Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan Cancels Amsterdam Performance

Iveta MukuchyanArmenia – This year’s Armenia representative has today cancelled her trip to Amsterdam for this weekend’s Eurovision in Concert event in light of recent events on the Armenian / Azerbaijan border. Check out her statement now…

“My dear friends from Europe, I have made the decision to cancel my upcoming performance in AMSTERDAM for “Eurovision in Concert” event, as I mourn and pray for the peaceful Armenian people, who were horribly tortured and killed in The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. I pray for the bravest soldiers, who died while defending our kids, our parents, our independence. War crimes are a result of hate, indifference, lack of love and understanding. It is our duty to condemn such brutal aggression and preach for love and peace.  #‎PrayForArtsakh‬ ‪#‎PrayForPeace‬ ‪#‎KarabakhNow‬ ‪#‎NKPeace”‬

Eurovision has always been, from the aftermath of the second world war, about bringing together the countries of the EBU. Let us hope that one day the issues in this region can be resolved peacefully with no more loss of lives on ether side, and all Armenians and Azeris can come together to move forward in peace.

43 comments on “Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan Cancels Amsterdam Performance

  1. So, they are still using ESC for political matters…

  2. Re: her statement… No comments.

    On her song: just missing my top10. With a stunning live performance she can do… “priests”, as we say in Greece, on stage :P

  3. I am so sorry for all the people who dead and for the people who lost their children or parents there, but this is really not a nice message by an artist like her, because first of all there were also azeri people who were “horribly tortured and killed”, she could at least mention all the people and then I’d get her talking about “result of hate, indifference, lack of love and understanding”, but all in all it is really not good idea to use a song contest for politic statements, it has nothing to do with it. :(

  4. Term “horribly tortured and killed” reffers to this old couple who didn’t want to leave their house when Azerbaijanian forces for a while took controle at Talish village! They weren’t just killed their ears were cut aswell as trophy. Unfortunatly Armenian forcec didn’t take the controle at any Azerbaijanian village during this clashes so.

    Watching this I don’t blame her for forgetting or for not giving a shit to “polite correct” approach! And if people have right “To pray for Paris” or condaimn ISIS in their social pages Iveta Mukuchyan just like Systeme of a down , Helene Segara has all the right to publish her thought on her in her page! And I really hope that the scum who started this clashes will feel the same pain of losing son, of losing relatives just like

    • This is terrible and can’t be excused but I fail to understand what it has to do with ESC. ESC is supposed to be an event where all European nations (plus Australia …) come together despite what is happening out there. If we lose this, we don’t need ESC anymore … except for the glitter and gloss factor.

      #KeepPolitics OutOfESC_PoliticsPoisonEverything

      • So if ESC artist is canceling her presence in a fun event since it is mourne-war period her/his country and condaimns vielencies in her/his private Facebook page is bringing politics into ESC? She is not on ESC stage – all her statements were done on her private Facebook page (unlike for example Jamala)! She has done something that all known or unknown artists did! For example Aram MP3 had biggest solo concert of his life in Hamalir (where JESC was held) he also canceled it because these days are not for shaking ass.

        • Sorry, Avat, I have made my point and I won’t get into any further discussion. ESC should not be mixed with politics imo, and I wish that people both in Armenia and Azerbaijan would begin to see that the problem is not the “other” but those in power in both countries.

          • There are such people! just they are called “faggots” by folks like someone we know or get arrested! And ESC should be proud that it has such winner like Eldar is and hope he will have better luck than another Azerbaijanian known Person /writer Akram Aylises/ who called for peace! Below is Eldar’s statement and ggogle translate may help to translate what he said!

        • I am afraid it is. Allow me to remind you that Cyprus participated within Turkey and back then there was no free access for Cypriots in Turkey, and Turkey was and still refuses to co-operate with Cypriot authorities. Finally Turkey admitted Cyprus in ESC without any issues. Do you know why? Because CYBC and Lisa Andreas did not politicise the issue. If they did it, then why not Iveta. Again. I have sympathy about the victims and I am being updated constantly about the events in Nagorno. But lets not do that an ESC/ET matter.

    • I am sorry AvatArmenia, I understand your pain and will pray for the victims, but this photo should not have been posted here.

    • avat I do understand your frustration as well but even on news outlets when such pictures are posted they are followed by a “viewer discretion is advised – disturbing content follows” and a choice to click to see it or not. This is not very nice in your part and I am afraid I will have to ask the editorial team to remove that comment with all due respect.

    • Cmn that’s too much. I am reading this online I do not need to be reminded about it in completely different context.

  5. After this statement by Iveta, who had already come across as pretty nationalistic and in line with the Armenian government’s political agenda in a PB interview I read a couple of weeks ago, Armenia is disqualified on my list too.
    I wish everyone in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh peace, happiness and a fantastic future .. and I don’t have a clue who is responsible for this mess which has emerged once again. However, ESC was designed as a peaceful contest existing independently of what is happening in the real world, as a kind of pan-European musical utopia, and dragging politics into the contest severly damages the heart of this contest which has been so much more than a just a musical competition for more than 60 years. Yes, we had a similar drama between Greece and Turkey for a couple of years in the 70s but ever since, countries and broadcasters have ignored the hateful agendas of their respective governments … until Russia (2008, now Ukraine) and Armenia/Azerbaijan came along. If I add all the unfair voting and childish drama (2009) they have annoyed us with over the past years, I would love the EBU to exclude Armenia and Azerbaijan until they understand what ESC is about, solve whatever problems they have, leave the past behind and start anew. It would be easier if they had independent broadcasters the way most European countries have … I hate to say this because I have known (and loved) Avat for many years and really like our novice Elmar too. They are both fantastic people who should not be held responsible for what those in power in their countries do … but then I can’t think of any other way to protect this precious contest from the damaging influence those countries’ behaviour has.
    Sorry, Avat and Elmar. I hope that you understand. Peace. <3

    • Thank you, Mr T., I couldn’t agree more.

    • I am glad that I made you like me in such a short time. :) No need to say sorry, I understood very well what you meant and why do you want the EBU to exclude Armenia and Azerbaijan. I already know how lots of esc fans are fed up with all those controversies, personally I woudn’t really mind my country being out since we don’t even send anything related to our own music, I would like to see our culture/language to represented in Eurovision, but I already lost my faith on ITV, so except of low number of entries at the contest I have no more reasons to get sad about, I’d keep follow the show anyways even if we would be out. I was watching ESC even when my country didn’t even joint Eurovision family (2006), I am a Eurovision fan, not a fan of Azerbaijan in ESC. :)

      Plus since I am not a politician, I am not good at making any statements anything related to politics and I don’t even want to make one, I just feel sorry about how some cheap politic games spreads hatred around so many people, it is just sad to see, I only can hope that everything will get better one day. Just like u said Peace ❤

  6. I can understand why she doesn’t feel like going to Eurovision in concert.Anyway,i hope things will get better in the region.

  7. Do I have to see gruesome photos on a Eurovision related site?

    What is the point of sharing this kind of photos without a warning on a music site? I think the more dead people you show,the more sympathy you get and that makes you right in this war….This is sick!!!I hope no Azeri showes up and show their deads here as well…If no action is made by site owners this place may turn into bestgore.com!!!

    And they go bananas when people say they use Eurovision for propaganda!They were born to do that!!!
    How pathetic!!!!

    • I was very disturbed as well and I did not want to witness that – and because we are living at dangerous times I want to make clear I would say the same thing if an azeri posted such a photo with azeri victims. I will mail the editorial board to remove it as soon as possible and probably the more we do it the merrier.

      Sorry again avat, nothing personal against you.

  8. Dear Iveta, use your brains, please, and think twive before writing any statement. War brings out the worst in men and women. ESC with all its craziness and bickering (among us the sometimes loony fans) is above that. If Armenia and Azerbaijan can’t understand that, then they should withdraw.

  9. Maybe for security reasons ?

  10. First of all, I hope this bloodshed and loss of life stops immediately and they both participate in this contest so we can all come together without further incident. However, if it doesn’t, I hope they both have the good sense to withdraw. To insist on participating in a musical celebration would be disrespectful to the dead and would only increase the tension and propaganda levels to fever pitch, like we saw in this thread already. Basically it would be an extension of war by another means. Nobody has anything to gain from that.

    Yes, Eurovision was meant to bring peoples together. However you can’t escape politics in any field of human endeavour, especially when it comes to what people feel are life or death matters. To pretend that Eurovision or anything else can exist on a higher, purified plane is just a fantasy that people leaving comfortable lives far away from any trouble or conflict may afford, but much harder to translate into reality. All we can do is keep our good senses, try to isolate fanaticism and hooliganism in the ESC wherever we see them, whatever form they take, and insist on upholding basic standards of respect and good conduct for everyone, from the fans and the audience to participating artists and broadcasters.

    • Eurovision is politics; everything we do is politics. ESC’s policy is to create some safe space where all Eurovision countries and one outsider (for now) are able to spend a few days together. The rest should stay in the background.

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