Last Tickets for Eurovision Final on Sale Friday

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The third and final wave of tickets for the grand final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will go on sale on Friday 8th April at 10:00 (CET) at the official ticketing website AXS.com.

22 comments on “Last Tickets for Eurovision Final on Sale Friday

  1. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to attend a eurovision edition. I’m not very optimistic about it given the fact that I’m already 45.

    • Tell me about it :( I am in Sweden and I won’t be able to go as Stockholm is super expensive and probably everything is booked at this point..

      • I know what you mean.

        • querido, as you know I’m even older than you and living here in Barcelona, an excellent location for an ESC contest, but alas, even if Spain won ESC (highly unlikely), no way would itbe held in Barcelona , as you know, due to independence issues…Madrid or Sevilla a shame as could have loads of fun with eurofans! :-)

          • Spain hosting the contest would be one of the very few possible cases me attenting the show :)

            • indeed, we could meet up, share “tapas” and have a Spanish style night out on the town , unfortunately I fear more a cold, Moscow evening of vodka, and a ESC country boycott next year!!

            • Moscow would be a definite NO from me since from what I read it is insanely expensive.

            • insanely expensive and anti everything I believe in too..

            • one can hope, obviously a Barcelona welcome to ESC would be better than a cold, partially illegal, and overly expensive Moscow one, thus is the future of ESC, so I give up!!

    • I was there in 2006. Very cheap production…better on tellie with a friend, good wine and dips. This year I ma planning to bake Moroccan cheese and mint pastries :)

  2. Off topic : The greek band members seem like nice people :)

  3. Is it worth trying or will this be a third and final wave of frustration and disappointment? I am going to Stockholm with the wife in May. We have ‘second hand’ tickets for the second semi and we had settled on watching the final in the Eurovillage.

  4. I managed to get a pair of tickets for the jury final on Friday! Woo, and furthermore, hoo!

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