to understand it wasn’t a gimmick:

  10. Get well soon by beautiful prince.

    Nice to see PaulBcn show his true nasty colours again even a direct message to Hulluna and nothing got done about it, wonder if I would get away with writing the same sort of stuff about precious Jamala, doubt it.

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