Could a Strike Affect the Eurovision Song Contest?

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – A story in today’s Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, suggests the Eurovision broadcast could be at risk as SVT’s employees’ union announced a strike to start on the 18th April, which could involve 50 ESC crew members. Only news programs are safe when 800 of SVT’s employees are on strike in less than two weeks. The Union has given notice to 10,000 members on strike from 18 April. Collective bargaining negotiations between the trade union, and the employers’ association ALMEGA have stalled over pay increases and pension contributions.

Out of the 800 of these employees employed at SVT, 50 of them are said to be working on the Eurovision preparation including carpenters who build the stage, television cameramen, sound engineers and editorial employees.

This week, SVT’s Eurovision team reportedly held an emergency meeting to investigate exactly how production may be affected. SVT HR Director Helène Sahlin is reported to have said that she hopes that they will still be able to broadcast the show…!


31 comments on “Could a Strike Affect the Eurovision Song Contest?

  1. :P :D

  2. Could we have the old emoticons back please?

  3. remember a similar strike in 1977, within the BBC, is why ESC 1977 got postponed till may

  4. LOL
    Don’t upset the working class 😉

  5. The people’s right to go on a strike is sacred and I respect it.

  6. Test: (W) >-I |_| :developer: :burrito:

  7. Yet another reason to never host the contest again in Sweden.

    • It would be so sweetly ironic if Sweden’s contest was disrupted by a strike after the EBU went into so much trouble to keep RAI from hosting last year…

      • Seriously? Why on earth EBU would out energy on something like this? There is also other reading of this and it goes: RAI wasn’t ready and didn’t want so Sweden have to win.

        • I am sure this happened with the collusion of RAI, however it doesn’t make it any better.

          This perpetual assumption of innocence and purity is what I find surprising and rather amusing.

          • There are way too many stake holders of anything like this to happen. There is no proof what so ever but it lives on a fan fiction. EBU is not FIFA. National Brodcasters are subject to govermental governance. It’s a juicy story, but there is not even smoke. It’s folklore told in places like this to build community.
            Italy 15 was schmaltz and kitch of highest order. For that they did pretty well with juries. Everyone really should get over it.

  8. What? A strike threatening to disrupt our perfectly polished glittery surfaces? *faints*

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