TEKO 2016: Vote in the 3rd Heat Now!

TEKO 2016 smTHE Eurovision KnockOut 2016 – It’s time to vote in the third heat of this year’s TEKO competition; a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). Today you can start voting for the next three hopefuls, ArmeniaGeorgia and Austria, who will fight for a place in the second round! 


Please listen to the three competing entries:


Armenia – Iveta Mukuchyan – ‘LoveWave


Georgia – Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz -‘Midnight gold


Austria – Zoë – ‘Loin d’ici

To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all three songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned! Come back tomorrow for Heat 4!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

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153 comments on “TEKO 2016: Vote in the 3rd Heat Now!

  1. News on Ukraine’s stage performance: Most probably Jamala will be alone on stage although there’s a plan B that involves dancers.No fancy special effects or extravaganza.It’s a gloomy song so they’ll focus on Jamala and her personal story and all the effects used will be integrated into that story.

    • That would be too dumb to put dancers on the stage even if they did lyric dance

      Jamala all alone…she doesn’t need anything! She is like a one man army 😉

  2. Lmao ET has always been… Lets call it “unique” but all these votes for Georgia I’m dying of laughter. This can’t be serious? You guys are trolling me right?

    April fools is in 2 days time.

    My vote goes to Austria

    • Why not? Taste varies. Some people like Sergey, others fall for Rykka, others are in love with Jamala.

      • I agree with you. Like I really don’t like jamala with a passion but I understand it. I expected it to win it’s heat in teko do well etc.

        There’s plenty of songs I don’t personally like but you know others will like.

        I don’t see how anyone can like the Georgian song, but even if there was one or two that would make more sense than all the support it’s getting here.

        As others have mentioned Georgia is universally last place in almost every top 43 video and across any sort of fandom.

        Polls with Russia doing well polls with Ukraine winning, even obscure places that have Spain or Poland winning all have Georgia rock bottom.

        It’s just an offensive noise. Like jamala screams but I accept its a song.

        Georgia is like someone literally just smashing the keys on the keyboard

        • ”I don’t see how anyone can like the Georgian song”.

          Why not? You know, you are starting questioning taste. Did anyone ask you to explain why you like for example Russia, or K-pop that much?

          • I accept different tastes. But surely there are some things we can hold in common as humans as bad.

            I just find it funny how a song almost universally disliked can be so popular on ET.

            ET has always been outside the mainstream and thats no bad thing don’t get me wrong.

            But this Is like extremism.

            • This is just your opinion, not the reality.

            • You should know by now that we are a weird bunch of guys (and far too few ladies …) around here, and thus Georgia’s popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, with the silent readers’ vote I don’t expect Georgia to win this heat.
              Celebrate diversity! :)

            • Non confirmsts always have to have thick skin and keep their cool, but fight their stance. Donnie and Guitarbli stood up yesterday very nicely for me. Guitarbli of course is non confirmst too.

            • Guitaristbl!
              Damn autocorrection with mobile!

          • I got yesterday invited to quite a celebration of diversity here. Second time for not liking Georgia :-)

            • Celebrating diversity around here comes with a certain set of rules you know ;-)

              A) You are allowed to not like a song but you HAVE to admit it is a good song nevertheless if the consensus around here says so.
              B) Certain entries are not to be criticized in any way. E.g. Albania 12.
              C) You have to despise Sweden, MF in its current form and you MUST attack Bjorkman on every possible opportunity. He is the “bad guy” who is out to destroy esc.
              D) Denmark hosts the worst NF every year by definition. It’s crime is being “radio friendly” and “mainstream”.
              E) You are allowed to insult the intelligence and taste of fans who do not abide with all the aforementioned BUT you are NEVER allowed to use similar insults towards the people who abide (and have created) by the aforementioned rules.
              F) Anything that is NOT pop and mainstream is automatically good.

              If you abide by these and some other rules you are allowed to…celebrate diversity here :-)

            • I have always been a rebel. I joined to have conversations from non conformist point of view and it has went very well so far. Little coughing yeah, but over all it’s been great. This is so easily best site around, have been reading it long time. i’m notorious genre hopper when it comes to mysic, and same goes to ESC. Contemporary stuff can be good and it can be bad. Still this competition needs it, it makes it richer, and that’s my message to every one round here. I have challenged every silly Björkman comment or conspiracy theory and will keep on doing it in most positive way.

            • It is a good site with a good editorial team and people who can be good to have a conversation with when they are in the right mood. These are the reasons I am staying all these years as well. There has been negativity and fights but things have been getting smoother as years have gone by – although mostly due to me taking steps back even on issues I should not. But even other people have toned down their behaviour. It used to be impossible to visit a thread about sweden or denmark. Now it’s just frustrating.

            • But what is not nice though is people questioning why some other people give credits to the Georgian entry. I am not a fun of Georgia either but I can understand why some people like it. It is not as if the Georgian band are horrible at singing live…

            • i can assure you it’s not nice to get challenged with aggro for not liking something either.

            • LOL. Sorry, but you started it and therefore you got a similar answer.

            • No. I didn’t start it. I just said what I am thinking about the song. I was challenged.

            • So I am not entitled not to like it?

            • I was not referring to this. You said something about not understanding why people like Georgia that much (overrating it). You went on questioning taste, that’s wrong IMO. Don’t you think?

            • No I didn’t say that I don’t understand why people like it. I said: Georgia is a meh take on britpop and one of the most overrated entries this year.

            • Yes, exactly. Therefore, people are allowed to comment back and defend themselves if they think Georgia might deserve to be overrated. You were almost questioning why some people think Georgia offers a nice entry or not. Well, taste differs?

            • Ah, ok. I get your point. We are sailing to seas of semantics now, but for me saying overrated is no different than saying something is shit, crap or dated etc. You are always challenging someone’s taste then too. Or not challenging. Depends on the view of course. But yeah, I hear you.

            • I wasn’t questioning the taste. I was expressing my opinion. And that opinion was challenged very aggressively. I would have been very busy here if I went challenging every comment on Russia 16 from similar cue :-)

            • I don’t think anyone challenged you personally about your views on Russia. Of course, there are some harsh comments towards the Russian but atm the moment they are not directed to you.

            • I commented it just the way contemporary songs are commented round here. Well maybe it was a bit better composed, but it really shouldn’t have been a problem. There is a bit of a double standards here when it comes to not liking entries and how to react to critical comments.

  3. I wasn’t around here then but Probka (latvia) didn’t happen to be popular on this site did it by any chance?

  4. Voted for lovely Austria. It’s not the most complex song out there, but it charms me with its sweetness and simplicity (I’m not a fan of the live performance though). Georgia perhaps feels the most honest among all the songs of this years ESC, but it doesn’t do it for me. Armenia is powerful, but also unfortunately does not move me in any way.

  5. I ended up voting for Armenia, but I couldn’t honestly care less.

  6. Voted for Armenia (dark horse) ! :)

  7. All pretty poor tbh, voted for Armenia. The best of a weak bunch.

  8. @ guitar, could you please stop telling lies. Thanks!

    • I am just telling it as it is from my experience around here nothing more. If you choose to take it personally that’s your problem not mine :-). I have learned to live with all that stuff but new members do not know how things work around here. They deserve some info.
      You are very welcome.

    • Oh P.S. Can you be more specific about a “lie” I told ? I am more than ready to support each one of my points providing relevant comments and quotes :-)

      Look the fact that I am being patient and nice even while some ugly behaviours insist does not mean I approve of everything around here. I am allowed to provide my view to a new member as you are allowed to provide yours. He already got a taste of what I mean anyway :-)

      • P. S. If you generalize the way you did, you tell “lies” about every single person included in the generalization. We are all individuals and different from each other, and thus your generalization doesn’t match anyone 100 %.
        I’ll end the discussion now because it is such a lovely spring day and hulluna, morgan and Jade do not deserve all this shit.

        • I did not generalize, I provided guidelines for someone who does not share the taste of the majority here to tread nicely. Denying the realities of certain behaviours around here does not make them less true. The “we are all individuals different from each other” narative is self defeated by its own if someone reads the majority of comments and rankings. There are fundumental agreements on music philosophy shared by the majority of commenters here (I am not one of them thus I find myself and categories of fans I identify with on the receiving end of derogatory remarks many times). This is not bad – I am just pointing out how it shows itself around here to people who do not share the taste of the majority, something you may not realize since you are part of that majority.

          • “taste of the majority” *sigh* *rests his case*
            Only 1 example: Shevek adores LIT11 … I despise it. I could give several similar examples for every other person here. I fear that you suffer from limited perception. ;) :(
            I love Macedonia this year. Almost everyone else ranks it mid-table or low. Do I make a fuss?
            “OMG … I am the minority! People don’t take me seriously! I am a victim! People hate FYR Macedonia!” * hyperventilates … faints*

            • You see this is another false narrative : Isolated examples do not prove the rule wrong. Most people who share the common musical philosophy and narrative around here do like FYR Macedonia’s entry btw, I felt pretty alone on that as well when the entry was released. Georgia is another stark example. “Seis” is another one. The agreements vastly outnumber any coincidental disagreements on an entry now and then. This is not something I find bad per se, let me make that clear – it is natural and normal for people of similar tastes to gather in one place – I would not expect you to be on wiwiblogs which has an audience more appreciative of pop music and mainstream tunes (also treated to derogatory remarks around here from time to time unfortunately…). The way people outside this majority narative are treated is the problem.

              I won’t even comment on the rest of your irony – which btw I have told you a million times, it is something I do not like nor appreciate. You may find it funny but I don’t. I have asked you to refraim from using it in our conversations but you could not even respect that I am afraid..

            • I just wanna throw out there that I absolutely hate FYROM 2016 and I didnt even like Kaliopi in 2012 and by then I was really alone… now let me back out of the debate O:)

            • Thank you for your input but in general my comment stands I believe.

            • Oh sure, I just wanted to point that out because I’m often misunderstood. It was ALL about my as usual, sorry :p

            • Of course the agreements out number the disagreements. But it is like that on PB f. e. too.

            • I don’t know what’s going on on PB, I don’t speak german.

  9. @ guitar

    We all know that you love your generalizations which are the main reason you are the most offensive person round here. Generalizations are a right-wing populist strategy, and thus I am very suprised that you of all people love use them so much. I can only speak for myself.

    A) You are allowed to not like a song but you HAVE to admit it is a good song nevertheless if the consensus around here says so.
    – I admit that I prefer people differentiating between personal taste and objective aspects of an entry but I think that I have never persoonally attacked anyone for his or her personal taste. I might be very outspoken about a song I don’t like but I try to never get personal in my comments dealing with songs.
    B) Certain entries are not to be criticized in any way. E.g. Albania 12.
    – Some of my friends on PB don’t like “Suus” at all. That has never been an issue. Why is it an isssue here? Is it a crime to prefer “Suus” to “Euphoria”?
    C) You have to despise Sweden, MF in its current form and you MUST attack Bjorkman on every possible opportunity. He is the “bad guy” who is out to destroy esc.
    – I love Sweden, both the country and the country in ESC but think that their entries have been pretty underwhelming over the last couple of years. This year, MF was average once again imo, but it was still among the better NFs. I said terrible things about the Albanian, Maltese, Belarussian, Polish and Romanian NFs f. e. Those comments did not bug you. Why? And I didn’t even watch the FiK final because I though the line-up bad. I judge every NF individually every year. And yes, I don’t like some of the changes Björkman has initiated (running order, pre-recorded vocals in MF) but I supported the new voting system from the very beginning. I don’t dislike Björkman and I judge all of his ideas individually, just like the NFs.
    D) Denmark hosts the worst NF every year by definition. It’s crime is being “radio friendly” and “mainstream”.
    – There is nothing wrong with being mainstream and radio-friendly, but I don’t want a contest in which all songs fall into the same genre. I would say exactly the same if rock or ethnic sounds started to colonize the contest. This is about diversity and not about a specific genre. However, I find it quite pointless to wait for this contest for a whole year when it only provides songs I can hear every day by turning on the radio. Plus, I loved the Danish entry in 2014 and supported their 2015 song too, even though I did not like the lead singer’s cocky attitude. I only wish that DMGP would offer more diversity song-wise.
    E) You are allowed to insult the intelligence and taste of fans who do not abide with all the aforementioned BUT you are NEVER allowed to use similar insults towards the people who abide (and have created) by the aforementioned rules.
    – No comment. Hulluna, Morgan and Jade all have very different taste f. e. Is that a problem? No. Because those are mature people who can deal with differing opinions.
    F) Anything that is NOT pop and mainstream is automatically good.
    – That’s total bullshit. You know that I have a very strong dislike for “HRH” f. e., and the same is true for many melodramatic songs (Cezar f. e.) or ethnic Balkan/Greek/Turkish shake shakes.

    And finally, by generalizing the way you did, you managed to insult every single person commenting here. :(

    • Being called the most offensive person around here from someone who (by his own choice) identifies with what I describe is a good thing for me. I am actually the least offensive person here imo, someone who tries to bring some balance but fails in the face of behaviour that would lead every other person with my taste to abandon the forum.

      You know what else is right-wing populist ? elitisim stemming from discrimination. The “we are better than them” kind of logic applied to any kind of minority by far right populism. And that is unfortunately still abundant around here. My efforts over the years have been able to decrease such rhetoric to a certain degree (which made co existence a bit easier but not totally easy – I still have to ignore many insanely offensive things written against people and tastes) but it still shows up now and then unfortunately.

      Point A : The other day only we were trying to have a very friendly conversation but you insisted on pressuring me to admit “Suus” is a good song, something I do not believe but you kept insisting even though you knew this matter sparks vast disagreement. This has happened more than once and it’s really annoying and offensive.
      Point B : You are trying to reverse my point here don’t you ? No it’s not a crime to like “Suus” – it’s also not a crime not to like it and to think Daria’s “Celebrate” for example is actually a better song. At least it should not be in a “normal” forum.
      Point C : See that you tend to take everything way too personally ? I did not have exactly you in mind when I talked about MF – I do stand by what I said on Bjorkman – the picture of objectivity you try to paint does not reflect the “end of the world” comments and sometimes bad personal attacks against him I have witnessed here.
      Point D : Allow me to express my vast disbelief that you would not like a contest full of FdC 10 entries for example. The animus against mainstream music here and its fans is very targeted and specific around here for the most part. As for DMGP, this is DMGP – We have national finals full of “nostalgic” tunes and other genres. We can have a national final focused on mainstream, contemporary, radio friendly music in a contest that has been expelled from the radio waves for decades because of its insistence on being enclaved in a certain musical universe appreciated by a handful of fans.
      I am afraid to say for example that I may like a Samir & Viktor song around here – I would never dare to say it simply because the narative here is that mindless teen girls only like such entries and only because the singers are hot etc. Is that not a generalization ? Is it not a generalization to say “oh mindless teens only voted for x entry while ignoring all the great entries” etc ? It is more of a generalization that you are accusing me of making.
      Point E : Cut out my last part about point D and you have your answer here.
      Point F : Presenting ethnic shake shakes as not mainstream is hardly convincing in my opinion. A song already has bonus points around here for not being performed in english regardless if e.g. the lyrics are really bad in another language. No filter.

      By providing certain tips based on my experience here, the people who saw themselves in them are the only ones offended. If someone does not even deep inside consider themselves guilty of any of the above, they would simply skip my comment.

      • Maybe your problem is your constant need to be validated.I know it’s human nature the need for others to accept us but maybe,i say maybe because i don’t know you that well you have an excessive need for validation.I liked Dina Nah last year and i had no problem mentioning it A LOT. :P
        I happen to be in the middle when it comes to music taste consensus here.I like some songs that the ET regulars like and i happen to like some more mainstream songs you like.I don’t always agree with the comments i read.I choose to skip some of them or reply to some others expressing my disagreement.I never felt like i was being treated like i don’t belong to the “elite”.You take things about MF,or DMGP far too personally,imo.My impression is that people here like you and respect you as a person so maybe you should try to look what happens within.

        • I was Mrs. Nah’s n° 1 fan last year. :)

        • It’s not about validation, I need none of that, I am very secure in what I like and I stand by it (even if there were occurences where people were trying to force me in the narative “oh yeah you like it but you have to admit it’s bad because I like bad stuff as well and I admit it” – something I detest. I like thing because I think they are good, that’s how I roll). If I wasn’t secure enough in my likings I would have left a long time ago.
          I liked Dinah Nah as well for example. – and I thought it was a very good song for its genre performed very well. If you (not you personally, in general someone) wants to justify their fondness of a song by saying “oh it’s bad but it’s my guilty pleasure” – that’s fine by me. You (again not you personally) can’t force me in the same narrative though.
          I am not as feisty as I used to be either. This season out of a 100 comments I may have found offensive I reacted to 15 or so and ignored the rest in an effort to keep it peaceful. It’s not always easy, especially when people who were making insanely offensive remarks a while ago then have a conversation with me and I am trying to keep it friendly and nice even though I still think what detestable things about other tastes/people etc that person wrote a while ago.

          Look when I feel comfortable to say “I like this Samir & Viktor song” around here or I don’t have to think 15 or so min on whether I should post this nf entry for my series in fear of negativity then I may get to what you are saying. For now these inhibitions and hesitations I have were not born out of nowhere. There was a certain atmosphere that encouraged them.

    • And one last thing : In good faith I am trying to get a little something going in this dead season with RNFM.
      Do you know every day how hard I have to try and find consensus entries that will be almost universally liked so that I do not agitate people to write derogatory, whiny and offensive things ? And yet I failed with Emelie Ireward the other day !
      I realised how hard it is to co exist here still when I started RNFM and every day I have to be anxious : “Will the entry I chose be liked ?” “Will my post ignite another row of derogatory comments full of irony towards songs/genres/fans/nationalfinals/producers ?”
      The reason I keep going is because I want to try as hard as I can to make co existence easy here and find common ground even if it is hard. But I cannot ignore the obvious and I felt like offering my honest opinion with a new user who feels outside the narrative here as well and has started to notice, even without my intervention, some of the patterns I pointed out. How many people have to point out the same things for certain people around here to even admit they are true ? I am not even asking you to fix them if you don’t want to, just aknowledge them at least.

      • You know that I love both your RNFM series and the way you pick your entries there. :) <3
        I just don't understand why you tend to get work up if the majority of people don't agree with what you think. This is just a song contest, and honestly I don't care if everyone or noone loves the songs I love. Because it is only my love for certain things that counts.

  10. Nobody asked your opinion. Mind your own despicable behaviour.

    • I was referring to you obscene rubbish.

      • Look you and your buddy got your way as nice bullies, I am out of FDLC – it’s all yours. I won’t be leaving ET any time soon though, sorry to dissapoint you. Now go play with your toys.

        • I don’t care less if you go or stay, but if you have to bare with everything. You gave shit get the rubbish now. Bone appetit!

          • Said the person who gives shit all the time – and gets back exactly what he deserves thankfully. Now don’t you have any infidel to bully on FDLC ? Go, they may question something over there, don’t let them ! Good luck !

  11. So I did my ranlkings, going backwards from what I hated most upwards and wow, I do really dislike the year, coz a lot of songs I put in the “average” category is just me being nice to entries that arent TOTAL bore like the rest… Italy or Netherlands, songs I really dont like end up very high in my top 15! Austria or Germany, nice in audio, had AWFUL lives but still survive the very poor year for now too… and Israel 15th!

    01 Latvia
    02 Ukraine
    03 Estonia

    04 Sweden
    05 Croatia
    06 Georgia
    07 Czech Republic
    08 Montenegro
    09 Australia

    10 Serbia
    11 Austria
    12 Netherlands
    13 Germany
    14 Italy
    15 Israel
    16 Lithuania
    17 Iceland
    18 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    19 Hungary
    20 Norway
    21 France
    22 Malta
    23 Cyprus
    24 Azerbaijan

    25 Spain
    26 Finland
    27 Bulgaria
    28 United-Kingdom
    29 Slovenia
    30 Belgium
    31 Poland
    32 Russia
    33 Denmark
    34 Ireland

    35 Belarus
    36 Albania
    37 Greece
    38 Macedonia
    39 Armenia
    40 Moldova
    41 Switzerland
    42 Romania
    43 San Marino

    PS: I deleted SOME comments that got out of hands, a lot of arguments in the heat of the season as every year, but yeah telling someone to “eat poopoo” (rewording :p) isnt classy, keep it in your pants guys

  12. Am I the one responsible for all this mess?

  13. From my side I honestly apologize in case I offended anyone personally.

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