Azerbaijan: ‘Miracle’ is Released

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan – The song that Səmra Rəhimli will sing in Stockhom has been released this morning. Entitled ‘Miracle‘, you can see the video online now. It was selected among more than 400 entries submitted.  The final choice was based on closed ballot decision by ITV and the opinion survey of more than 100 music and television industry experts and some Eurovision fans from over 35 European countries.

Swedes were involved again with the creation of the song:  Amir Aly, Jakke “T.I Jakke” Erixson and Henrik Wikström.

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128 comments on “Azerbaijan: ‘Miracle’ is Released

  1. Azerbaijan has an OK song. I sort of enjoy it.

  2. I went through all the known songs this morning while preparing tuna, rice and vegetables and I came up with this top 15:
    Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, Finland, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Belgium.

    And this is my bottom top 10:
    Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ireland, Moldova, Russia and Denmark.

    P.S. – I did not include Italy, Abania and Malta.

  3. The more I listen to Azerbaijan the more and more I like it

  4. I love that synthy sound in the background, through the chorus

  5. The gap between Sweden and Russia is narrowing.


    Sweden 2.25
    Russia 3.75 (1.5 points behind)


    Sweden 2.5
    Russia 3.3 (0.8 points behind)

    So since Frans won Sweden’s lead over Russia has essentially halved.

    • It will go down. Reception is luke warm in different polls. Not an Euphoria or Heroes moment here, not even Undo moment.

      • Not even a Robin Stjernberg moment, who at least got 15% of the televote unlike Frans

        • LOL I’m trying so hard to forget him!

        • This is still because of the appvoting that narrowed the points down to only 14 % I am quite sure that his precentage would have been like 25 % or something if it were an ”appfree” melodifestival :P

          • App voting allows people to vote multiple times, why can’t they have voted multiple times for frans?

            It seems the new fashion is whenever a result you dislike happens in Melfest (in this case a small margin of victory) it’s the fault of the app.

            • The thing is, when I for example vote with the app, I vote a lot more diverse and when I vote for money I vote more for one person. For example I voted the maximum of 5 times for Ace Wilder and 4 times for my second favorite and so on. In a normal melodifestivalen without the app I would have maybe voted for Ace at least like 10 times and one other artist like one time or something. So thats why the points where 28 for David Lindgren and 68 points for Frans compared to another year 2014 where the least favorite Anton Ewald got 14 points and Sanna Nielsen got 122 from the public. So yeah it is because of the App and I hope they will scrap it for the final next year cause it gives the jury more power :P

            • So you can vote for each act 5 times? Is there any limit in total, or can you vote 60 times (12×5) on this app?

              If so yeah that is stupid, in UK when we do it, you get 5 votes to split across all the acts, so you can do 3 for one 2 for another, or all 5 for 1 etc

              Being able to vote each act 5 times does seem silly yeah

            • Yeah thats right, so in total you can vote 5 times for one song and in total 60 times in the final for free :P

              Yeah that system sounds much better, You can still vote by paying also up to 20 times so in total 80 times haha ;)

          • Also Frans has more dislikes on his video than likes. Last time I checked it was more than double

  6. I seriously think it will be between Russia, Serbia and Azerbaijan this year. And this is the final order. Sorry, Jamala, there is nothing you can do!

  7. It’ll do very well but it doesnt do it for me. I prefer Australia first, then Norway, then Azerbaijan, then Czech Republic. All are nice or averagy, but no big love, no hatred. I dunno.

  8. Omg I love it so much. I didn’t expect something this uptempo. With a good live this might become my favorite Azerbaijani entry. I think they have a good chance of taking the crown this year.

    • Agreed :)

    • Russia will win this tough. In the following hours/days, Sweden will not be leading betting odds anymore.
      Other countries with slight winning potential
      Ukraine, Armenia, France, Azerbaijan, Hungary and Serbia.

  9. There are no surprises here.Azerbaijan provides a credible,mainstream and radio-friendly pop song.It’s the same very professional Swedish team but i wish they’b more daring and send something different at last.They’ve won,they’ve placed second,they have the money then why not invest on Azerbaijani music talent?I quite like the song!Samra sounds like she knows English.I really hope she does because my main problem with many Azerbaijani singers in esc is that i feel they don’t know what the lyrics mean and they have just memorized them.This results in some wtf moments during their performances.

  10. Not bad at all. I like it, even if the production sounds a bit too much like the other songs. But they should have credits for playing with major and minor in the verse in a somewhat seducing way. Good luck :-)

  11. I don’t find it strong, it’s middle of the road in that genre…really nth speical, but not that bad, maybe the worst option..meeeh..

  12. If I was just about to guess which country this song represented without knowing it, I would definitely guess Azerbaijan. It’s in the same alley as most of their entries. Anglo-saxon, Swedish produced MOR pop. It doesn’t hold up at all to the 2014 and 2015 entries, two songs I liked a lot. It’s still ok enough but ok is starting to get boring this year.

    Good luck!

  13. Doesn’t sound too bad for an Azeri entry, I’m sure they’ll love it in Malta.

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