Australia to Organise Asiavision?

asiavision1Asiavision – Australian broadcaster, SBS, has signed an exclusive option with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the owners of the Eurovision Song Contest, to establish an Asian version of the famous Contest. It is expected to launch in 2017 and could include 20 countries. 

Chairman for the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling said:

“We are excited by the fact that Eurovision’s appeal is crossing continental borders to Asian countries. SBS Australia has been broadcasting Eurovision for over 30 years, so we feel they are a perfect partner to build an alliance of networks with, and give Asian songwriters and artists the opportunity to perform on  the Eurovision stage.“

The EBU previously tried the concept with The Asia-Pacific Song Contest in 2010 but it didn’t take off.

There is already the ABU TV Song Festival which is an annual non-competitive gala showcase of songs, based on the Eurovision Song Contest, and is organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

abu_logo_2013Participating countries which have full or additional full ABU membership are invited to submit a songto be performed in front of a live audience. The television festival which is a non-competitive, musical gala presentation, is live recorded so that each of the national broadcasters may add subtitles in their native languages. This year’s contest will be held in Indonesia. Here’s last year’s entrants.

Do you think it’s a good idea for SBS to replicate ESC in Asia? Will you follow the contest?

105 comments on “Australia to Organise Asiavision?

  1. Decide Australia, are you Asian or European :p

  2. Seems like a way of saying “this’ll be Australia’s last year in Eurovision” to me :D

    • I don’t think so. To me it seems like Australia will be the link between Eurovision and Asiavision, the one country that will participate in both. Which I think was the whole point of Australia participating in the first place. Being the springboard, or bridge if you will, that would allow the EBU to expand and sell its technocratic expertise to the Asian TV market.

      To me this is a futile, pharaonic exercise. Asian countries have much less in common culturally than european nations. European countries could find common ground and shared pop music codes, despite regional variations, exotic quirks and differences in language (which were de facto “resolved” by the predominance of french in the early contests, and then english). This kind of asiatic contest can only serve as a gigantic, transational The Voice competition. And I am afraid that the Eurovision is rapidly going the same way. A contest between generic, mainstream, anglophone entries, something like “A star is born” in the paneuropean level.

      • Apart from that, eurovision is an institution because of it’s past. For the Asian countries it is probably another talent show, like there are so many.

      • “And I am afraid that the Eurovision is rapidly going the same way. A contest between generic, mainstream, anglophone entries…”

        I totally agree :(

        • Its going in the right direction mainstream and anglophone = more commercial, better quality, more contemporary and appeals more to a mass market… countries in ESC need to start moving with the times or just simply leave because they’re holding the contest back. e.g. Portugal and Bosnia Herzegovina.

          • Being commercial does NOT equal quality. That’s a very shallow approach…

          • “countries in ESC need to start moving with the times or just simply leave because they’re holding the contest back. e.g. Portugal and Bosnia Herzegovina.”

            In other words: think, sound and behave anglosaxon.

            Congratulations on your genuine eurovision spirit.

  3. Yahoooooo
    I’ll be a fan❤️

  4. Good luck SBS. :)

  5. Great idea. As long as it means that Australia leaves Eurovision.

  6. From wiwi: “SBS, in conjunction with their Eurovision production partner, Blink TV, are now exploring options and ideas to allow up to 20 countries to participate in an Asian and Oceanic live grand final.”

    So Australia had no problem entering the already overcrowded eurovision, taking a place in the final. But their own contest has a limit of 20. Typical.

    • The might increase that limit to allow a guest from Europe in. I am sure Sweden will rush to get that ticket :p

  7. Guauuuu i just see the russian entry in live , he look sooooo modern gay , love itt , of course he go to win this year , no doubt

  8. I wish that Australia would at least contribute to ESC in any significant way. So far, we have 2 very generic and superfluous songs, one I personally like (2015) and one I don’t (2016).

    • Australia have made a massive contribution to eurovision since they debuted, its the sort of entries you would expect USA or Canada to send , (or the UK if the BBC got its act together). Australia’s entries are contemporary, commercial and appeal to a mass market whereas Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia are too ethnic and traditional, Australia are taking the right approach like the Nordics, the Baltic States and Germany thats how everyone else should be moving not sticking in the past like many of the southern european countries are doing. Wiwi blogs go on about been mass market appealing all the time and how been too ethnic and traditional isn’t good because then the entry isn’t as accessible to the audience so then its not as commercial.

      • We are supposed to rank the songs according to their quality and NOT their commercial appeal…

      • That’s your opinion and that’s perfectly fine but please allow me to have a different opinion. I don’t need a contest that is held once a year offering me the same music I can hear on the radio all year.

      • What’s wrong with sending ethnic and traditional entries?I don’t have a problem with maistream pop songs as long as eurovision won’t become the next series of x-factor or Pop idol.Esc needs diversity.That’s what makes it popular and interesting.

  9. The official video for Croatia:

  10. Offtopic: today was the last date in Eurovision.tv’s official calendar with Croatia official presentation video, which is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBrADG8lWFY

    and of course Bulgaria’s presentation tonight, so that we can say we officially got them all!

  11. Oh,this is getting interesting.Ivan from Belarus want to appear on stage naked and with wolves :D :

  12. His manager is negotiating with SVT in order to grant them a special permission to have real wolves on stage.No way this is happening,imo.Maybe he’ll be able to use 3D technology for the wolves.As for the fact he wants to be completely naked i don’t really know.

  13. Asiavision sounds exciting, although I was excited about Turkvizyon but that kinda flopped.

    Slightly ironic that Australia isn’t in Asia either but will be first host of Asiavision.

    I hope they stay in both Eurovision and Asiavision as a link between the two.

  14. Sounds a bit tacky 😁


    • Hmm..It’s a radio-friendly pop song.Well,it’s up-tempo.

    • Not exactly what I like. Everything depends on the staging but I would say it has a great potential to survive its semi. It might be doing well with betting odds atm. Doesn’t it?

      • I quite like it.It’s so catchy and it makes you wanna dance.Andweknow Poli is a very good live performer.It’sgoing up.16th atm.

        • I don’t hate it, nor I like it. It sits right in the middle at the moment. I will give it some time and then rank it.

    • This is another generic and predictable paint (sing) by numbers song with lyrics nobody has thought more than 5 minutes about. Well, at least it has some energy. We’ve never had so many bland, superficial and technically dull songs in ESC. Many delegations seem to think: “Do what you like but don’t be daring. Don’t try to stand out or do sth new/special/out of the ordinary. Just sound like one of those songs you can hear hundreds of on radio everyday.” As a result BUL16 is pleasant yet undemanding while you listen to it and forgotten a minute later. Probably another 6 or 7/12. *sigh*

  16. I LOVE IT!

    Thank you Bulgaria for ending the selection season on such a high.

    It was definitely worth the wait.

    Bulgaria to the final!!! First time since 2007

  17. I don’t think Bulgaria should have any problem qualifying this year.Good luck Poli!

  18. Well, I didn’t know that ABU TV song festival will be held in my country this year.

    I didn’t really follow the contest and I don’t even like it to be honest. The broadcaster of Indonesia (at leat as per previous edition) is TVRI which is the only national government-owned TV that I could say, obsolete, in terms of its program, compared to dozens of other TV broadcasters. I have no hope here.

    This is our last representative. It’s a meh entry, and the scream! Uh. Sounds like typical Indonesian ballad of 90s era.

  19. Good for them, good luck and thank you for two songs. Good bye. :)

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