Bulgaria: Do We Have to Wait Until Next Week for Song?

bulgariaBulgaria – Despite the Heads of Delegation meeting being held in Stockholm today and tomorrow, where final songs have be submitted, Bulgaria says it will not present its song publicly until next week. Poli Genova, who also represented the country in 2011 will sing the song.  It looks like it will not be released until 21st March according to BNT’s Twitter postings.

However,the Eurovision website says

“From Sunday to Tuesday this week they are meeting in Stockholm to get the latest updates from the contest and to officially submit their entries. This means that all the entries will be officially presented right here on Eurovision.tv on the artist profiles, and you can watch the preview videos on the Eurovision Song Contest Youtube Channel. So it is worth checking for new additions during this week.”

It is expected that the song will be 90% Bulgarian but with 10% English.

It may well be that the video is uploaded this week, and BNT present a live performance or show about Poli next week?

Also to publish their final versions of a song are Malta, with Ira Losco looking like she has changed hers from the originally selected ‘Chameleon’ and Italy who may sing some of their song ‘Nessun Grado di Separazione’ in English.


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396 comments on “Bulgaria: Do We Have to Wait Until Next Week for Song?

  1. So apparently the “exciting announcement” is a Eurovision exhibition…?

    • Poor Isa was so close both times. :(

    • semi 3 is the most interesting, with Lisa Ajax beating Oscar Zia and Saraha only barely making it to second chance, while she ended up beating Isa who was very close to being a finalist each time! And Lisa failed while Oscar got 3rd in televote in the final! Very interesting indeed. Frans was a runaway, if we consider that we can take away a lot of free votes from the app that, if people had to buy, they wouldnt have spent on a second or third entry.

    • I’ve always expected that SMILO actually got more app votes than SaRaha since their heart was flashing, unlike her.

      Fascinating too that Lisa actually beat Oscar in the semi. Is that a sign that ballads will be underperforming as long as the app rules?

      • Why would the ballads underperform?Is the app used only in the final?

      • Possible reasons Oscar did better in the final:
        (1) Lisa splitting her vote with Wiktoria (I dunno, seems like they’d attract a similar fanbase).
        (2) People who didn’t want Frans to win voting for Oscar after he won the jury vote.

        And it’s possible that that didn’t quite work coz he was behind by a bit when voting started, OR that Frans fans voted even more furiously to beat Oscar.

    • Maximized my Heartvotes for Isa twice :( Sad that she was so close, she should have sent David Lingren to lose against Saraha instead!

  2. Have you ever wondered who is the most “universally” liked ESC entry? I divided the number of likes to the sum of likes+dislikes for every ESC 2016 video from the official channel and here is the top 5:
    1 Cyprus 91.84%
    2 Spain 90.05%
    3 Czech Republic 89.24%
    4 Bosnia Herzegovina 89.02%
    5 Australia 88.98%

    The bottom 5 is:
    34 Slovenia 60.64%
    35 Switzerland 54.02%
    36 Albania 45.57%
    37 Sweden (!) 44.24%
    38 San Marino 37.59%

    This doesn’t mean anything most likely nor is it a predictor on how well a song would do, but I think it shows what most fans like and dislike this year.

  3. top 3
    1 Spain
    2 Russia
    3 UK

  4. According tho the wiwiblogs team who have heard the Maltese entry Walk On Water” is a contemporary pop song with strong drum and bass undertones. Its radio-friendly sound is bigger than Malta and the Mediterranean — you could hear it getting airplay across Europe and beyond.Those who complained that “Chameleon” lacked a hook and climax will appreciate what they find here. A quiet but confident opening leads to a memorable and powerful chorus. The production is slick and gives the song major shape and direction. And it uses backing vocalists to great effect. At times there is a wall of sound that channels a church choir, which makes sense given the religious themes associated with walking on water.
    I didn’t expect this from a tiny island like Malta. Darkness meets drums meets upbeat meets gospel. I was hungry to hear this and it’s completely satisfied me with its energy and power. There’s winning potential here. Europe is ready to visit Malta — and in 2017 it just might!
    So,they claim it may win eurovision.It’s co-written by Molly Petterson Hammar.
    Malta is now 3rd favorite to win esc. :-o Let’s see if all this hype means anything.

  5. yes wait and see! cheating Malta! a Spanish ESC friend of mine reminded me of Malta 99 the other day as he knew one of those singers (some kind of “princess”? or with a royal connection) anyway not sure how it’s possible for all 5 singers in a “song” contest to be so out of tune , not only themselves but with each other, nadir of Malta in ESC (and I don’t really like Malta ESC songs in general, I particularly despise 2002 too!)

  6. Malta 1999…my guilty pleasure 😎

  7. Malta and Bulgaria both sucks with their behaviour this year!
    This is quite unfair towards revails – such delay of the release of entries !!! Wasn’t 7 months enough for Bulgaria to make the song ready in time? The same goes for Malta with its Belarusian approach ! And I still remember Maltease speculative voting during jesc 😤

    • Every year in the past the deadline has always been the 17th March, i know because today is a special day for all Irish people (St Patricks Day) why the EBU changed it to the 14th this year I don’t know, but Malta met that deadline and are still releasing their song to the public by the usual date expected.

      Only Bulgaria is questionable. Why reveal it a whole week after you had to submit it and well beyond the usual window for revealing entries?

  8. The song:

  9. They took a powerful fun sing along ballad/pop song and replaced it with a dull snoozer with no real tune. ET will no doubt love it.

  10. I ma listening to it atm. It is bad…

  11. Ira is a fine singer and I have no doubt she’ll nail it live …The song is definitely better than Chameleon but far from being anything with a WOW factor😎Still it is better than many songs this year

  12. Not that I expected to be wowed after the recommendations by wiwi. But a rather messy and generic song by Malta. Somehow it seems as if it consists of several songs.

  13. Malta 16 is another very MF-like entry.It does sound like something Molly Petterson Hammar would sing.It’s better than Chameleon but it’s not a winner.

  14. WoW the video. It’s f***ing hilarious. Every single ESC Club Med cliche is there. True LMAO moment. I have to do it again :-)

  15. Malta is now 8th with the betting odds and going down.The punters were not impressed. :P

  16. Of course that wasn’t going to live up to the created hype. I liked Chameleon better personally I think. I am curious about the live performance of this one. Seems demanding to sing live – but I am positive I can trust Ira to deliver.

  17. So seriously, we have to wait until the 21 of march for the Bulgarian entry?? Lol the EBU are such pushovers (sigh)

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