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Third Annual Eurovision Pre-Party in Riga!

LatviaRiga Pre-Party – OGAE Latvia, the Latvian Eurovision fan club, will host the third annual Eurovision pre-Party on 2nd April. The main concert will take place in the Spikeri Concert Hall in Riga, and there will be opportunity to try Swedish cuisine and culture to make everyone get ready for Stockholm. 

Special guests this year are The Herreys (Sweden 1984). Tickets cost only 12€ from bilesuserviss.lv

Riga pre-party 2016

Performing on the night will be:

  • Justs (Latvia)
  • Rykka (Switzerland)
  • Dalal & Deen ft Ana & Jala (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • IVAN (Belarus)
  • Barei (Spain)
  • Hovi Star (Israel)
  • Juri Pootsmann (Estonia)
  • Poli Genova (Bulgaria)
  • Sanja Vucic ZAA (Serbia)
  • Ira Losco (Malta)

More information can be found at eurovisionclub.lv

One comment on “Third Annual Eurovision Pre-Party in Riga!

  1. It’s unfortunate Frans isn’t going to the pre-party dedicated to honoring his country :P

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