Lithuania: Final At Last!

lithuaniaLithuania – It’s okay, you can come out now. Tomorrow the eternal Lithuanian Selection Process will come to end and the songs have been narrowed down to just six. If there is a time to check the competition it is now. Who would you like to see represent Lithuania?

You can watch the Semi Final Performances of the songs below:

Ruslanas Kirilkinas “In My World”
Ieva Zasimauskaitė “Life (Not That Beautiful)”
Aistė Pilvelytė “You Bet”
Erica Jennings “Leading Me Home”
Rūta Ščiogolevaitė “United”
Donny Montell “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night”

Throughout the competition Donny, Erica, Aistė and Rūta have proven to be the front runners having topped the jury and public vote at least once. Who would be most suited for Lithuania this year?

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31 comments on “Lithuania: Final At Last!

  1. I only like Donny and Aistė but Donny got my vote because it is more my thing

  2. They’re trying hard to sabotage Rūta because Lithuania has been so anti-Russia lately and her song sounds exactly like Russia’s from last year. I love “United”, what a shame. Anyway, the only good song is Aistė’s. The rest is completely bland and mediocre at best. It’s clearly between Donny and Erica though, so I’d pick Erica because of her astonishing vocals and because Donny is trying too hard to be like Måns–and we should know that the bad copies of the previous year’s winner always backlash.

  3. I dont think I ll ever get myself to watch one of those chaotic lithuanian nfs. I will unfortunately miss both finals tomorrow (the irony of me being in Sweden and missing the MF final for the first time in years :-() so good luck lithuania !

  4. I actually caught up with this last week, and it was very fun to watch. Nothing really good, but the whole cosy production reminded me of early A Dal days, and I liked it.

    To be fair, all the songs are like VERY bad, but Donny is AMAZING, vocally and charisma to die for. So I voted for him. Plus it would be a 100% baltic hotties year :p

  5. #JustSendDonny and you could have saved Jade and me 10 weeks of pain. Seriously though, I kinda like the craziness of their process now and us trying to work out what the hell is going on each week with the songs as well as people. I actually really love Donny doing this song. I didn’t like him last time in ESC, was to boring for me, but this is good and he does it well.

  6. Whatever they send they will qualify from weak semi 2 in May.
    A very weak Eurovizija (with an average of 4.50) but they managed to shortlist the best songs. My ranking for the Final .
    1.Ieva : Nothing great, but she sings it well and she is sweet. Decent and honest. 7/10
    2.Donny : A good performer, ok song if not predictable. Iliked him in 2012 too. 6.5/10
    3.Aiste : Powerful but a bit disjointed. 6.5/10
    4.Erica : Good vocals, great gospel parts but boring song. 6/10
    5.Ruta : I don’t dislike this totally. A hybrid of UK 97 and RUS 15. Good vocals here too. 6/10
    6.Ruslanas : Not bad but cheesy and the weakest link here. 5/10

  7. Lol how does it take so long.

    Sad thing is. It doesn’t give them any better results. The format of NFs really don’t matter.

    Whether you have just a final or include semis 2nd chance rounds how many to include in each round etc.

    Ultimately if you don’t have that killer song you won’t succeed

  8. Erica is the only song that I like out of the final – my favourite song, Tomorrow, was taken out of the competition a while back..

    I have my first top 10 of the season…!!

    1. Estonia
    2. Ukraine
    3. Greece
    4. Latvia
    5. Georgia
    6. Macedonia
    7. Iceland
    8. Bosnia
    9. Netherlands
    10. Hungary

    It’s a really weak year for me. I have relatively no interest in any of the songs. Estonia is by far the most competent and enjoyable. I love Ukraine, but it’s lyrics could have been so much stronger and I fear the performance will be over the top and lose impact. Greece I love for all it’s faults, but one of the few entries that has something about it (probably my favourite Greek entry since 1991). Latvia is competent, but I find the song empty and hard to listen to after one hearing.

    I think only Serbia and Italy are left who could really please me.

    I’ve enjoyed a few of the songs in the NFs though. Favourites probably being:

    1. The Hungry Hearts (!!!)
    2. Mick Pedaja
    3. Parno Graszt
    4. Keoma
    5. Kati Laev

  9. I followed the first show ans I will try to follow this one. After having listened to the songs (thanks for the links, btw), I have to say that this NF does not have much to offer. The live vocals seem to be above average (lead and backing vocals), but the songs are not. Erica and Ieva have the best songs (Ieva seems to have grown as a singer, Alex will be thrilled :) ). I voted for Erica, because I think her song is quite effective; Erica or Ieva FTW! Good luck to all hopefuls!

    P.S. – Avoid sappy and syrupy ‘United’ and please do not go for the ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZ Donny brought from Sweden.

  10. Malta will reveal what #wow is on 17th

  11. I’ve liked Erica most…Donny’s song is not good year so he’d better stay home

  12. Donny’s probably going to win by virtue of being the only non-ballad left in this competition.

    Ehhh, nothing here is going to trouble my Top Ten. Tried to rank them.

    1. Ieva: Of the ballads, it’s the one that sounds least dated, and I like the tone and quality of her voice.

    2. Donny: He’s definitely more confident onstage than his first time, but I like “Love is Blind” as a song better.

    3. Erica: Nice arrangement and very classy, but the song doesn’t go anywhere for more than 2/3 of the song.

    4. Ruslanas: Very dated song, but he sings it well.

    5. Aiste: Amazing voice, but the song isn’t all that great, and the visuals are a bit over-the-top.

    6. Ruta: She looks and sounds like she’s stuck in the ’80s. “Shout it out” is way too reminiscent of Russia 2015.

  13. I haven’t checked the Lithuanian songs yet. I’ll check the winner tonight and everyone else tomorrow. :)
    Good luck!

  14. Belgium’s official video:

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