Australia: Listen to Snippet of Dami Im’s Entry

australiaAustralia – The western world woke up this morning to a teaser from SBS, with a short snippet of the Australian entry, ‘Sound of Silence‘ by Dami Im. The full song will be premiered at 21.30 (CET) tonight on The Feed show, shown on SBS2. 

Here’s the teaser…

35 comments on “Australia: Listen to Snippet of Dami Im’s Entry

  1. I think I’ll like the Australian entry this year. At least more than the one last year ;)

  2. Sounds like another generic one … but at least a generic one I like. :)

  3. Sounds promising. I hope the chorus isn’t something dance-y though.

  4. She sounds good and the song is probably better than “gladiator”

  5. That sounds VERY promising !

  6. Hmm the majority I didn’t like but it seemed to be building up to something, lets hope it was building to something good.

    Bit sad they went for a ballad.

  7. At the moment it’s just extremely well produced hot air, very bland contemporary pop. Chorus might save it, but it can’t make it classic. For that the build up is way to general.
    I bet she starts to scream after the drum beat. Then scream and yoddle and then back to general blandness.

  8. I like it more than our last song, if that means anything. It’s very mainstream, but then apart from maybe Ukraine, what isn’t this year?

  9. On Australia’s full song: It’s nice!A mainstream pop ballad that will qualify with flying colors from the very weak 2nd semi.

  10. I like it. Straight into my top10.
    Good luck!

  11. I really like this one. The chorus is a bit repetitive but she does switch it up (particularly towards the end, which is when one might start to get sick of it). I can see this in my personal Top Ten.

    And yay, a good ballad (for me), finally!

  12. Very nice song! I think Australia will get another top 10 result.

  13. It’s a far cry from what they think it is. They are pretending that it goes to eleven, but they barely reach seven. The singer is there. The production is there. The only thing missing is knock out hooks in composition.
    However, it does one thing partucularly well. It highlights the fact that doing ESC pop like SVT has done it -11, -12, -14 and -15 is really not an easy task.
    Dami falls very flat, indeed.

  14. I like it…mostly because of her…she is a fine singer :)

    Good Luck Australia

  15. Professional but soulless and extremely repetitive. I think I will stick to their debut entry…
    Croatia and Australia will be making betting agencies richer till May…

  16. Do we have the entry already? Or the judgements are made based on snippet?

  17. 8/12. It was a decent song that will undoubtedly qualify. Rather repetitive.

  18. Casting show stuff. Zzzzzzzz

  19. I prefer to wait for the song in full.

    • I’ve just noticed that the song is already out: I quite like the verses, but the chorus is dull and stale, especially the orchestration and the melody. Good luck, Australia.

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