Portugal: Will Not Air Eurovision

portugalPortugal – Sad news for Portuguese Eurovision fans as broadcaster RTP has confirmed it will not show this year’s contest on TV. They do however hope to return soon and are said to be looking at how to revamp their selection process.

48 comments on “Portugal: Will Not Air Eurovision

  1. Portugal, the only country which has always stayed loyal to local sounds (some great, some average, some awful), has 2 option now.

    1. Give up on ESC.
    2. Buy a Scandinavian or Angloamerican song and sing in English.

    If I was in charge, I would choose option n° 1. :(


    • I don’t think they should give up, but they should definitely sing in English.

      Suzy almost qualified in Portuguese, she would have qualified imo if she sang in English

      • But why should Portugal sing in English? We have more than enough bad English in ESC as it is now, and in contrast to countries like Sweden, Germany or the Netherlands, English isn’t even representative of the Portuguese music scene. It would be a farce: Portugal dressing up as Sweden or the UK in order to get anywhere in ESC. That would be musical carnival for sure …

        • They can keep the portuguese sound, they don’t have to copy Sweden, but at least sing in a language most people know so people can sing along, or if you have a message, they can understand your message.

          There’s a reason only 3 songs are wholly in a language other than English and that’s because English is the global language.

          There’s a reason why in the last 20 years we’ve only had 2 winners not at least partly in English!

          If Brazil and Angola enter, then maybe they should sing in Portuguese, but until that day, English is the way to do well.

          • But a song like Suzy’s sung in English would be totally inauthentic … but alas, people most people don’t care anymore if pop culture makes sense or not.

            • Exactly, Las Ketchup only became a hit when they released the Spanglish version (English and Spanish) under the title “The Ketchup Song” the original “Aserje” totally in Spanish would not have had the same success

            • That’s 21th century capitalism: Sell your soul and identity and you’ll be rewarded. Sorry but I will never support such a development.

            • I don’t think you can say singing in English is the same as “selling your soul”

            • With a song like Suzy’s, it would be. With a song like Germany’s “Ghost”, it isn’t. I never generalize but look at the individual cultural artefact. :)

            • Using Swedish songwriters to give you a Swedish sound however, I can agree with you on is not in the spirit of the contest.

          • “There’s a reason only 3 songs are wholly in a language other than English”

            And that’s a sad fact that makes 2016 one of the least diverse years since the introduction of televoting. #BringBacktheLanguageRule

    • They don’t have to buy from Sweden but singing in English once in a while wont be a sacrilege. After all Portugal is a veteran. I don’t think they are still using ESC to showcase their cultural identity.

    • They also have a third choice.Seach for local talent who can actually represent the current Portuguese music scene.You have to admit that the FdC has been going downhill for years.It was a below average selection of songs which sounded irrelevant.They can do what Hungary or Armenia does.Folk music is also welcome and they did that credibly in 2008 and 2009 thus they were more successful.Why not pick Amor Electro internally f.i?They are good and they seem to be interested in esc.I blame RTP for their mess.

      • Alas, I am pretty sure that even Amor Electro would struggle to make it out of the SF. We shouldn’t forget that Portugal lies way out in the west and only has very little support in ESC, mainly from France and Switzerland.
        I agree that all FdCs since 2014 were weak. 2012, on the other hand, had some very interesting songs but alas the vote went to a professionally performed yet pretty generic orchester ballad dressed up as fado.

        • In 2011 they sent a troll act as well.What’s more worrying is that they didn’t see it as trolling.,We can only speculate on Amor Electro’s esc fate.I disagree that they would struggle to qualify with any of their hit songs.If Israel which has no allies(and that’s an understatement) is doing so much better through the years then there’s no excuse for Portugal.

        • ”We shouldn’t forget that Portugal lies way out in the west and only has very little support in ESC, mainly from France and Switzerland.”

          Malta, Cyprus, Israel are in the same condition. Sorry, but RTP has itself only to blame.

  2. Sad. But Portugal needs to get a grip on esc in general. A grip they never had if results throughout the years are any indication. I would suggest try something..not dated for once ?

    Hope they will come back next year.

  3. It’s so sad. I wish to see them back next year with better songs and selection process. Loved their 2008 (“Senhora do Mar”) and 2009 (“Todas as ruas do Amor”) songs.

  4. I think Ukraine’s NF would be their best model to follow- it mixed Swedish writers (Alexander Bard) with big local acts and talent show singers to fill a strong lineup that still has a strong national identity. Even FiK in Albania do the outdated sound well compared to FdC.

  5. Diário de Notícias (a Portuguese quality newspaper) wrote so. They also wrote that RTP may come back in 2017, but that nothing is decided yet.

  6. Well that’s unfortunate. Hopefully they come back next year with some of that trademark Portuguese flair!

  7. my favourite ever Portuguese song :-)

  8. Sad, but if necessary to get a good Portuguese esc song in the future, why not? It’s wht I’m still hoping for.

  9. That’s sad. Portugal will be missed. Their sweet and warm saudade moody tunes just as well.

    • like the nordic songs were hits beween them, even Iberian Peniinsula were also too,
      bem bom, was a big hit as “Bingo” too remember dancing to that song and is still remembered here in Spain

  10. as a great Portuguese song heeey!

  11. Very sad Portugal isn’t in Stockholm. I was glad they always stayed true to their roots.

    I thought their National Final was more important than Esc. So winning the national was great and not to win esc was oké (but I could be totally wrong here….)
    I have so many songs I love: 1982, 1983,,1989, 1993, 1994, 1996
    My biggest favorites are: 1979, 1985, 2008 & 2009

    I really hope they will be back net year. But please not with “another”. Swedisch song
    [i have nothing against Sweden. I love most of their entries. But I don’t like most of the songs they export to other countries. This years Azerbijan for exemple. I hate it with it’s cheap H&M Confection-made chorus)

    If I was Boss at RTP I would form a young and creative team to chose an intern candidate and see what they would come up with…..

    • FdC was great in the 60s and 70s until people realised how the voting worked in ESC. Nowadays, the biggest names in the local music scene care little about ESC. There are several singers who write and sing in English, but they completely ignore ESC. One of them, Áurea, has just released her 3rd album; here she is singing live the first single from said album – ‘Ididn’t mean it at all’.


      Áurea could not care less about ESC.

      • ‘I didn’t mean it’ was written by one American based in Sweden (Sahron Vaughn) and two Danish people (Viktoria Hansen and Kasper Larson). The song has international appeal, but ESC never entered the into consideration.

        • You can tell that it was written by an international team, and while I am all for international collaboration in the arts, I think that buying songs somewhere else is ridiculous if you claim to be representing a country, the way it is in ESC. Btw, I have always wondered why many fans who keep criticizing Azerbaijan f. e. have never had an issue with Luxembourg’s approach to ESC. Azerbaijan picks local singers at least …

          • Azerbaijan is much bigger than Luxembourg and it has a strong musical tradition and that is what is annoyiing. In 2012, one local minister went on and on about the rich local culture and then they went for Swedish song (a very good one at least).

            • But Luxembourg has an interesting musical heritage and music scene too. :)
              I make exceptions for microstates but Luxembourg is too big imo. They have more inhabitants than Malta or Iceland.

            • I am sure they have, but they sang in French and discrepancy was less noticeable.

            • Tbf, in 2012 they did have the man doing the shrieking halfway through her performance

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