Greece: ‘Utopian Land’ Presented

greeceGreece – Today saw the launch of the Greek entry for the Euroision Song Contest this year. Argo presented ‘Utopian Land‘ and released the video for the song to mixed reactions on social media.  Only one member of the group was born in Greece. 4 are from Georgia and 1 from Russia.

Here’s the Greek entry:


44 comments on “Greece: ‘Utopian Land’ Presented

  1. Greece and Romania for last place.

    • Denmark, Russia, Moldova and Belarus for last place, imo. Ireland is not far.

      • Denmark and Ireland have no place near the bottom imo (neither does Greece for that matter). They have perfectly competent songs imo, well made.Montenegro, San Marino and Belarus should be at the bottom.

  2. Greece – the chorus does nothing for the song (it does, actually, it makes it worse). That said, I like the orchestration and the verses. The live rendition will once again be pivotal here (hi, Oxi! :) ). Good luck, Greece! :)

    P.S. – the chorus is simply a desperate attempt to make the song ‘edible’ for ESC; at least, that’s what came to mind after a couple of listens.

    • I quite agree with you, just I think chorus is good as well, these female vocals are not perfect but it actually gives some more charm to this entry, and their thick accents too…ethno music in this entry is EXTRAORDINARY though..I think I have never heard in ESC such a REAL and quality ethnic elements..I ADORE this entry, earlier I hated Greece in ESC with their annoying ethnopop, but in 2015 and 2016 Greece is among my big faves.. :)

  3. Hmmm it is not horrible as some people say, I just find the rap part annoying…The song starts lovely then everything goes downhill…I like the video and sound of the instruments though

    Considering the songs in their semi,I find their chances quite slim but it is not always all about songs in Eurovision so anything can happen :)

    Good luck Greece

  4. I haven’t posted my thoughts till now because i’m still undecided if i should boycott the Greek entry in esc 2016 altogether.It’s something i’ve been thinking about for quite some time.I strongly disagree with the way they ended up selecting this band.It’s just shady and a first even for ERT’s previously not crystal clear record.If you go for an internal selection you have to at least be able to justify your choice.If it’s not an acclaimed artist then it should be an extremely talented newcomer or a killer song.What can one say about Argo?What’s their stage experience?Why should we go to such lenghts promoting an amateurish band?
    On to the song now.I’ll be objective.It’s not one of the worst chosen so far.It’s just there.It has an interesting intro and video(although it strongly reminds me of another video)but other than that?The chorus is underwhelming.The English lyrics subpar and the lady’s voice irritating.If it sounds like that in studio version i don’t know how it will be live.

  5. It’s a pity they went for esc formula and damaged the authenticity of this song with this very underwhelming chorus in English. I will judge its fate once I watch a live rendition.
    Intro and musical bridge are spine tinkling though!
    5/10 and my #26 out of 37.
    Semi 1 :
    14.SAN M

    CZ R?

    • I agree more or less. #13 on my list for now :)

      • It’s a real pity, cause this could have been the closest we get to real ethno from Greece :(
        Such a bad idea to blend this chorus and awful lyrics with the rest of the song.

        • Maybe, as Shevek said above, that was an attempt to make it more …proper for eurovision :(
          Still, it is better than expected. Based of course on all the bashing it suffered…

        • Oh, I just realised the “my #26 out of 37” part of your comment!
          That low?! :(

          • I prefer 2011 and 2013 to this which comes across as an inadequate copy cat. For sure I love the ethnic parts and I prefer it to 2012 or 2009 but still I can’t warm up to the chorus. Maybe a good LIVE will convince me :)

  6. absolutely Greece deserve to be in the bottom this year that is JUSTICE , out whit the shit politic

    • JUSTICE?!!!!!
      out with the shit politics?!!!!

    • Agree 100%

      Jamala at least tried to pretend her song wasn’t political this lot are open about it.

      What’s worse there not even Greek so what right do they have to talk about situation in Greece

      • “What’s worse there not even Greek so what right do they have to talk about situation in Greece”

        I don’t get what you mean, I’m afraid.

        • They’re singing this song about how Greece or the wider EU should let everyone in, but they’re not even effected. 4 are from Georgia, 1 is from Russia. Let’s see them advocate those countries opening their borders without security checks. The Georgian russian border is one of the most heaviliy militarised in the world, and yet they have the cheek to tell Greece or Europe to open theirs!

          • What are you talking about, Max?
            They are all Greeks. Some of them were born in Georgia or Russia (members of the Greek minority there). They were forced to leave from there due to war or civil war when they were little children themselves (early 90’s). Are you seriously saying that they are not entitled to comment as artists (and refugees themselves) regarding the current situation in Greece and the entire Europe?!!! :o

  7. I watched earlier their interview on ERT and they seem so down to earth and low profile. They are quite likeable.
    The more I listen to the song, the more I realize that the chorus is definately its’ weakest link. It doesn’t allow the song to, sort of, boost. The intro on the other hand is just fantastic.

    Btw, I think that all members of the band are of Greek origin, regardless of their place of birth.

  8. So BiH has a nice ballad ruined by random rap, while Greece has an okay rap ruined by random pop music. STOP MIXING GENRES, PEOPLE.

    I’ll probably do my next ranking in a couple of weeks, when there’s nothing else to do.

  9. This is horrible I don’t like it at all lol

  10. Its the worst Greek entry since that SAGAPO thing in 2002 or 3, but as it’s Greece it will obviously qualify, especially as the televote is unconstrained and lots of juries are so called “arty professionals” who lean heavily to the left so will love a nice bit of left wing ideology in their songs.

  11. As expected… wait, Greece, Romania and Bosnia are all in trouble, and if they miss that means no countries would have a 100% finalist record (except for, LOL, Uk, Spain, France…)

  12. Watching the Greek video it reminded me of this one. I like them both a lot. It seems I’m into runners in black & white videos :P :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpXaoJ3c5u0

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