Riga Pre-Party Tonight

LatviaRiga Pre-Party – OGAE Latvia, the Latvian Eurovision fan club, will host the third annual Eurovision pre-Party tonight and you will hopefully be able to see the event streamed live on the internet from 20:00 (CET). The link to watch the show can be found HERE.

Performing tonight will be:

  • Justs (Latvia)
  • Rykka (Switzerland)
  • Dalal & Deen ft Ana & Jala (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • IVAN (Belarus)
  • Barei (Spain)
  • Hovi Star (Israel)
  • Juri Pootsmann (Estonia)
  • Poli Genova (Bulgaria)
  • Sanja Vucic ZAA (Serbia)
  • Ira Losco (Malta)

Riga party


You can check out all ESCKAZ’s interviews to date with the acts HERE.

Ivan has hit the ground running, grabbing selfies with everyone and taking his wish to sing with them all in the streets forward already…

Watch Poli (Bulgaria), Sanja (Serbia) and Ivan (Belarus) singing Heroes HERE on Wiwibloggs’ Instagram.

Ivan and Justs…

ivan justs

Ivan and Barei…

ivan barei


Source: ESCKAZ, Wiwibloggs, Ivan and Justs’s Twitters

30 comments on “Riga Pre-Party Tonight

  1. Will Mr. Beaver be present too? :)

    • shame! it clashes wilth “el clásico” …I live 20 minutes walk from Camp Nou and can hear build up already outside!! :-)

  2. Justs did well, I think. The movements in Heartbeat are still a bit… too choreographed, but vocally solid.

    Rykka having all sort of trouble hitting those high notes. Yeouch.

  3. Sanja KILLED the live vocals of her song. And now she’s singing Crazy in Love by Beyonce.

  4. I’ve been watching the Liverpool v Spurs game, but have just tuned into Latvia to find Ivan with white stripes on his face. He’s fully clothed though.

  5. Ivan started with a different song that I liked better than Help You Fly.

    He… was clothed, at least. LOL. His vocals were a bit overpowered by the backing track but I don’t know if that’s the sound mixing or his vocals.

    • I liked his other song too.

      Poli is on stage now, she’s done Na inat and is now on If love was a crime. Her live vocals sound a little wobbly / warbly in places still. She’s dancing around and having fun though.

  6. Poli Genova started with Na Inat, praised everyone and everything, and hoped that someday Eurovision would have live music, then sang If Love Was A Crime. Her live vocal had a bit more rock-ish quality compared to the recording. She was having fun onstage, too.

  7. Jüri Pootsmann seemed very comfortable onstage, solid vocal but didn’t really go for the big belty parts at the end. Only sang one song. :-(

  8. Barei having fun and dancing, of course. She wasn’t able to see much of Riga coz she lost her luggage on the first night.

  9. Hovi Star had a pretty solid vocal, I thought.

    • I really like him. Good performance. He’s much camper than I expected too in interviews. He looks like fun.

      Ira is finishing it all off but isn’t doing much for me I’m afraid.

      Nice to see it broadcast this year, well done OGAE Latvia… but next year invite the Beaver!

  10. My feed was having problems during Ira Losco’s song. Good vocal but somehow the live vocal kind of exposed how repetitive the song actually is. But that could just be my screwed up feed…

    • Yeah the feed went for me too, I was bored by then though, the song goes nowhere. I don’t think it’ll qualify.

      • I can see it benefitting from televote, kind of like San Marino in 2014. More for Ira Losco than the song (again, kind of like San Marino 2014, which was more a vote for Valentina than the song itself).

  11. So… after tonight:
    Latvia – Still high on my list but Justs still needs to “sell” his choreographed movements.
    Switzerland – Still low on my list. Albania last year proved that you don’t need to sing on-key to qualify for the final but that was still painful.
    Serbia – This is gonna go up my ranking. Sanja has a solid stage presence, and her strong vocal immediately after Rykka really highlighted the differences between their vocals.
    Belarus – His first song was much nicer. Doesn’t really change my opinion on him or his song, still generally meh.
    Bulgaria – I liked Na Inat better, but I do like the rock-ish tone to her live vocal. Adds a bit more color to her song.
    Estonia – Seemed a lot more comfortable onstage than the NF. Maybe saving his big vocal for the big show?
    Spain – Not bad, a song I feel will be greatly helped by killer staging.
    Israel – Enjoyed this more live.
    Malta – Enjoyed the recording more. Ira Losco has great vocals but the live performance exposed how… empty the song is. Much like Spain, some killer staging will be a big help.

  12. I think that’s a very fair summary of the night.

  13. Could not follow this one; thanks for the comments, guys, they were very useful. :) Will try to watch the performances when I get the chance.

  14. I braved through that Swedish Eurovision cover band and now 1984 Eurovision winners Herreys are on.

  15. Esc contestants walking through the streets of beautiful Riga:

  16. I ll try to catch up with the performances tomorrow. The latvian pre party is growing in terms of number of participants which is very good !

    Looking forward to see Rykka’s and Juri’s performances mostly !

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