Poll: Who Should Win Melodifestivalen 2016?

melodifestivalen 2016Sweden – Tomorrow sees the end of the Melodifestivalen Series for 2016 and after heats and a second chance round the twelve finalists are now known. Sweden are faves again with the bookies to win in May when they host the 61st contest in Stockholm. Which of the finalists should be representing our hosts

Going into the contest tomorrow, Frans is the bookies favourite to fly the Swedish Flag with Wiktoria and Robin Bengtsson following. You can listen to the songs by clicking the song links below

Panetoz “Håll om mig hårt”
Lisa Ajax “My Heart Wants Me Dead”
David Lindgren “We Are Your Tomorrow”
SaRaha “Kizunguzungu”
Oscar Zia “Human”
Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry”
Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Prize”
Molly Sandén “Youniverse”
Boris René “Put Your Love on Me”
Frans “If I Were Sorry”
Wiktoria “Save Me”
Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna”

Who would you like to see represent Sweden this year? And could they really win again two years in a row?

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254 comments on “Poll: Who Should Win Melodifestivalen 2016?

  1. After the votes of Alex and Niclas to make 7 in total.

    1st — Ace — 59
    2nd — Boris — 44
    3rd — Wiktoria — 42
    4th — Oscar — 39
    5th — Molly — 37
    6th — Lisa — 36
    7th — Frans — 34
    8th — Robin — 32
    9th — Panetoz — 27
    10th — S & V — 20
    11th — Saraha — 19
    12th — David — 17

  2. #12 Wiktoria
    #11 S&V

    1 pt David
    2pts Panetoz
    3pts Lisa
    4pts Ace
    5pts Molly
    6pts Oscar
    7pts SaRaha

    8pts Boris
    10pts Robin
    12pts Frans

  3. Okay, here’s my “televote” result, trying to take into consideration which live performances I enjoyed most, and also taking into consideration some technical aspects such as staging and live vocals. In the interest of fairness, I watched only the first performance and not Andra Chansen (if applicable):

    12pts: Molly Sanden
    10pts: Ace Wilder
    8pts: Robin Bengtsson
    7pts: Panetoz
    6pts: Frans
    5pts: SaRaha
    4pts: Boris Rene
    3pts: David Lindgren
    2pts: Oscar Zia
    1pt: Samir och Viktor

    11th: Lisa Ajax
    12th: Wiktoria

    It was close between Ace and Robin, but I gave Ace the slight edge for having a more enjoyable “show.” It was also close between Panetoz, Frans, and SaRaha, but Panetoz was the most fun and technically… together of the three. Frans sounded good and the staging was effective but I don’t find him charismatic at all. SaRaha was a lot more fun but she was a bit too stiff for me. Boris was flat through most of his performance, but his performance was less… mechanical than David, but it was still more entertaining than Oscar (who was also a bit pitchy). Samir och Viktor get a point for being shirtless, lol. Wiktoria had a pretty good vocal and would’ve been higher on my list… if her staging wasn’t so completely off the mark. Like, WTF?!

    So here’s my combined ranking (and final vote, for Max’s thing). Ties are broken by the “televote” score. :-P Combined jury and televote points in parentheses.

    12pts: Ace Wilder (20)
    10pts: Molly Sanden (17)
    8pts: Robin Bengtsson (16)
    7pts: Boris Rene (16)
    6pts: Panetoz (14)
    5pts: Frans (12)
    4pts: David Lindgren (6)
    3pts: Oscar Zia (6)
    2pts: SaRaha (5)
    1pt: Wiktoria (2)

    11th: Samir och Viktor (1)
    12th: Lisa Ajax (1)

  4. Please remember to message me or reply to me with your votes, so I get a nice notification, otherwise i may miss them.

    After Oxis votes and Rens update (this was a 1 off)

    S & V—20

    Voters so far, just to make sure ive not missed anyone


    8 in total

    Next update will be after 10 voters.

  5. Checked the songs! There was none to care about so I will miss the show ! Good luck Sweden and bring back Jon Henrik next time 😉

  6. Ben and Mermaid added 10 voters in

    1st — Ace — 80
    2nd — Robin — 61
    3rd — Molly — 58 (10 voters)
    4th — Frans — 58 (8 voters)
    5th — Boris — 56 (10 voters more sets of 8)
    6th — Oscar — 56 (10 voters less sets of 8
    7th — Lisa — 51
    8th — Panetoz— 43 (10 voters)
    9th — Wiktoria— 43 (8 voters)
    10th — Saraha — 33
    11th — Samir & Viktor — 22
    12th — David — 19

  7. 12 pts – Boris
    10 pts – Frans
    8 pts – Ace
    7 pts – Robin
    6 pts – Oscar
    5 pts – Panetoz
    4 pts – Lisa
    3 pts – David
    2 pts – Wiktoria
    1 pt – Molly

    And this concludes the result of the Ba-Wü jury. :)

  8. After adding Toggie and Patrick we now have 12 voters

    1st — Ace — 92
    2nd — Frans — 80
    3rd — Boris — 78
    4th — Robin — 73
    5th — Oscar — 68
    6th — Lisa — 62
    7th — Molly — 61
    8th — Panetoz — 49
    9th — Wiktoria — 48
    10th — Saraha — 41
    11th — David — 22 ( 7 voters)
    12th — S&V — 22 (4 voters)

    As for sets of 12

    Ace – 4
    Frans – 3
    Boris – 1
    Robin – 1
    Lisa – 2
    S&V – 1

  9. Wont be checking this thread anymore so please post votes on new thread, or reply to me anywhere so i get a notification

    Otherwise your votes might not be counted

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