Eurovision 2016: Semi-final Running Order on Tuesday

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The official Eurovision Twitter feed has announced the morning that the semi-final running order will be revealed next Tuesday 5th April. Host broadcaster SVT decide the running order and take into account how the show will look on TV. 

The running order can often cause controversy with some people feeling the acts that go on earlier, are at more of a disadvantage.

semi order tweet


37 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Semi-final Running Order on Tuesday

  1. About time SVT! Wonder if this is in response to the Esctoday article.

    Genuinely though wonder what is taking them so long, usually they do it 2 or 3 days after the deadline.

    Doesn’t matter either way, we all know Queen Jamala will win <3

  2. As its a new month I’ve started a new ranking. Here’s my Top 10 so far

    1. Ukraine
    2. Georgia
    3. Netherlands
    4. Sweden
    5. Italy
    6. Czech Republic
    7. Mordor
    8. Latvia
    9. Switzerland

  3. The running order can make or break entries in both semis imo. IMO Poland would be in danger of not qualifying last year if it was not performed last. We ll see.

    • Been thinking about that, and I wonder if Poland was on last not necessarily because they wanted to spotlight her, but due to logistical reasons (the wheelchair). The final song in the semis is usually upbeat.

      Not that performing last is necessarily an automatic qualification; see: Serbia 2013.

      • Putting someone in a wheelchair on stage is peace of cake. If you see what the people have to bring on stage in a very short moment of time: ice scatingfloor, giant hamsterwheels, big glassboxes with man hanging upside down,,,,just to name a few 😉

        • I mean, I think it was in the semis, but there was a point where every participant was entering to go onstage or something, and there was a looooong delay because of the wheelchair, so they changed how she entered in the finals.

  4. I think the semifinal 1 will open with Armenia (basically kicking off ESC 2016 with the words, “Hello, it’s me”). Russia will perform 5th before the first break, and Finland 6th after the break. Malta and Iceland will probably be on either side of the second break. I’m thinking high-energy Cyprus closes out the first semi.

    As for semifinal 2, since I doubt they’ll let Lithuania open the second semi for two years in a row (even if it’s the perfect song to open the show), it’ll probably open with Belarus. Australia will be on one side of the first break. Since I don’t think Romania will close the second semifinal for a third time in the past four years (although they’re the obvious choice for this semi), they’ll probably be on one side of the second break. I can imagine closing the show with Bulgaria.

    PS: Someone took the ESCToday article seriously and edited the Eurovision 2016 Wikipedia page accordingly. LOL.

    • It was not a very good prank to begin with. April Fool’s prank are only funny when there is some absurdity in it.

    • What people keep forgetting about Romania and these great draw’s is that there is a Romanian man in the EBU who has a hand in selecting the draw for the semi’s. So considering Romania have the perfect song to close a semi you can almost bet your life it will be last, just to ensure theres no chance it won’t qualify. In terms of opening the semi I can’t help but feel Lithuania or Ireland may be chosen but both got horrible draw’s last year so I find it hard to see either opening.

  5. The first live performance of Croatia 2016:

    • She is a great singer but I worry about her lack of charisma. And seriously she should do domething about that hair.

    • Morning talk show appearances are terrible for gauging live performances… I mean, she’s probably been in the studio since 6 or 7am. That said, it’s not bad vocally, though she could do a bit better in the high notes… but again, this is a morning show, and morning voice is generally terrible. :-P

      As for the style… the look is a bit… out-of-place, but then again, maybe it’s highlighted by that bright (and terrible) backdrop. It could work with the right lighting and visual effects on the big stage. So… reserving judgment on everything, lol.

    • Her live vocals are very good.

    • This sounds identical to the studio version :-o
      She is amazing live !

  6. And this is Sanja from Serbia.I didn’t really recognize her without the heavy make-up.lol!By the way,she looks very sweet without it. https://twitter.com/SerbiaESC?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

  7. The running order business will eventually poison ESC. :(

    On predictions – the winner will come from Northern or Eastern Europe (Australia counts as Northern Europe). Countries west of Germany need not worry about winning, getting to the top 10 is the best they can hope for; Russia, Sweden and Australia will finish in the top 5.

  8. How I would do the running order

    Semi 1:
    1) Russia
    2) Greece
    3) Moldova
    4) Netherlands
    5) Finland
    6) San Marino
    7) Croatia
    8) Hungary
    9) Armenia
    10) Cyprus
    11) Austria
    12) Azerbaijan
    13) Montenegro
    14) Malta
    15) Bosnia and Herzegovina
    16) Czech Republic
    17) Estonia
    18) Iceland

    Semi 2:
    1) Ireland
    2) Australia
    3) Lithuania
    4) Macedonia
    5) Belarus
    6) Serbia
    7) Poland
    8) Switzerland
    9) Israel
    10) Latvia
    11) Albania
    12) Denmark
    13) Belgium
    14) Georgia
    15) Slovenia
    16) Romania
    17) Bulgaria
    18) Ukraine
    19) Norway

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