Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková to Stockholm!

Gabriela Gunčíková Czech 2016Czech Republic – The Czech national broadcaster Ceska Televize (CT) has confirmed that Gabriela Gunčíková will represent the country in Eurovision in 2016.  The song is called ‘I stand‘. The Czechs returned last year after a five year break, but failed to qualify for the final. Gabriela found fame on Czech & Slovak Idol in 2011. She was known for singing rock classics.

Listen to a clip of her song here.

Other examples of her work:

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155 comments on “Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková to Stockholm!

  1. A song called wow does sound promising. Chameleon is currently my #6 could Malta rise like a phoenix even further?

  2. I so belong over on WIwi, yesterday 4 of my Top 5, was there polls TOp 5. now they are the only source agreeing with me that Ace should win tomorow


    Don’t worry ET, I love you and i’m not going anywhere! ;P

  3. Awwww a Swedish friend of mine just sent this link to me…How come I didn’t see this before❤️


    • 11. Mermaid deserves Turkey to participate. :)

      • 😘
        Had we participated this year.some say either Aynur aydin’s “bir dakika” or Simge’s “Yanki” would have been our entry(since there were rumors they wanted to do Eurovision)By looking at the entries we have this year,she would have been an excellent choice :(

        Another year lost because of the imbessiles in power

    • I miss Turkey too <3

  4. Regarding Turkey, I think its after they saw the amazing Hoppa by Funda they realised Turkey could indeed win every year and this would be unfair.

    All joking aside I love the country of turkey, the music, and of course our mermaid, but I don’t want TRT in its current form or anything Erdogan has touched anywhere near this contest. (if even im supporting the Socialist party, you know the conservative alternative is bad lol)

  5. It seems like Australia released a second song in a row :p
    It’s ok I guess…6/10, #21 out of 38.

    Semi 1 :
    10.CZ R
    15.SAN M
    It seems like predicting the qualifiers will be difficult this year. We haven’t watched a live performance for many songs fe (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech R, Greece, BiH etc)

  6. Ira Losco could be singing “Wow” in Stockholm…

  7. Songs like Macedonia, Greece and Bosnia Herzegovina are not very accessible though :/ countries like the Balkans and Portugal need to be dragged into more contemporary and current music you can’t keep regurgitating the same dated and traditional entries all the time because then it gets boring, you have to move with the times not stay stuck in the past. The reason why theres been a move to more English songs is because of this so more people can access it and understand the song… English is an international language known and spoken by most, internationally known artists perform in English and these are the ones that have been successful, thats what Eurovision needs to continue moving towards – contemporary music that is commercial and can appeal outside voting blocks. Greece has done well at this in the past but the past two years they’ve lost the plot and thats evident in their recent results. The jury is also leaning more to radio friendly songs that can appeal to a mass audience not just among neighbours. Whats the point sending a non-English song when very few people are going to understand it, also how many non-English songs have had global success – very few.

  8. Hard to judge with this snippet, but I wasn’t impressed with the little I heard. Good luck anyway!

  9. It sounds like a solid Q, like Lithuania 2011, the big woman ballad that’s harmless, gets a surprisive big amount of jury love and actually is liked enough by televote. Not going to threaten top 10 but from Czech Rep. that’s still a huge step forward and I’d like them to finally make it and secure them in a contest that they finally took seriously last year.

  10. I love this year’s Czech entry. Well done. This should qualify and could actually do okay in the final. Good luck.

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