Greece: Song to be Revealed Today

greeceGreece – Today will see the song from Greece revealed. It will be performed by by Argo (formerly known as Europond) and is called ‘Utopian Land‘. It is expected to be released at 12:30 (CET). The lyrics refer to the current refugee crisis. 

The song will air on various Greek radio stations and then the video clip will be made available by ERT.

Christina Lachana, Vladimiros Sofianidis, Kostas Topouzis, Ilias Kesidis, Maria Venetikidou ve Alekos Papadopoulos make up Argo.

Argo greece 2016


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118 comments on “Greece: Song to be Revealed Today

  1. On Australia. An OK song. It will en up in the middle of my rankings. Prediction-wise it qualifies but I don’t see it achieving a great result.

  2. Australia is already speeding up in betting odds :


  3. I quite like it. There is not much of that kind of stuff in the contest otherwise, and so it sounds like a breath of fresh air. Good luck Greece :-)

  4. Only I have reservations towards the words “have some fun”. They give me some less fortunate associations ;-)

    Apart from that it’s a fine mix of genres, and I almost automatically support songs containing a 7/8 time signature in some parts. I like the interplay between the beat and the singing in the chorus.

  5. Ok for starters, I always thought the greek selection by the people who run greek public TV (and the country) nowadays would be a nightmare. Nevertheless I was curious to see what they would come up with. My thoughts right now is that the idea is not that bad (at least when it comes to featuring some sort of ethnic sound) but the execution is. The girls obviously can not sing, the production is sloppy and amateurish and the hot guy in the video is a very cheap shot at the gay vote. As for the lyrics the “We are the rise of the rising sun” bit is completely incomprehensible and with this kind of sound you definitely need darker lyrics than “come with us and have some fun” (but I guess they couldn’t think of anything better with their elementary airport english).

    Plus from what we know so far, these people have zero experience singing in front of a live audience and, if this recording is anything to go by, they will f**k up royally in Stockholm.

    My top-33. so far. Greece is not terrible per se, but definitely unprofessional. Australia on the other hand is very professional but terribly repetitive to the point of grating (if I hear “the sound of silence” one more time I am going to scream). I have to say it bores me.

    #1 Ukraine
    #2 Austria
    #3 Hungary
    #4 France
    #5 Estonia
    #6 Croatia
    #7 Switzerland
    #8 Slovenia
    #9 Latvia
    #10 Iceland
    #11 Russia
    #12 Spain
    #13 Cyprus
    >>>#14 Australia
    #15 Norway
    #16 Finland
    #17 Denmark
    #18 Holland
    >>>#19 Greece
    #20 Poland
    #21 FYRoM
    #22 Montenegro
    #23 Armenia
    #24 Germany
    #25 Ireland
    #26 Moldova
    #27 Belgium
    #28 San Marino
    #29 Romania
    #30 Bosnia Herzegovina
    #31 UK
    #32 Georgia
    #33 Belarus

  6. “I always thought the greek selection by the people who run greek public TV (and the country) nowadays would be a nightmare”…

    Hmm, obviously someone haven’t lived in this country between 2010 and 2015 and just dropped from the sky on January 26th 2015.

    • When a country hits rock-bottom, it should be an opportunity to shed its old ways and use the crisis as an opportunity to come back stronger. It is certainly no excuse for its people to keep digging deeper and ending up 3 metres underground.

  7. Where’s Kalomira when you need her..😚
    but i do like Argo, very curious about the live performance.

  8. When I see negative comments,I really feel bad for the artists :(

    As for Australia,I like it…but I like her voice even more…They seem to know what Eurovision is even though they are quite new in the contest

    Good luck!

  9. It’s fun to read the negative comments “No final for Greece this year” since 2010 by the way.
    This year it’s difficult to predict though. The first semi is very strong: Armenia, Russia, Estonia, Hungary and Croatia seem like definite qualifiers, and only Moldova, Austria, San Marino, Montenegro and Malta seem doomed. The rest can go either way.

  10. Any news on Bulgarian entry?

  11. I don’t particularly enjoy it because of the underwhelming chorus and cheesy English lyrics.
    With a less enervating chorus and darker lyrics this one could work miracles cause the ethnic elements sound very authentic and sincere nevertheless.
    I realy doubt there will be any stage charisma here either…
    For the moment 5.5/10.

  12. This just doesn’t deserve such negative feedback in YouTube 😕😨 so much better than many entries so far! Both music and clothing reminded me a folk show in Georgia 😁
    Weld one Greece !

  13. I haven’t posted my thoughts till now because i’m still undecided if i should boycott the Greek entry in esc 2016 altogether.It’s something i’ve been thinking about for quite some time.I strongly disagree with the way they ended up selecting this band.It’s just shady and a first even for ERT’s previously not crystal clear record.If you go for an internal selection you have to at least be able to justify your choice.If it’s not an acclaimed artist then it should be an extremely talented newcomer or a killer song.What can one say about Argo?What’s their stage experience?Why should we go to such lenghts promoting an amateurish band?
    On to the song now.I’ll be objective.It’s not one of the worst chosen so far.It’s just there.It has an interesting intro and video(although it strongly reminds me of another video)but other than that?The chorus is underwhelming.The English lyrics subpar and the lady’s voice irritating.If it sounds like that in studio version i don’t know how it will be live.

  14. The Vladimir Putin song from the EMA presenter Klemen Slakonja is going viral.I just saw he was interviewed by Euronews :P

  15. Not fond of what I hear from Greece 2016. A very cool and great intro, but then we are offered a quite unengaged and messy song that doesn’t seem to know what it wants. Interesting idea but this could have been done much better. I fear I won’t “have some fun” with this. (5/12). Good luck!

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