Sweden: Melodifestivalen Concludes Tonight, Watch Live!

melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – The 12 finalists in this years Melodifestivalen competition take to the stage tonight to win a place in the Eurovision 2016 final. As host nation, the representative does not have to go through the semi-final stage in May. 

Watch online on the SVT Stream HERE from 20.00 (CET). Last year’s winner Mans Zelmerlow will perform and Linda Woodruff may make an appearance.

The 12 finalists are:

Panetoz “Håll om mig hårt”
Lisa Ajax “My Heart Wants Me Dead”
David Lindgren “We Are Your Tomorrow”
SaRaha “Kizunguzungu”
Oscar Zia “Human”
Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”
Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Prize”
Molly Sandén “Youniverse”
Boris René “Put Your Love on Me”
Frans “If I Were Sorry”
Wiktoria “Save Me”
Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna”

Gina Dirawi and William Spetz will host the show from the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Voting will be 50/50 public and jury. The jury is made up of the following international juries this year:

  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Slovenia

Favourite to win is Frans, but Molly Sanden seems to have jumped into 2nd place in the betting odds. Will we see an upset as we did with Yohio 2 years ago when the jury votes are added?

Eurovision Times’ readers buck the trend and do not want Frans to win… he’s down in 10th place in our recent poll! You want Lisa Ajax to win with 23.06% of the vote with Ace Wilder in 2nd place with 15.3%.

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462 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Concludes Tonight, Watch Live!

  1. I wonder if Oscar might have gotten a belated (but ultimately too little too late) boost in the latter stages of voting, when it was clear that he had the better chance of beating Frans, or if the “not Frans” vote got split. (I mean, the audience vote was a lot closer than I’d expected.) We’d never see it, but it would be interesting to know what the audience vote looked like before and after the jury vote was announced.

    Once Oscar finished third, I knew it was going to Frans. No way was Wiktoria going to be able to overcome a 19pt deficit… she’d have to have beaten Frans by more than 4% in the televote, and that wasn’t gonna happen.

  2. The song is good but Frans is boring…I will give it sometime but I don’t see Sweden rocking my top10.

  3. I haven’t heard any of the other finalists, but was Frans really the best song of the night? I know it’s traditional for a winner to send a “please not us again” entry the year after winning, but I never expected such an obvious loo break from Sweden? Even Robin wasn’t quite that dull.

  4. I read the plagiarism article on wiwi, at first listening I didn’t think “Catch and release” didn’t sound that similar. But the Deepend remix is exactly the same.

    • Yeap. It’s becoming a trend already. Funniest thing is juries reward such stuff (see last year)

    • There are similarities in the feeling, differences in the composition. The mood clearly has a touch of it, but I don’t think the melodies sound the same, and the beat is differently composed, though in the same tempo. There are more sound elements present in the beat here.

      As for the chords, there are both similarities and differences.
      The chords in “If I Were Sorry” (main key: F major)

      Verse and chorus: | F | Dm | C | Bb |
      In steps: | I | VI | V | IV |

      Bridge: ||: F | Gm | F/A | Bb – Dm – C :|| Bb | Bb |
      In steps: ||: I | II | I/III | VI – VI – V :|| IV | IV |

      The chords in “Catch And Release” (main key: E major, I have marked differences with bold)

      Verse: | E | C#m | G#m | G#m |
      In steps: | I | VI | III | III |

      Bridge: | E | F#m | <sG#m | A |
      In steps: | I | II | III | IV |

      Chrous: | E | C#m | G#m | A |
      In steps: | I | VI | III | IV |

  5. So even the guy who did the sign language for Bada nakna took his shirt off… might be of interest to some of you. ;-)

  6. Sunday mornings in March is the best time for me to elaborate with the so far esc entries :)
    Just went through all of them. A few changes re: my list.

    The most remarkable notice: three countries form an identical to 2015 bottom 3: Moldova, San Marino and Poland :(

    • Was thinking of doing my ranking but with most countries having announced and only a handful left to go, thought I might as well wait until all entries are available.

  7. My imresion: Just a “Fun” wannabe selected just not to host ESC once again in row! Goodluck Sweden!

    • You get way ahead of yourself if you think Frans may not win esc imo. IMO Sweden will be miles ahead Armenia on the scoreboard on the big night.

      • Wish him all the best! My opinion about this will remain the same in any case 6/12 ;) As for Armenia, like I said earlier it may even fail to qualify if the live presentation and the show are weak but it may even win if everything is done wise!! Anyways don’t understand the reason you compared it with Armenian entery :S

  8. Here are the afterparty performances: https://www.youtube.com/user/EurovisionKZ/videos

  9. Meh is all I have to say, I don’t really like or hate ”If I were sorry”. Its an interesting song, but like he barely sings and its kinda awkward on stage idk in contrast to Wiktoria who was way better yesterday and actually sung! Damn the pipes on that gal! haha. And the televoting reveal was just sad… The app ruins the contest even more (sigh) like 30-40 difference of the points was just pointless (puns hehe XD) hopefully they will scrap it next year. And the ridicoulus announcement that millions of votes were cast was also just sad like cmon the app-voting is free! Of course people will vote more when its free lol! Im also so mad that Oscar Zia isn’t a better singer grrr. That song was easily the best song of yesterday imo.

    Well of to start listening to all the other Eurovision songs now! Wish me luck!

  10. Also sooooo much hate for Frans :( Like what is happening? :O I dont really know why :/

    • People tend to overreact in the days after a national final. Things will cool down eventually.

      • Yeah maybe, but have you seen his dislike/like ratio on youtube for example, I have actually never seen so much dislikes on a Eurovision entry before, like at least Conchita had 50 % or something, but this is like 65 % :O I understood Conchitas ignorant haters, but I simply cant figure out this kind of hate. Well hopefully it will calm done as you say

        • I suggest not to waste energy on anonymous haters on the www. You can’t influence what they are saying, and reading their comments will only make you feel sad or angry. I never read comments or opinions on the www, except for the trifle ESC is.

          • Na idk im not really sad or angry about it, I just dont know why thats it. Another reason that I braught it up is that he’s only 17 years old, he really doesn’t deserve it.

    • That’s the flipside of the internet, sadly :-(

    • no ones gets why: he was ignored even during semi 4 but when he became a favorite, the hatred started, and now that he did win, skyrocketted

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