OGAE 2016: Slovenia and Switzerland Results

ogaeOGAE 2016 – Here is an update on the current happenings in the OGAE Poll Vote since we last reported the results from Belarus yesterday. Switzerland and Slovenia have in the last 24hrs release their votes. Results below

In these early stages, Russia, France and Australia are in the lead recieving a lot of points from the clubs announced so far. The below table shows the results of Slovenia and Switzerland

Slovenia Switzerland
12pts Russia 12pts France
10pts France 10pts Russia
8pts Ireland 8pts Australia
7pts Austria 7pts Latvia
6pts Australia 6pts Austria
5pts Italy 5pts Spain
4pts Latvia 4pts Italy
3pts Sebia 3pts Bulgaria
2pts FYR Macedonia 2pts Sweden
1pt Azerbaijan 1pt Norway

Four clubs have now revealed their results… Slovenia, Switzerland, Belarus and Res of World have all been revealed with more to come

The current standings can be seen below:

Pts Country
44 Russia
38 France
36 Australia
16 Austria
13 Spain
12 Bulgaria
11 Latvia
10 Ukraine
9 Hungary
9 Italy
8 Ireland
6 Slovenia
5 Armenia
5 Azerbaijan
3 Serbia
2 Macedonia (FYR)
2 Sweden
1 Croatia
1 Poland
1 Norway

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16 comments on “OGAE 2016: Slovenia and Switzerland Results

  1. A very predictable top 3 (same as betting odds)

  2. Russia is definetily going to win it seems.

    • I thing that the first place is going to play between Russia and Australia.

      • Australia is too cold, especially in recap form. There’s a lot of user-made semi final recaps on Youtube to give you an idea, running order aside, of how “instant” the songs are. Australia are one of the better ones, but still seems to be missing something.

        Personally, I can see Azerbaijan, Latvia, and, to an extent, Spain all troubling the top 10+. AZE have a great pure pop song that can be performed live (Samra was good enough in Moscow, add 5 backing singers and she’s great), a Latvian win can take the Contest into less pop and more alternative songs, killing schlager as we know it for good. Spain have the most happy feel-good song this year, and it stands out like Israel did last year.

  3. No points from Slovenia to Croatia??? But they did give 2 and 3 to Macedonia and Serbia!

    Poor Croatia :( Have they had a falling out with Slovenia or something? Plus they’ve dropped from 3rd to 12th in the betting odds :(

  4. So glad to see that Frans the Bore isn’t going anywhere here.

    • He is not going anywhere in general. Even my boyfriend who has always been an ardent supporter of everything swedish in the contest hated MF this year and thinks their choice is completely indifferent. This year he supports Russia :)

      • Tell my best to your boyfriend. Russia is new Sweden! I am a big fan of MF too, this year it was a drag, but I guess they need a gap year too every now and then.

        • Well, in 2014 he was #TeamSanna and I was #TeamConchita and we know how that turned out. Last year I was#TeamIlVolo and he was #TeamMans and we still have a big argument over who the real winner is. This year so far I am #TeamJamala (but I may turn out to be #TeamAmir) and he is #TeamSergey. I am hoping for sweet revenge :)

  5. Can’t wait to see them proven wrong once again :)

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