Moscow Pre-Party Live Now

RussiaMoscow Pre-Party – The pre-party is currently underway in Moscow and you can watch it live on Periscope HERE. Word on the street is Ivan had a wolf (?) on the red carpet!

53 comments on “Moscow Pre-Party Live Now

  1. Are my fellow Sergey fans watching? He’s on at the moment. Love him. Boy he talks a lot though.

  2. Iveta for the first time performed live wearing black and changing the lyrics in the begining “Love should be the only thing crossing my borders” :

  3. I think Russia is a winner.

  4. Cyprus needs improvement but it sounds better than the first live.

  5. Malta needs improvement.The chorus sounds a bit messy.

  6. Oh God!Rykka sounds awful during the chorus. :/

  7. Current betting odds

    Russia — 1.8
    Sweden — 8
    France — 12
    Australia — 12
    Malta — 17

    Russia is now miles ahead, more than 4x more likely than Sweden

  8. If YT views mean anything… Current top10. Russia is well ahead from everyone, but all of them have more than 1m views.

    the Netherlands?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina???

    Then Hungary with nearly 1m views, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Ukraine with just less than 900t views. Belgium? and Cyprus follow.

    Greece has some good views 635t, while Croatia has only 618t. Estonia and Latvia are not doing well (273t and 281t respectively). Norway too has low views (184t).

    Italy’s video is new so I can understand why it has little views (282t).

    Most unpopular:

    San Marino, Slovenia, Georgia, Romania (less than 100t), Belarus.

    • The thing is some songs have been directly uploaded to the Eurovision channel while others have more videos.Take Greece f.e.The song has an additional 1 million views because it was uploaded in multiple channels.ERT is so professional that they let some irrelevant sites earn money by uploading the Greek entry.

  9. She performed one of my favourite ESC songs ever:

    RIP Lola

    • Sad news :( Lola sang my nº 3 song from 1962. I love her singing voice, the melody and the beautiful orchestration. May she rest in peace.

    • Oh, how sad. I love Yugoslavia 1962, and it was a close second after France that year for me. A lovely mysterious and hypnotic jazz flavoured song.

      I also truly like 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1968 of Yugoslavia from the 60’s.

      • France is my 1962 winner too. :)

      • This is my 1962 top 3:

        1. Un premier amour, Isabelle Aubret, France
        2. Dis rien, Francois Deguelt, Monaco
        3. Ne pali svetla u sumrak, Lola Novakovic, Yugoslavia

        I love all 3 songs. :)

        • I’m more into:

          1. France
          2. Yugoslavia
          3. Italy
          4. Luxembourg
          5. Switzerland

          After that comes Norway and Monaco. “Dis rien” is fine enough but I’m not head over heels of it personally.

  10. OGAE Belarus
    12 points go to… Russia
    10 points go to… Australia
    8 points go to… France
    7 points go to… Ukraine
    6 points go to… Spain
    5 points go to… Armenia
    4 points go to… Bulgaria
    3 points go to… Austria
    2 points go to… Hungary
    1 point goes to… Poland

  11. The SVT panel for this year’s preview shows: Christer Bjorkman,Helena Paparizou,Wictoria,Oscar Zia and Njol from Panetoz.

  12. The eurovision version of Slovenia:

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