TEKO 2016: Vote in the 7th Heat Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the seventh heat of this year’s TEKO competition; a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). Today you can start voting for the next three hopefuls, France, Moldova and Lithuania who will fight for a place in the second round!  


Please listen to the three competing entries:

France France – Amir – ‘J’ai cherché’

MoldovaMoldova – Lidia Isac – ‘Falling stars

LithuaniaLithuania – Donny Montell – ‘I’ve been waiting for this night

To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all three songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned! Come back tomorrow for Heat 8!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

44 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 7th Heat Now!

  1. I really like France this year, hope they get a good result, but my vote is for #JustSendDonny which I’ve liked from day 1 of the epic Lithuania selection.

  2. I don’t like any of these songs. Moldova is probably my last this year, and the French entry is going on my nerves with its “ouououououuuuu”. Lithuania is not much to celebrate for either, but it’s the best in this bunch so I’ll go for that.

  3. 1.France 7/10
    2.Lithuania 6/10
    3.Moldova 3/10
    Amir will win OGAE poll this year (alternate guess = Australia) and hopefully he could challenge Russia in May for the trophy. I mean why not? All he needs is a good LED/graphics show. Sweden won last year with a worse song imo!

  4. Second 12 points to Donny straight in a row!
    I thought I was the only one round here who likes this.
    I’m really into this american 80’s AC pop melody. Song just keeps growing.
    And Donny, of course, it’s the reigning champ of Baltic studs.

  5. This goes without saying.France!And with a nice stage performance i can see them doing really well this year.

  6. Probably the easiest of all heats for me.
    France: #10
    Moldova: #43
    Lithuania: #38

  7. That’s almost as easy as heat 2 for me.

    France goes all out competitive and contemporary. Honestly if they do not get a top 10 at the very least this year they might as well withdraw imo. Great song, charismatic singer.

    Lithuania keeps going down on my list. I dont like Donny as a singer much and the song feels like a minute too long to me – it drags endlessly.

    Moldova has potential. Its low in my rankings but with the proper refining this can become a strong entry. Right now its vocally and visually messy and the orchestration feels too bombastic.

    Of course France gets my vote here.

  8. Despite the annoying YouOuOuing, which fortunately was toned down for the ESC version, my vote goes to France without a second thought. The other two are cheap and awful imo.

  9. A very easy heat, this one. France is my #3, Lithuania is my #19 and Moldova my #36. Therefore my vote goes to …France!

    Apart from the song which is obviously much more modern and an earworm than, say “You are the only one”, Amir’s guy-next-door charm is France’s secret weapon this year. He doen’t have to pout and flex to be sexy. He just needs to strut and smile :)

    Here he is in a brilliant acoustic version of “J’ai Cherché”

  10. France starts well. Verse is really good and then with a big bang, the chorus ruins it all. It’s so last season with it’s Mumford and Sons leanings. Of course, it just might be mot de jour in ESC this season.
    Anyways, it’s beautifully produced and probably will do well.

  11. France – cleverly put together, it shows us how one can be commercial and interesting at the time. It should do very well, but it probably won’t because of the flag it represents. Moldova – more shiny plastic, sung poorly in this case. Lithuania – another dose of shiny plastic, well sung this time. France, of course.

  12. I actually slightly prefer Lithuania to France too: both are in my average category co they’re competent efforts in a music style I cant care less for. And Donny imo has the most charisma.

  13. FRANCE <3

    I'm not technically French so there's no problem with me voting for it, eh? Lithuania would be my second choice and then Moldova very far down at the bottom.

  14. 1. France 9/10
    2. Lithuania 6/10
    3. Moldova 5/10

    I like this year’s French entry much, so I voted for it. :)

  15. Moldova # 35
    Lithuania # 22
    France # 9

    So my vote goes to France
    (If they win in Stockholm will 2017 take place in Paris or somewhere else?)

  16. France got my vote. My #2 song this year

    I also love Lithuania who is my #10

    Moldova is just shocking and is all the way down at #41

  17. Voted for Lithuania. My #4 this year. An averagey song, carried by Donny’s charisma and stage presence, which is enough for a very high score this year. lol

  18. An interview with Amir:

  19. As for the talk above regarding France eventually finishing last in 1956: I know I’ve heard that the Norwegian ESC fan Kato Hansen has done a huge lot of research to find out how the full results of 1956 turned out to be. In the end, he managed to figure out with how many points “Refrain” won with (102), the Top 4, plus the one finishing last. Maybe it’s from these “facts” they’ve found out that France finished last. Or perhaps just a mistake after all.

  20. Hmm…Mans slams Sweden for its refugee policy and reveals that this year’s theme will focus on the refugee crisis with a thought-provoking dance performance, drawing attention to it. http://www.thelocal.se/20160403/eurovision-mns-slams-swedens-refugee-u-turn

    • I was reading the same article a while ago and was thinking whether I should post it tbh. IMO he is a tad unfair to Sweden who has been among the most co operative countries in the refugee crisis. Pity the same cannot be said for the likes of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

      • Yes,i believe he’s being unfair too.But news have to be shared.We now know what the interval act is about.

  21. France, easily.

    I do enjoy Lithuania and it’s been growing on me but it just simply isn’t that strong of an entry. And Moldova is dull, dull, dull.

  22. Off topic : Had the weirdest dream last night lol. Saw that Slovenia (?!) won esc 2016 with Russia 2nd and Sweden 3rd (dont remember with what score Slovenia won but Russia won televoting and got 335 points total while Sweden got 330 points total. France was 3rd with televoting but overall came 6th).

    I may or may not need an esc break :-P

    • Should we be worried? An ESC dream more than a month before the contest? My dream was about Icelandic volcanos and waterfalls last night. .)

  23. France: 4th
    Lithuania: 24th
    Moldova: 29th

    Moldova needs to join this century, Lithuania needs to join this decade, although it’s only the latter one that’s charmingly dated. France sounds the most like last year’s winner, but a vast improvement on the turgid and clinical “Heroes.” There’s a warmth provided by Amir and the French lyrics, and I really enjoy it. Hopefully France can *finally* make up for all their recent unjust results.

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