TEKO 2016: Vote in the 11th Heat Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the eleventh heat of this year’s TEKO competition. Today you can start voting for the next three hopefuls, Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Belarus, who will fight for a place in the second round! 


Please listen to the three competing entries:


Serbia – Sanja Vučić ZAA – ‘Shelter (Goodbye)’

MacedoniaFYR Macedonia – Kaliopi – ‘Dona

Belarus 28 Belarus – Ivan – ‘Help you fly
To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all three songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned! Come back tomorrow for Heat 12!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

23 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 11th Heat Now!

  1. Serbia: #4
    FYR Macedonia: #27
    Belarus: #26

    Serbia hands down.

  2. Serbia is my choice although I still can’t stand Sanja’s performing style.

  3. Serbia is my #10 so far, while I have the FYRoM at #32 and Belarus dead last at #43.

    Even though I hate how calculated Serbian entries have become since they switched to english last year, this Adele-Amy Winehouse hybrid with some Belgrade hipster attitude thrown in has the potential of doing really, really well.

    In fact I consider it one of the four real contenders for victory along with France, Ukraine and Russia.

    • I hope she will pump up the Belgrade hipsterism in her styling and tone down the Serbian diva a bit. It’s abit diffucult fashion concept outside Balkans.
      I love this song. I think it will be easy Top 5 in May.

  4. Since Serbia is my nr 1 for this year, it gets my vote in this heat. :)

    1. Serbia 1st
    2. Macedonia 32nd
    3. Belarus 42nd

  5. Serbia is a real contender if Sanja gets her styling and manners toned down a bit. Love the sing and it’s old school charm. Great orchestration, though the pan flute in the middle is a bit too much. My current #4.

    I also like Dona. Shame about the shoddy production, it sounds like demo, but still. Old school charm talks to me here loud. Currently somewhere round my top 10.

    So, Serbia.

  6. Serbia ( definitely a dark horse) got my vote… ! Skopje ‘s song is just awful… As for the the belarusian entry , i think that it’s the worst in this year’s line up!

  7. Serbia !! Though Kaliopi made me think a little bit :)

  8. And a comment on the voting sequence… I strongly disagree with the decision of announcing only the top 10 countries in televoting.. I do believe that the public vote is now marginalized … This won’t make the show more exciting… :( :(

  9. Apparently Douwe Bob will be hosting his own bar in stockholm whatever that means haha :)

    I love this guy :)

    • can appreciate that guy but not love his song too much, here in Spain our memory of Belgium/Dutch famous songs is always, cachez moi c’est plus joli pour écouter , something like that, and with big Dutch tits, help me out here dear fans!! :-)

      • OMG 😳
        It is Vanessa and she is Dutch. Terribly cheap. And she couldn’t sing. A Well known backing singer (Jody Pijper, who was also a couple of times on esc stage as backing vocalist) was the one who recorded the songs from Vanessa in the studio.
        Vanessa mimed them and was more famouse for other body party’s iso her voice 😉

  10. This is the only tough heat for me because I like both Serbia and Macedonia. I expect a landslide victory for Serbia, and thus my vote went to Kaliopi. :)

  11. Serbia is a nice enough song, with some annoying bits and so far a awful performer, Belarus is so WTF I sorta feel like I have to be nice to it. I simply hate Fyrom this year.

  12. Serbia – good song+good vocals+over the top mannerisms; Macedonia – good song+good vocals; Belarus – melodyless song+mediocre singer+what seems will be a desperate stage presentation. I had to make a tough choice, but things are what they are. Serbia got my vote.

  13. A rather weak heat.I like parts of the Serbian song but the chorus for instance is a bit irritating if not on the verge of being hysterical given her facial expressions.I don’t hate Belarus like others here.I like the verses but the whole effort is rather underwhelming.FYROM is just there.I haven’t warmed up to it.It just sounds dated,not bad or anything but nothing to like about it either.

  14. Of course Serbia. I am also surprised they are still not doing well in polls and betting odds.

  15. Serbia!!!
    Love Sanja a lot❤️

  16. The promo clip for Israel calling 2016:

  17. 1.Serbia 7/10
    2.FYROM 5/10
    3.Belarus 4/10
    An obvious winner in a rather weak heat…

  18. Belarus is somewhere deep down my list.
    I like Serbia and Macedonia very much. Both in my top 10. My vote goes to Kaliopi. Although her song is a bit more old fashioned, I like her voice very much and she is such a warm and kind person 😊

  19. Easy one, Serbia.

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