TEKO 2016: Vote in the 8th Heat Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the eighth heat of this year’s TEKO competition. Today you can start voting for the next three hopefuls, Azerbaijan, UK and Albania who will fight for a place in the second round!


Please listen to the three competing entries:

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – Samra – ‘Miracle

UKUnited Kingdom – Joe & Jake – ‘You’re not alone

Albania Albania – Enida Tarifa – ‘Fairytale

To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all three songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned! Come back tomorrow for Heat 9!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

78 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 8th Heat Now!

  1. Azerbaijan: #34
    UK: #32
    Albania: #13

    Albania gets my vote.

  2. Another easy heat for me. Azerbaijan is my #12 this year, while Albania and the UK both languish near the bottom of my table at #35 and #41 respectively. So my vote goes to …Azerbaijan!

    What I like about this is that it’s a very staightforward pop song reminiscent of the ’80s. I would still prefer something more inspired by azeri music (as if this is a possibility) but with all the pretentiousness around this year (and the pretentiousness of the previous two azeri entries) it’s almost a breath of fresh air,.

  3. Azerbaijan – dull and vapid; UK – somewhat more interesting, but one gets tired of it very quickly; Albania – even the sanitized revamped version comes across better than the previous two entries and Enida is a very good live singer.

    P.S. – does anyone know if Samra has already performed her song live?

  4. After the Albanian revamp, the song fell drastically. I’m with Team Miracle here.

  5. Azerbaijan!The other 2 are in my bottom-5.

  6. 1. Azerbaijan 8/10
    2. United Kingdom 6/10
    3. Albania 3/10 :(

    I would definetily go with Albania here if they wouldn’t ruin the song with final version, I loved it in albanian version, pity. Voted for “Miracle” ( LOL ).

  7. I do not particularly care about this heat to be honest, all 3 songs are average. Azerbaijan and Albania are slightly better than the UK though. Voted for Albania because the revamp was ok.

  8. Azerbaijan is slightly better than the other 2. All 3 are average at best though. :(

  9. Azerbaijan, is a lot better IMO.

  10. I was zapping and the biggest greek music channel was showing “You are the only one” :o

    • In case Cyprus doesn’t make it to the final come May, I think this is the obvious 12 pointer from Greece. Tbh, I hope some other song makes a surprise and gets the Greek 12 pts. France f.i.

      • Let it be Armenia!

        • Could be :)

        • It won’t be Armenia.It’s gonna be Russia or Cyprus.I watched a tv show today and they were saying that since our own chances are slim let’s support the Russian song because of the Greek team behind it.I’m strongly against this attitude. :mad:

          • I know it won’t be Armenia but one can only hope…

          • I dislike this attitude too :/
            Btw, we usually give points to Armenia but only once a 12 (2008), right?

          • Come you old grumpies! Mr Kontopoulos is just about to turn into your very own Siegel LOL
            I can’t open the links, would really love to hear the tunes. After all, always happy to hear more of Mr K’s art of music! With or without his two great S’s Sergey and Sakis :-)

          • There would no 12-pointer from Greece, remember that the jury and the public will be treated separately and only the jury’s votes will be announced when Greece gets its turn. Last year we gave our 12 points to Italy (12 from both the jury and the public) and the year before to Austria (12 from the jury and 10 from the public) so I wouldn’t say that the greek vote is as predictable or pre-ordained as those TV panels think :)

            Cyprus does have a strong chance to get 12 in the greek televote – a lot of people really like the song over here and there are also a lot of cypriots living in Greece. However the jury is another matter entirely.

            • The fact that the 12 pts won’t be announced due to the new way the votes will be presented doesn’t mean there’s no chance for Russia to grab Greece’s combined 12 pts.I agree that if Cyprus is in the final they will most probably be awarded with our 12 pts.In both cases,it’s not good news for me.
              Keep in mind that with ERT’s snub towards their most commercial product we may as well miss the final this year so considerably fewer viewers will watch the show and people voting for certain flags may dominate Greek televoting.

            • Ι think it is a foregone conclusion that we will not be in the final and that is very deliberate on ERT’s part (notice that the so-called “band” has gone completely AWOL – not only they don’t promote abroad but they haven’t given even a single interview to the greek media!).

              On the other hand fewer people watching may mean that only real fans passionate about Eurovision may watch it and vote, which means less flag-voting. Or the only ones watching will be the “interested parties” (e.g. cypriots living in Greece) in which case you will be right :)

          • Voting results from Greece the last three times a Kontopoulos song was in the running:
            2014: The Tolmachevy sisters (Russia) got a combined 10 points from Greece, even though they managed only third place separately in both the jury and the televote ranking.
            2013: Greece gave 12 points to Farid Mammadov (Azerbaijan), split jury-televote results were not announced.
            2008: Greece gave 6 points to Ani Lorak (Ukraine), it was televote-only that year.

          • Another copy-cat…

  11. I vote for Azerbaijan ! :)

  12. Azerbaijan … the other two are awful and I am from the Uk 😣😣

  13. 1.Azerbaijan 9/10
    2.Albania 5.25/10
    3.UK 4.75/10

  14. azerbaijan because the other two…

  15. United Kingdom: 16th
    Azerbaijan: 19th
    Albania: 37th

    What a flat heat. Albania’s hilariously misguided revamp is the sore spot, leaving us with two pretty competent pop numbers. Azerbaijan has the pomp and the huge chorus they’ve been missing in their last few entries, but there’s still something missing there. Whereas the UK has opted for a less bombastic pop-rock entry that sounds solid, if a little anonymous. Genre bias gave it the advantage.

  16. There are only few songs i hate this year, but Azerbaijan is one of them.
    The song starts nice and the voice is oké. But when the chorus starts it becomes an afwul, dreary, whining and irritating song. I do like most of the Swedisch-export songs but this is like cheap H&M Confection made rubbish. I wished it stayed in the semi, but I know it is wishfull thinking (although there last 2 entries did not scored high in the final, maybe they should pay some more 😉). My number 42

    The original Albanian song was firmly in my top 10, but after the revamp they turned it into a mediocre song, with silly lyrics and the enchantmend it had disappeared. It dropped to my number 24..

    UK is nice but will not stand out between 25 other songs in the final. It is like a marsmellow: nice when you eat it, but quickly gone and forgotten. I wish them good luck, but I am afraid they will be bottom at the scoreboard. My nummer 16

    My vote goes to the UK

  17. After my initial enthuasism, Miracle is dropping on my list. It’s a bit boring and there is much better contemporary ESC pop around. Shame really, AZE is one of my fav nations here. Anyways, it’s easy win in this lot. And no worries, Samra. You will be doing just fine, it really doesn’t matter what I think.

  18. Azerbaijan any day. I would have voted for Albania, but they changed it to English and ruined it.

  19. Managed to vote in this heat, and again a process of elimination as none of the songs are particularly inspiring, I can get to like an occasional Albanian revamp but not this one, any trace of originality got lost in the remix (Swedish?) studio, Azerbaijan is well-sung and passable but never really grabs my attention, and UK, well have heard worse from UK but only a very strong performance can save it from the intensive care unit…sigh,,Imaani, where are you? Where are you nooow?!!

  20. Me trying to imagine how my stage performance would be if i were to go to eurovision:

  21. OGAE Switzerland.The same top-3.Is the winner among them?
    OGAE Switzerland
    12 points go to… France
    10 points go to… Russia
    8 points go to… Australia
    7 points go to… Latvia
    6 points go to… Austria
    5 points go to… Spain
    4 points go to… Italy
    3 points go to… Bulgaria
    2 points go to… Sweden
    1 point goes to… Norway

    • not a good sign, France was second in OGAE in 2009 (behind Norway) and 2011 (behind Hungary) and that didnt lead to good results in esc, though not as awful as of late…

    • Expected; Sweden and Norway finally registered on their radar. France is also doing very well in the betting odds, Morgan.

      • in 2011 France was first in the bookies, and then what

        • I know, Morgan, but Amaury’s live vocals were weak since the very beginning of the song. I still vividly remember what I felt and thought when I heard the first few notes – disaster! This song is completely different and Amir seems to be able to rise to the occasion in May. I am realistic fellow though, I think that France (and Italy) will be lucky if it (they) reaches (reach) the top 10. :(

        • Yeah but Amaury did not deliver all he could. I hope and believe that the case is different with Amir. I know it’s difficult to be optimistic after the 2013 and 2015 entries were so mistreated but I am afraid Amir is emerging as the only person that can stand in the way of a russian victory..

  22. The running order will be revealed on Friday.They do take their time…

    • They do not want to create a diplomatic incident. This business of the running order will eventually poison ESC.

  23. Never thought I’d say this. Azerbaijan is one of my favourites this year. My #5 in fact do my vote went to Samra

    I do like the UKs sing but I really don’t like Albania

  24. Azerbaijan!!!

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