Israel: Revamped Version of ‘Made of Stars’ Released

IsraelIsrael – After a backlash against the song that Hovi Star won with in Israel, ‘Made of stars’, the song has undergone a big make over and is now a ballad-esque version. See what you think to the new entry… has it helped Israel’s chances? 


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103 comments on “Israel: Revamped Version of ‘Made of Stars’ Released

  1. First impression on the already qualified entries:

    France: If a song annoys you the more you listen to it there are not more to say. It gives me headache :s Bf is French by the way so he has to bare my complain till May :p

    Germany: I sort of like it. Jamie is a sweet girl and a fine singer. I think Germany is gonna be in my overall top10.

    Italy: Grande, classy and effective. There better examples of such balladas but still is nice. Among my solid top5!

    Spain: I started enjoying some parts of it. Overall it is an energetic and uplifting song but I wouldn’t say I like it. Barei is a fine vocalist and great live performer. It might sneak in my top10 May come. Who knows.

    Sweden: Quite good song. Simple yet effective but Frans is underwhelming and boring. Every time I listen to it, it looses out.

    the United Kingdom: I can’t blame them since their NF was weak to being with. They might have picked the best act though. Sort of good but old fashioned and not exactly my style. A good effort but I will never warm up to it.


    Italy = top5 material
    Germany= to10 material
    Spain = to10 considered
    France = just top15
    UK and Sweden = top15 at best

    Overall the final is good with at least average songs. There is nothing bad at the moment.

  2. Listening to “Midnight Gold” right now. That “The stains of blood on your skin…” part of the song is really mesmerizing… <3

  3. There is definite improvement here. Like a lot of improvement. Good job !

  4. off to watch “Kill Bill” on tv for… 88th time :P
    Good night, everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTVHjYAix-g

  5. Quick betting odds update before bed.

    Last night, before Frans was picked, Sweden led 2.25 to Russia’s 3.75 so they had a lead of 1.5 points. This afternoon that shrunk to 2.5 vs 3.3 or 0.8 points, now it stands at

    Sweden 3
    Russia 3.1

    Or 0.1 point ahead, or basically a tie.

    Could Russia overtake Sweden tomorrow? I hope so, fingers crossed

  6. Surprisingly, I really like this revamp! Going for a song that sounds more like a ballad was smart to help it stand out in this heavy mid-tempo year. His performance was pretty good, and if they stage it well, Israel should have no trouble qualifying again.

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