OGAE 2016: It Begins… 1st Results in from Rest of World

ogaeOGAE 2016 – Today the first set of results from the OGAE fan clubs have come in and it is the Rest of World Group that have revealed first. Croatia, Australia, Hungary, Russia and Slovenia all received votes but who received the most? The points were distributed as below:

12pts Australia
10pts Russia
8pts France
7pts Hungary
6pts Slovenia
5pts Bulgaria
4pts Azerbaijan
3pts Ukraine
2pts Spain
1pt Croatia

Meaning that Australia have taken the early lead. Bear in mind that Australia are included within Rest of World OGAE club, it is unknown if the possibility of Austalian votes for Australia have been omitted.

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58 comments on “OGAE 2016: It Begins… 1st Results in from Rest of World

  1. Slovenia is the only surprise there, but this being the rest of the world, it’s expectable. Shiny plastic won.

  2. Australia! Russia! *faints*

    • You’re really hating this year, aren’t you. :-P

      • I don’t hate this year but I find those entries named favourites (by the fans or the bookies) quite underwhelming. I have 3 songs I love and 5 more I really like after all. :)

        • Yeah, there’s not as much overlap between what I like and what the favorites seem to be this year, which tbh is kinda surprising since I’ve generally been a fan of the usual favorites the past few years. I don’t know what happened, lol.

          • Perhaps you’ve caught ET? ;)

            • LOL, but I’m pretty sure on FdlC and ETSC, I’m generally not aligned with the majority. At least judging by this edition’s NFs, where I don’t think any of my favorites won. :-P I think the best barometer was the USA NF, where my Top 3 ended up as the Bottom 3 overall. :-P

              Maybe it’s fatigue from all the songs which sound very similar to one another. I liked Heroes last year because it was unique (compared to most of the other entries in last year’s balladfest) but this year there’s a bunch of entries that all sound… similar. Maybe.

            • I agree. With all the uniformity and blandness we are drowning in this year, I would probably even support the Babushki … :)

            • It’s not so much that I dislike the songs… I actually like most of the entries, but there aren’t a lot of entries that inspire much… passionate “liking” from me. If that makes sense.

              Heh, I liked the Babushki! But not enough to vote for them, even if I could. There were at least four songs that year (off the top of my head) that I would’ve supported.

            • Which ones?

            • Sweden (Euphoria), Estonia (Kuula), Germany (Standing Still), Italy (L’amore Femmina, and I’m pretty sure I butchered the spelling of that song).

            • I love “Kuula” and “L’amore è femmina” and like both “Euphoria” and “Standing Still” too. All 4 songs are in my top 10. :)

              1st ALB/ITA (depending on the mood I am in) 12/12
              3rd AZE 12/12
              4th EST 10/12
              5th ISL 10/12
              6th BIH 10/12
              7th SWE 10/12
              8th TUR 10/12
              9th SRB 10/12
              10th GER 9/12 (sort of tied with with FIN, ISR and MAK)
              14th HRV 8/12

              It was the last fantastic edition imo.

            • I remember hating ALB that year, but now it doesn’t bother me as much… won’t land anywhere near the top but it was (in hindsight) okay.

              Oh, I loved ISL as well, shame that they got shafted by that draw (going immediately after the grannies). TUR was fun.

            • Kuula is one of my all time favs here. Prefer the Eesti Laul version. And let’s not go into Ott the Hot!

            • I prefer the Eesti Laul performance too because Ott overdid it a bit in ESC imo. That is the reason too why “Kuula” only has a 10/12 on my list while the EL version still stands at 12/12. On the other hand, I think that he probably gave the most explicitly erotic male performance ever in ESC. In the female category, this prize still goes to Evridiki 1992. :)

            • I totally agree on everything regards Ott. That suit was just fantastic. Totally fell for him.
              And hey I do have to agree that Evridiki was one hot kitten :-)

            • Best explicitly erotic performance is a new category to me. I’m happy to take it in use, here too :-) Thank you.

            • well he did have a major boner

  3. The OGAE website isn’t making it easy to keep track. They’re putting a whole table on as votes come in. They don’t look to be splitting them up by fan club

  4. No big surprises here, apart from Slovenia making it all the way to 5th. Bit surprised Sweden didn’t sneak in there somehow.

    I feel like Russia is gonna be this year’s OGAE winner.

  5. 6 points for Slovenia is really surprising. :P

  6. 12 points from Australia (and RoW) go to… Australia!

  7. Any news from the Moscow concert ? Will there be a broadcast ?

  8. OGAE RoW is usually a bit off compared to the other clubs (6p to Slovenia is…unexpected) but I do expect Australia and France to do well overall in the OGAE voting this year. Overall a decent set of votes.

    • P.S. Sweden may not do well this year with OGAE voting but will do well in esc and that has to do with the fact they sent a charming, heartfelt song sang by a young man who delivers raw emotion and nothing with the fact “it is Sweden”. Bur let’s not stop anti-swedish bias from continuing its saga here.
      I am getting more and more disgusted with certain behaviours around here. I dont know where is my boiling point yet but I hope for the sake of everyone it’s not close.

      • He is talking and has a type of arrogance about him. That might be a strong reason as to why some people may not like it.

        • Arrogance ? Thats new to me..Anyway it has nothing to do witg any of that imo. Its the swedish entry and thats enough for some people to bash it 24/7.

  9. Every year people say OGAE ranks Sweden unfairly highly.

    Not true at all! Admittedly we are only 1 jury in, but as its ROW its most indicative. When Sweden sends a dull song, they get a big fat NUL!

  10. Well Slovenia scoring 6p is A BIG surprise indeed! Italy and Latvia will catch up later I guess. France and Australia will battle it out (the ones that sound more “instant”. On the other hand I doubt OGAEs have some room for more “sophisticated” songs like Estonia or Netherlands)

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