Linda Martin Does a Serhat and Releases Disco Remix

linda martin 105Former Participants – Eurovision diva Linda Martin (Ireland 1984, 1992) has done a Serhat by re-releasing a disco version of her Eurovision hit ‘Terminal 3‘. The revamped track is released on Energise Records and has been re-mixed by Matt Pop and Pete Ware. 

You can listen to a preview of the dance version HERE.

Terminal 3‘ finished in 2nd place in 1984. Linda returned to the contest in 1992 and won with ‘Why Me‘. Here’s the original version of ‘Terminal 3‘…




9 comments on “Linda Martin Does a Serhat and Releases Disco Remix

  1. Tbh I always prefered her 1984 song to the 1992 one.

  2. Ha-ha! I hope the phrase ‘doing a Serhat’ catches on!

    This is more in the Giorgio Moroder synth-disco style than Serhat’s Chic makeover. Uh-oh, I’ve slipped a disco…

  3. Nope. “Terminal 3” is a great song but this remix is really bad imo. Should have left it alone.

  4. She looks like Eini’s lost twin.

  5. Can’t find the preview by mobile, but their over all selection kind of tells me this is not for me.

  6. It’s an odious little remix…

    No, seriously, I actually think this remix did the song not better, nor worse. It works for what kind of song it is, but I’ve always felt that it needs more weight.

    And yes, “Terminal 3” is much better than “Why me”.

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