Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

pollPoll – So then. Today SVT and the EBU revealed the running Order of both Semi Finals…Now we can make a more educated prediction of who will qualify from each so it’s POLL TIME! In this article you can vote for you think will qualify from Semi Final One

The link below will open up the voting page where you can predict the Top 1o… The usual 1 -12pts will apply that way we can see who you predict to win the Semi. Below is a recap of the songs in Semi Final One but the running order is as follows…

2016 Semi Final 1

Vote Here

Remember this is a poll for who you think will qualify, not who you want to qualify. We will be releasing another poll after we see the rehearsals and find out how the show will look on stage. Shortly the Poll for Semi Final Two will be published so watch this space

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

58 comments on “Poll: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

  1. Kinda too early but I would say:

    the Netherlands

    Czech Republic has a shot depending on the live. Then Malta or Greece.

  2. I don’t get this: why do we have to vote with 12, 10, 08… 02 01 when it is not a favs’ list but prediction?

  3. Oh i voted for my 10 favorites.

  4. Prediction: from 12 to 1: Rus, Hun, Est, Cro, Ned, Aut, Isl, Cyp, Fin, Gre.
    Wish list: random order: Cze, Arm, Isl, Ned, Cro, Mne, Est, Gre, Fin, Cyp.

  5. I’ll tackle this one later tonight because I am finalizing the Polish FdlC votes atm. :)

  6. I would only vote for Estonia and Hungary😎

    Prediction (not my wish)
    The Netherlands
    Czech Rep

  7. Both semis are hard to predict this year for different reasons. The 2nd is very open and the first very competitive.

    I can’t make a full top 10 prediction for semi 1 but I would say the ones that are more certain are : Estonia, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. Then probably Croatia, Greece and Bosnia..Then for the last two places..ugh..Austria, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta and Czech Republic will be fighting for them. I would give an edge to CR and Austria probably although Malta may have improved its chances by performing last.

  8. I’ve gone through this semi sipping coffee and a Drambuie. This is my prediction:

    Russia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Iceland, Armenia, Croatia, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic and Austria.

  9. Okay, that was hard, but at the end I could vote, too. :p

    12p Russia
    10p Armenia
    8p Hungary
    7p Azerbaijan
    6p Iceland
    5p Malta
    4p Estonia
    3p The Netherlands
    2p Croatia
    1p Cyprus (actually it also can be Czech Republic, but we haven’t heard her singing the song live, I don’t know how will it sound, so I decided to vote Cyprus)

  10. Sth tells me I’ll be the only one with Greece in my prediction top10 :P

  11. You can’t ignore Greece or Romania. It’s ESC tradition that they qualify and it’s too early for natural law to be broken. ;)

  12. Just voted
    12pts Azerbaijan
    10pts Czech Republic
    8pts Russia
    7pts Hungary
    6pts Croatia
    5pts Estonia
    4pts Malta
    3pts Armenia
    2pts Finland
    1pt Iceland

    • My prediction in no particular order:
      Armenia (bidding for Top 3 in this semi )
      Russia (will win easily the semi)
      Czech Republic
      The Netherlands
      Bosnia Herzegovina/Cyprus

    • We are supposed to vote prediction-wise NOT ranking-like, so according to your comment below shouldn’t it be 12 p to Russia?

  13. The 3 sure qualifiers ( for may reasons ) from 1 semi are: Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and from 2 semi: Ukraine, Australia and Norway .

  14. many* reasons :P

  15. According to current semi 1 betting odds it should be :
    2.MLT (ain’t gonna happen)
    4.CROA (ain’t gonna happen either. It could at best end up 5th like Slovenia in semi last year)
    6.Cyprus (Not convinced yet)
    7.Czech R. (Very doubtful about its live rendition too)
    10.Iceland (this will struggle in May it seems)
    11.Austria (I believe they are in!)
    12.Estonia (No way they are missing Final either. I believe they will score top 5 in semi)
    14.Greece (end of the “automatic qualifier” trend?
    15.BiH (same as above?)
    It seems the bottom 3 of the 10th of May is locked and in the same order
    17.Montonegro ( pity :( )
    18.San Marino

    • My preliminary prediction :
      The borderline group (ticket ONLY for ONE Diva)
      CZECH R
      18.SAN M

  16. I don’t have a clue but cast a prediction anyway:

    1 pt – Netherlands
    2 pts – Armenia
    3 pts – BiH
    4 pts – Malta
    5 pts – Hungary (I think that the juries won’t like it)
    6 pts – Azerbaijan
    7 pts – Czech Rep. (I expect big jury support)
    8 pts – Cyprus
    10 pts – Estonia
    12 pts – Russia

    Croatia, Austria, Greece and Iceland are in with a chance too. Finland, Moldova, San Marino and Montenegro are no hopers imo. :(

    • I hope Finland makes it. It will probably be one of the just three songs I’ll be voting for in semi 1 (the other two: MNE and NED). Btw check the chat with Hjallis re:Theodorakis; I posted sth you may find interesting.
      Good night, Togravus, everyone!

    • LOL even If this is a prediction,it is hillarious to see you give 12 to Russia😂
      I need a screen shot😂

      • I brace myself for the worst. Alas, I have become used to seeing the worst on top in the past few years, and not only in ESC …
        And I am not among the Russia haters this year. In fact, I prefer Sergey’s song to the fake peace songs Russia has been so fond lately. RUS16 stands at a solid and respectable 5/12 on my list. :)

        • Definitely Russia 2016 is better than Russia 2015…It still surprises me to this day how that Russian doll ended up that high last year…that video with kids,the song,the lyrics were horrible…I guess the voters thought they were watching Miss Universe or something 😖

          I don’t mind Russian song this year but I definitely don’t want it to win because it is avarage at best and there are more worthy songs

          ps:I care our lovely song contests (ETSC-FDLC)more than ESC to be honest,Never would I think to say something like that😁

          • I agree. ESC is going down the drain with all those overproduced and sterile songs like Australia, Bulgaria, Malta etc. ETSC and FdlC are like a breath of fresh air. :)
            I like Polina but I hated both her song and the way it was staged.

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