Malta: Walk On Water Released

MaltaMalta – The representative of Malta, Ira Losco, has today revealed the replacement for her original song ‘Chameleon‘. After criticism of the song, Malta has decided to somewhat controversially change it. Her new song for Stockholm is called ‘Walk on Water‘ and the official video was revealed today.

What do you think to the new song?

124 comments on “Malta: Walk On Water Released

  1. Malta 16 is another very MF-like entry.It does sound like something Molly Petterson Hammar would sing.It’s better than Chameleon but it’s not a winner.

  2. Another dull middle of the road entry.

    Even if you think it’s an improvement the question is will you vote for it? Because if not, it’s meaningless. Detrimental even when you consider I’d have voted for Chameleon but not this. So instead of Malta getting my vote but not yours (whoever you are reading this) now they are unlikely to get either of our votes.

  3. I thought “Chameleon” was really average and this is a step up in my mind, I really like the whole drum’n’bass sound it has (a big guilty pleasure for me :P ). However, the way they picked this song is kinda shady. The Maltese people voted for “Chameleon”, and I don’t really think “Walk on Water” will do THAT much better than “Chameleon” would’ve. They should’ve just internally selected Ira instead and I think people would be much less partial to them this year.

    I’m pretty excited for Bulgaria’s song but I’m preparing myself for a letdown. If it isn’t amazing Jamie-Lee Kriewitz will be my 2016 winner, joining the ranks of the glorious Aminata, Softengine, and Margaret Berger :D Latvia and Estonia are really catching up to Germany in my rankings though. Malta falls somewhere shortly outside of the top ten.

  4. Malta – I like the orchestration and the start of the song, but then it goes down the drain as soon as the ‘OMG IT’S CATCHY’ chorus takes over. I agree it’s better than ‘Chameleon’, I give her that. This will probably do very well, because this is what people expect from ESC. Not my cup of darjeeling tea, though. Good luck!

    P.S. – Australia, one of the favourites, imo, (I agree with Gregor and Morgan) has some serious competiton here. Waiting for the vives.

  5. So much hype for nothing… A well produced song , better than Chameleon , a bit old fashioned though – a sense of late 90’s / early 00’s – Just ok.. Of course it won’t win.. Borderline qualifier imo ! :)

  6. Between “Drum N Bass” sound and “OMG Catchy Chorus” I’m starting to wonder if I listened to a different song! This is a dull tuneless ballad

  7. I strongly dislike it.
    Greetings to the EBU clowns.
    Now I’m waiting for the new Georgian song to see if I will bother to follow the rest of the season.

  8. Decent but dull. It sounds very much like a Molly Pettersson Hammar song and apparently she’s one of the songwriters. I actually kinda liked “Chameleon” which I found to be a rather interesting “chorus-free” Europop song, and I consider it a better song than this. Have no clear idea how this will score in May. Good luck, anyhow!

  9. LOL. I think this might be worse than “Chameleon”. Well played, Malta.

  10. Rules for ESC 2020:

    1. All songs need to be radio friendly by Central, Western and Northern European standards.
    2. All songs need to be either composed or revamped by Swedish composers.
    3. All songs need to sound more or less the same.
    4. All songs require pre-recorded vocals.
    5. The host broadcaster (with the help of the Reference Group) will not only decide the running order but the final results too.

    And of course all these rules only have one goal, namely to make ESC a better show.

    • 6. There must be at least 3 Scandinavian countries in the top 5.
      7. Sweden must always be in the top 10.

    • You are always barking at the ering tree. Blame national broadcasters. They can send whatever they like. It’s not EBU’s or SVT’s fault that they like MF-style pop and do it it extremely badly.

      • I am not barking but giving my opinion. You are free to disagree but I’d prefer if you did so in a respectful way.

        • Oh, sorry. Didn’t want to sound distspectful. I just strongly disagree on blaming EBU. They don’t select the songs. National broadcasters want to win, they want it bad and they take the short cut. Result is bad ESC pop. But it’s their choice to do so.

          • But EBU defines the parameters of the jury vote. How should a quality fado from Portugal or a fine rebetiko song from Greece get jury support if “chart affinity” and “radio friendliness” are among those parameters?

            • Now explain what ”Fado” and ”Rebetiko” is :p. Remember people were calling the ”Ska” of Greece joke entry :p

            • Alas, most ESC fans don’t have a clue about music beyond schlager and europop, which always sound so contemporary and EXPENSIVE. LOL

            • I’m afraid they would’t survive televoting either. My point is that bland ESC pop is not radio friendly or has any kind of chart affinity. Brilliant ESC pop like Euphoria does have both. And this is the point some national broadcasters fail to understand. Ireland is perfect example of this. We both like Latvia and Estonia (if I remember correctly). Tuey did it right. Great ESC pop with radio friendliness and chart potential.

            • I still prefer songs like “Oro”, “Todas as ruas do amor” or “L’essenziale” by a mile because I don’t care about radio friendliness and chart potential, which are the signature of averageness imho.

            • For every great non radio friendly song there are as many and even more bad non radio friendly songs. Same goes to ESC pop. I really can’t cherish bad music in any category.

            • Do you think that the songs I referred to are bad?

            • No! I love them! I’m cross genreist. I do and like and love all kind of stuff. My point i you can do any common ESC genre good or bad.

            • It’s true most ESC fans doesn’t know musical genres, but it doesn’t bother me..They know their ESC. Eurodance and schlager must count as biggest genres round here.

            • And that is exactly what I object to. :)

            • Then some national broadcasters need to change their rules. Problem solved!

          • And btw, what is the point in countries like AZE, MOL or POR being represented by Swedish songs and productions? That is a total farce. Portugal f. e. has never succumbed to mainstreaming, and just look at their recent results. In a way, I am happy that the pulled out. As sad as this makes me, I prefer it to hearing another MF song representing Portugal. And I would say exactly the same if Portugal colonized ESC by sending fado songs to all other countries.

            • Sweden isn’t colonialising anything, It’s the world’s third biggest music exporter. Of course they sell their services When asked.

            • AZE got the prize – they won. Music and ESC is just a vehicle to make Azerbaijan known all over the world. In that way their strategy makes sense. Final(s) gave them what they wanted to have. It put Azerbaijan on the map of millions of people who didn’t know anything about it before this musical circus went to Baku. Moldovia is trying to do the same thing. I can’t really blame them for that.

            • But what is the point if AZE and MOL sound Swedish? (Except for the propaganda aspect: Look how European, liberal, open minded we are? The name “Sweden” has a lot of symbolic capital – quoting Bourdieu here – after all …)
              G’night. :)

            • They don’t want to be known as Sweden’s of east. Don’t think they want to sound swedish either. I see it as a means to an end. They want to win, so they can host, be known around the world, showcasing their culture, get tourists, have more exports etc. This is about winning for them. Swedes are just paid help.

            • Bourdieu would have thing and two to say about these conversations round here. And there would be quite many who really wouldn’t like it :-)
              Good night. Always good to talk with you.

          • The fact Azerbaijan went famous and successful in ESC – personally I knew about them even before ESC – means little outside the ESC universe. I don’t think Azerbaijan’s outlook has been improved due to ESC. Do the European flock to Baku? Or is Azerbaijan seeing gain in global indexes (social facts etc). The most funny thing is taking ESC seriously…

            • I did know AZE too. But most of the people on western hemisphere didn’t. They want to put themselves on the map. With their relatively new independence this is quite understandable. It has been really important to all ex soviets. Still they don’t take it as seriously as Swedes :-)

            • I believe AZE takes it very seriously otherwise they wouldn’t have commissioned Swedes to pen their entries year after year.

            • You are right. AZE takes it very seriously. They are keen to show the wonders of Baku again. Then again Ukrainians have been very serious about it too, but they have what it takes to do it on their own. AZE has been for me second Sweden. I do like it a lot as ESC country.

    • I honestly doubt I can continue having an active presence here with this kind of bitterness around continuing tbh. And no that’s not a threat.

  11. I gave the song a 2nd chance but alas, I still don’t like it. It is dull, but since dull does well these days, I wouldn’t underestimate WoW’s chances to get a top 15 result.
    As much as I dislike “Grande amore”, I would love to see sth with a regional sound to win ESC, even if I don’t like it. I am even desperate enough to miss “Fairytale” at this point …

  12. New Rules.1 All songs must be presented in March(not Jan,Feb or April) 2 Once the song has been presented under no circumstances can it be changed(makes a complete farce of the national selection process) 3 A limit on the amount of blue screen,green screen,CGI etc that can be used.(the focus must be on the song not on special effects,it’s a song contest e.g. Mans) 4 If backing singers are involved in the performance they must be on stage and visible. 5 This will be the second and last time Australia participates..

  13. People who say its a song contest also seem to forget its a tv show. You’re welcome to listen on the radio if you’re that serious about it, but something tells me you’re not!

  14. I think Malta has a better chance…She is a quite charismatic singer and her song is not half bad

    Good luck!

  15. Definitely an improvement on Chameleon which was bad to begin with. However it does sound like an other overproduced, radio friendly, MOR track. ( see Australia, Czech R, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Russia, Israel etc)
    There was a time only Denmark used to send such stuff, but nowadays there’s such a pressure on juries to vote on criteria based on massive consumption, it’s almost impossible for alternative music to have any chance by broadcasters!

  16. Semi 1 preliminary ranking
    1.Estonia 10/10
    2.Armenia 9++/10
    3.Azerbaijan 9/10
    4.Netherlands 8/10
    5.Hungary 8/10
    6.Iceland 8/10
    7.Croatia 7+/10
    8.Montenegro 7/10
    9.Cyprus 7/10
    10.Austria 6.5/10
    11.Czech R. 6+/10
    12.Malta 6/10
    13.Russia 6/10
    14.Finland 6/10
    15.Greece 5/10
    16.BiH 5/10
    17.San Marino 4/10
    18.Moldova 3/10
    Not a bad semi rather competitive I would say… With 12 !!! out of 18 entries not having been performed live, it is still very early to assume who’s gonna qualify and who’s not!

  17. As much as this is meh (mostly because Ira will always be a subpar singer and as said before it’s only a MOR radio friendly pop tune), it’s the first song from Malta that genuinely does NOT sound like it’s a decade too late! So, good job?

  18. First impression:

    I for one find this new song very uninteresting, it seems impersonal and sterile to me. It resembles a lot of the other songs except the drum and bass elements make it stand out. Melodically there is not to get from it, but it is a little more interesting than “Chameleon”.

    There are good and bad examples of almost all styles and genres. That goes for mainstream pop as well as for avant-garde, lo-fi, jazz, classical, folk music, hiphop etc., especially when we talk craftsmanship. Some songs may not have much artistic depth, but they may still be well crafted.

    As for the Maltese song it fits into the category of mainstream pop, but I am not sure if I would call it radio friendly. Among other things because it is difficult to remember, and the melody is not strong enough Plus the sudden drum and bass elements tend to make it sound a bit messy. Other songs are more successful in the radio friendly category, France for instance, it contains some catchiness that is missing here.

  19. Off-topic: I attended a concert today: Bach’s Matthäuspassion. Some excellent work by the orchestra and the choir, but unfortunately some of the solo singers were underwhelming. Especially there was a counter-tenor who used to be a baritone, and he wasn’t enough trained to do the falsetto singing, so he had a quite sharp voice, and he was often off-key.

    People who know Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana will know there is a song by a swan lying on a frying pan. It sounded a bit like that…

  20. While the song is not doing much for me yet I think I will have to really re consider my whole presence here given the prevailing attitudes lately to be honest. I will really have to think about it when I am less frustrated and make a sober decision but I cannot stand another thread full of attacks against juries, the EBU, Sweden, Australia etc and all the constant whining about more mainstream tunes entering the contest. It’s getting awfully repetitive and promotes a negativity I cannot stand at such continuous and constant presence. I thought it would be a passing trend but it has been the main theme of the comments for months now. I honestly think I had enough at this point. Another one of these comments :

    “Alas, most ESC fans don’t have a clue about music beyond schlager and europop, which always sound so contemporary and EXPENSIVE. LOL”

    And I will have reached my limit honestly. Enough is enough !

    • I can understand how you feel about the tone while I also understand the frustrations shared by many people here about the direction ESC is taking. I am personally not so fond of the direction myself, especially because I think a lot of songs are sounding too much the same (and they are in a genre that I don’t like, but this is of course a solely personal thing).

      A comment to everyone taking part in the ET: It is very important how we say things. We are a handful of very different individuals with different views on things, and I believe the more objective we keep it, the more fruitful discussions we will have without losing anyone.

  21. I’m a fan of the kind of music that Molly Petersson Hammar writes and performs, so I am a bit biased towards this. At the same time, my favorite thing about this is that it sounds like she’s on backing vocals, so it’s not a huge love.

  22. I dont like the video , i dont like the song, absolutely no in my top 10, good luck Malta

  23. If the UK got a point for every time guitar threatened to leave ET I’d be booking my hotel tickets for London 2017 as we speak!

  24. Speaking about royals: I think the French did a big mistake chopping off the heads of the aristocrats. Eurovision is just one clear example of how everything goes downhill when you hand over the power from the aristocracy (expert juries) and instead try to establish a democracy (televoting). Then the dark age of ESC began.

    Vive la noblesse! No power to the people! :)

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