France: Official 3 Minute Version Revealed

FranceFrance – The official version of ‘J’ai cherché‘, the song sung by Amir which will represent France in May, has been formally presented in a video today. The album version was too long and a Eurovision version of just under 3 minutes has been made.  Despite the song being played by other stations many days ago, the official reveal was always due for today from France 2. Here it is…

65 comments on “France: Official 3 Minute Version Revealed

  1. France is going up on my list. The song sounds alive and kicking which is quite rare in the sterile and aseptic environment that rules ESC nowadays. Bonne chance! :)

  2. J’aime! :P <3
    #11 on my list currently.
    I liked the live version on the video Dimitris posted last night even more though.

    Btw, on 0:20 of the video, the guy is Alexandros Nikolaidis, a Greek tae kwon do olympic champion :)

  3. 1-France
    5-The UK

  4. Competent and contemporary but kind boring after several listenings. I see some potential for a top 15 and why not higher with a professional stage approach ? (I mean Sweden made it last year)
    7/10 and my #14 this year!

  5. Germany
    Spain is getting closer to Italy!

  6. As I said last night France has rocketed up my rankings. From 25 out of 35 when I first heard it, to 9th out of 41 now.

    (Azerbaijan could be around the same area, but then also Malta might drop out if Chameleon’s replacement isn’t as good

  7. Since we’re ranking the Big 5

    United Kingdom

  8. Italy

  9. Nordics





    United Kingdom

    Soviet Union


    (Azerbaijan would be around Belarus and Moldova, not ranked it yet)

  10. Ranking big 5 + host here :
    1.Italy <3
    They are all in my top 20 except from UK of course. Sorry Max :(
    Unfortunately the latter will steal a ticket from a country deserving it more in the Grand Final (semi 1 comes in mind, extremely competitive)

    • Even I only ranked the UK 14th lol, and have both Spain and France ahead of it, so no need to apologise.

      Besides the UK is used to not receiving much love from Europe, why do you think the referendum is set for after May 14th not before :P ;)

    • Also, you can’t steal what you’ve paid for! :P

      • I don’t know exactly how much you paid for it but providing what you have been offering to the contest the last 20 years EBU should ask for double :p

        • 20 years? You don’t even like Katrina and the Waves, Imaani, or Jade?

          • 18 YEARS * :P
            UK 97 : 9/10
            UK 98 : 10/10
            UK 02 : 8/10
            UK 09 : 8/10
            UK 14 : 7/10
            UK 01 :7/10
            Everything else is below 6/10 (most of them are below 4/10 …:()

            • If you count the points of the Big 4 over the last 20 years (not including Italy as they threw a strop for 14 years)

              Germany – 1219
              United Kindom – 1143
              Spain – 957
              France – 834

              Even if you wanna be really harsh to the UK and remove 1997 and 96 and go last 18 years

              Germany – 1197
              Spain – 844
              United Kingdom 839 (literally 5 points behind)
              France – 721

              So if anyone should be kicked out of the Big countries due to results or made to pay more, it’s France :P

            • Statistics can be tricky some times. I wouldn’t include 1998 either cause it was your last big hit and boosts your points…Let’s just focus on 2000 onwards, it is common sense that France, Spain and UK have lost ground for more than a decade now (poor results compared to Italy and Germany achieving a top 3 and victory respectively).
              However France has provided a 12/10 song in 2009 while Spain and UK nothing above 8/10 in my books.

            • Well you have to be nice to Italy or else they will throw another tantrum and cry and leave for 14 years.

              And Germany only did well when they lent money all over Europe. They’ve not done so well since they started asking for it back. :P

            • Well EBU hasn’t exactly been nice to Italy. F.e last year Italy was robbed and the trophy was given to Sweden simply because jurors are asked to vote on charts criterion… It also looked quite fishy imo that every participating country had Heroes in top 7 with juries.

            • I don’t think that was EBU being cruel, I think RAI are quite clear they don’t want to host, just look at their attitude to JESC, they want to do well, but not pay out the cost to host. They’re much happier coming Top 10/5 than coming first.

              Now when you look back at Italy 2015 you’ll remember how well they did instead of the scandal that followed over them refusing to host, and it going out to bid for the first time since the 80s

            • I mean NOT a single jury thought Heroes deseved to be ranked outside top 7?
              Given the fact a 300 p from juries can secure a trophy even with a less bombastic televoting support, it does look fishy, especially the moment certain juries had Italy 20th or something when it was BY NO MEANS a bad song or performance. That translated as many 12s for Italy by televoting ending up 0 (see Icelandic votes) and many 6s for Sweden (televoting) ending up 12 thanks to juries awarding massively top points to Sweden.

            • I’ve long said I wanted to get rid of the juries but people (not necesarily you, im not sure of your views) wanted to keep them as long as they agreed with them.

              When the juries put Italy over Sweden in 2011, I didn’t see many complain, but when they put Sweden over Italy, suddenly it’s fishy.

              Even though I’m glad the juries gave the win to Sweden over Italy last year, I still stand by my opinion that the juries have got to go!

            • Juries ranking a sophisticated jazz song over a bubblegum pop song with weak vocals and childish lyrics in 2011 makes sense imo.
              On the other hand, many juries ranking Italy 15 LAST out of 27 entries sounds suspicious… It was BY NO MEANS a weak song or performance…Millions of people voting for a song in native language by such a LANDSLIDE can’t be wrong…

            • Donnie with respect, it sounds like you are in favour of juries when you like their results “makes sense imo” but when you don’t like their results, suddenly it’s fishy and they are robbing.

              If you are ok, with 200 so called elites over turning the will of millions of paying voters, then you have to accept that even when the millions of paying voters side with you.

            • “it sounds like you are in favour of juries when you like their results”
              That’s definitely NOT true… I can understand juries saving entries even when I don’t like them.
              F.e : Even though I don’t like SWEDEN 08 I can see why jurors supported it through. Good composition, stellar vocals and well crafted performance. Lyrics were ok too.
              On the other hand what’s there to support in Sweden 11 from a technical point of view? The guy can’t sing and the lyrics were childish. Nothing juries should support imo.
              In the same way of thinking I don’t see how a jury can rank Italy 15 last. Composition was solid, vocals were very good. Lyrics were ok. Nothing to hate enough in order to rank last!

            • But again you are assuming the juries are going to act and think like you. Why can’t someone who thinks like me be on the jury?

              One of the UK jurors ranked Israel first as would I :)

              In 2011 the juries resembled your preference, in 2015 they were closer to mine.

              I believe they should be abolished either way, as its wrong for 200 people to overturn the will of millions of paying voters.

            • I believe there is a reason for them to stay. Some assets of music (vocals, composition, orchestration) are objective and should be valued by experts.
              Televoting should also stay because music should be judged on subjective merits too. Commercial factor (chart success) is valued by televoting. We don’t need that criterion in juries. That’s my main disagreement!

            • Ok that’s your opinion, and it looks like that is the settled will of the EBU as well, but you have to take the rough with the smooth, and that means just as they can overturn the televote winners I like, they can overturn the televote winners you like, it’s not “robbing”

            • I’m perfectly fine with the current system. I just stated what I considered suspicious last year. I do believe some thing are being diiscussed behind close doors and the trophy goes to the country that can afford it or wants it (or EBU wants) out of the top 2-3. It has been happening for many years (bold statement)

          • Up until now,the have overturned only one televoting winner anyway.What Donnie is saying if i got it right is that the guidelines given to juries are problematic.They aren’t there to do what the televoters already do.Keep in mind that there are juries that vote down countries and they have been penalized in the past.There’s also an issue with the number of the jury members and the fact there are people there that cannot by any stretch be called music professionals.

            • So because the juries didn’t vote the way you wanted, the way they vote has got to change, most likely to a criteria more preferable to you.

              The juries were brought in to stop geopolitical voting and they failed that, some are just as guilty as you point out.

              As music is completely subjective, best leave it to the televote, dont make 5 peoples opinions more important than millions

            • I strongly dislike it when people distort the meaning of what you said in order to serve their own agenda.I’m stopping this discussion here.

            • I didn’t distort what you said at all.

              Imagine a football match, when a player doesn’t score, is it his fault as a player, or do you just move the goal to a position you’d prefer?

            • “They aren’t there to do what the televoters already do.”

              But it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

        • Plus Blue and Molly were faves to win at one point

  11. This has been rising up in my rankings (in my head). It was just outside the Top 10 when I last did my ranking but I have a feeling it’ll sneak in there when I rank all entries.

  12. Big 5 )minus Italy so big 4 – but I don’t like the italian song much anyway, in its current version it would be 4th out of 5 on my list) :

    1. France
    2. Germany
    3. Spain
    4. United Kingdom

    France is the country with the best chance to represent the west in the top 10 this year imo. The song keeps growing on me.

    Good luck !

  13. Loving France this year

    My Big 5 Top 5…

    1. France
    2. UK
    3. Italy (If they pick another song)
    4. Germany
    5. Spain

  14. Big 5 + host
    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Spain
    5. UK
    6. Sweden

  15. “Well EBU hasn’t exactly been nice to Italy.”


    “last year Italy was robbed and the trophy”

    Nobody robbed anyone for the last time, this is a 50-50 voting system. Some people need to grow up at SOME point.

    “It also looked quite fishy imo that every participating country had Heroes in top 7 with juries.”

    Which is a simple realization among music experts that it was a unanimously good song. But hey why stop conspiracy theories now ?

    • Agreed no one found it fishy when Rybak got votes from every single country.
      People are only in favour of the juries when the juries give them a result they like.

      I’m consistently against juries, guitar is consistently for, but some people seem to like them just because they think they will get results they will like more.

  16. I really like France this year from the first moment i listened to their entry.Plus,Amir is SO likeable.
    On the big-5,they’re strong this year.France,Italy and Germany are all in my top-10 while Spain is not far behind.On the other hand,the UK is painfully bad and in my bottom-5 atm.

  17. A thirty second snip that actually makes the entry sound better? That doesn’t happen very often but it has here – it’s made the song sound a lot smoother and has improved its catchiness even more!

  18. “Juries ranking a sophisticated jazz song over a bubblegum pop song with weak vocals and childish lyrics in 2011 makes sense imo.”

    “Commercial factor (chart success) is valued by televoting. We don’t need that criterion in juries.”

    <3 <3 <3
    That's why juries ended-up as a HUGE let down.

  19. They must have been reading my review of the song: I wrote that it was overkill to begin it with the “You-ou-ou-ou-ou” :P

  20. Why would anyone think that the current televoting in esc as it works takes under any consideration the commercial factor is beyond me. 99 % of the time of course it does not, it is plagued by other not related to any way to the songs criteria (that’s why it should be removed entirely but that’s another story) – that’s why juries should not only consider the commercial success criterion but it should have the exact same magnitude as the quality factor imo.

  21. Polished, tighter, I like this. It’s simple, str8 forward but has its charms.

  22. It sounds better and it has its charm here and there, but I’m sorry, this song doesn’t do it for me. It’s kinda like a mix between Sweden 2013 and Lithuania 2015 in its style, but I feel no sincerity in the supposed easy-going melody. And the youououou is still annoying. Sorry, France.

    P.S. But maybe it could work just because I don’t like it. Since I loved both 2014 and 2015 who both bombed, maybe this will do better just because of it.

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