Bulgaria: ‘If Love was a Crime’ Released

bulgariaBulgaria – The entry for Poli Genova was finally released today as Bulgaria presented the song ‘If love was a crime‘ by releasing the offiical video. It’s the last song to be revealeded for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and we now have our 43 entries! 

Check out the entry here:

Bulgaria will perform in semi-final 2 on 12th May 2016 in Stockholm. What do you think to its chances of qualifying for the final?

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85 comments on “Bulgaria: ‘If Love was a Crime’ Released

  1. Excellent day for Eurovision. Poli releases a smash hit, and San Marino confirm they are switching to the far superior Disco version!

  2. I dare to say this one deserves to do a lot better than Russia if performed well. This is catchy, it has melody and you can dance with it smth you can’t do with Russian one. Only a polished well staged performance will give Russia an edge. But because ESC is a music contest my support goes to Bulgaria.

  3. Just watched the Croatian video! AMAZING! And day after day I start to understand why bookies believe in Croatian success!
    What I like this year that there isn’t clear favourite.
    What I dislike this year -eurovision didn’t provide a song I d love! Norway could do it but didn’t 😭
    Iveta was the guest of my brothers tv show! She announced that composing Lovewave they were taking under consideration the concepts of the show she wanted! She promises an outstanding show and she stated that she is fine with her current odds for this period!

  4. I expected MUCH better! :(
    It’s a huge let down..
    It’s not awful, but it’s really dull IMO..
    I like her vocals so maybe live in Stockholm will be better, we will see..

  5. The eurofan club will love this, but unfortunately I don’t see much to distinguish it from most of the songs that clutter my list this year from #9 to #27. Songs that try to sound similar to whatever is playing on the radio at the moment, to the point where we all start playing the guessing game of which part was lifted from which commercial hit. It is all rather depressing really – if you really want to hear tepid anglopop there are much better places for that than Eurovision. I blame Mans and jury tampering last year for this sorry state of affairs.

    So without further ado – and even though we haven’t heard the final version of the italian song- this is how my top-43 looks at the moment. I splitted all the entries into 4 categories from excellent to very good, mediocre and bad.

    #1 Ukraine
    #2 Austria
    #3 Hungary
    #4 France
    #5 Estonia
    #6 Croatia
    #7 Italy
    #8 Latvia
    #9 Russia
    #10 Switzerland
    #11 Australia
    #12 Azerbaijan
    #13 Serbia
    #14 Iceland
    #15 Spain
    #16 Slovenia
    #17 Holland
    #18 Sweden
    #19 Lithuania
    #20 Cyprus
    #21 Armenia .
    #22 Czech Rep.
    >>>#23 Bulgaria
    #24 Norway
    #25 Finland
    #26 Malta
    #27 Denmark
    #28 Greece
    #29 Germany
    #30 Poland
    #31 Israel
    #32 FYRoM
    #33 Montenegro
    #34 Ireland
    #35 Albania
    #36 Moldova
    #37 Belgium
    #38 San Marino
    #39 Romania
    #40 Bosnia Herzegovina
    #41 UK
    #42 Georgia
    #43 Belarus

  6. I am very tired after a long day of meetings and I have to get up at 5 AM for a second round of meetings. The Bulgarian song sounds very lively and catchy. It’s harmless stuff and much will depend on its live rendition. Good luck!

  7. I like it quite a lot ! Very well made, uptempo with a nice chorus and Poli’s dunamic presence and voice only elevates it ! I am not too happy with the verses tbh but overall I want to listen to it again and that can only be good. Bulgaria may be closer to its 2nd qualification than it has ever been. I will score it tomorrow :-)

    Good luck !

  8. Here we can download Bulgaria’s esc entry and the video.A gift from Poli: http://poligenova.eu/downloads/

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