Serbia: ‘Goodbye’ is Released

SerbiaSerbia – The song that Sanja Vucic will sing in Stockholm. ‘Goodbye‘, has just been revealed a part of special a Pesma Srbije za Evropa 2016 presentation programme. 4 hosts introduced Sanja and told the viewers about her childhood before revealing the song. You can hear it now… 

Sanja sang ‘I’d rather go blind‘, and with the Serbian folk orchestra and was interviewed before singing several songs in different languages and then presenting her song for Eurovision.

Sanja Vucic serbia 2016

Thank you to the Serbs for the subtitles, it was much appreciated by your viewers around the world that speak different languages!

Here’s ‘Goodbye‘ by Sanja Vucic.

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90 comments on “Serbia: ‘Goodbye’ is Released

  1. Quick take. I like the song and I like her voice but she’s MOVING AROUND TOO MUCH. Someone tell her that sometimes, stillness is more powerful than overacting.

  2. I like it. I am sure it qualifies. Contender for my top10 May come.

  3. Wow, amazing song! This is easily one of my favourites this year, although I do have a soft spot for Serbia. I hope they ease back on her twitchy performance, and don’t ruin it by putting her in a ridiculous costume at the last minute (still bitter about Moje 3!)

    Just Bulgaria left to care about now, come on Poli!

  4. I don’t want to hurry up with my comment! Need to listen to it couple of times!

  5. Fuck this is good. Have been listening to it all morning. Serious threat to Sergey, if and when she gets rid of those horrible manners.
    Straight in as number 2 in my list. It’s been years, Serbia, but old flame never dies.
    One thing is sure now. ESC is heading east.

  6. Yeah… It’s ok I guess. 7/12. Slots into #18. Might qualify, probably will knowing ESC.

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